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Secret Remedy

mcreyes day two -  s e c r e t s

Gabriel looks out the window—through the clear bullet holes more likely since the rest of the class is too tainted with dirt and blood to see through. He looks over the others facades of Eichenwalde houses and buildings, destroyed and hunted with ghosts. Doors off hinges and burnt furniture. His eyelids threatened to close on him and he shuts them hard for a few seconds, telling himself to stay awake. When he snaps his eyes open, they burn with desire to rest. They ache for darkness, but he fears for what he will see in the void.

Gabriel turns around when he hears muffled grumbling from the old, abandoned couch in the room. Jesse McCree sits up as his hat falls from his face where it was bringing him cover.

“My shift, boss,” Jesse says as he stretches and groans.

“It’s fine.” Gabriel walks towards him. “Things seem to be calm so far.”

“Exactly, which means we could be ambushed at any moment. And you need to rest.” He points at his boss as he grabs his tablet from the coffee table Jesse had brought from another room earlier.

Blackwatch had been sent to Eichenwalde after sightings of gangs collecting old parts of the omnics and using them to create their own weapons. At first, no one believed it would work, but then other gangs started showing up with weapons similar to how the Bastions work. Once Blackwatch captured one of the thieves, they spilled the next raid.

Gabriel and Jesse were set in the south, near the pub. Kimura and Rainer were watching from above in the tower before the first gates towards the castle. Taylor, Velez and more Blackwatch agents had spread out after the gates, setting themselves on corners and the castle itself.

“I’ll be fine,” Gabriel says as he grabs his own tablet to check in the footage of some of the cameras. He shuffles through the channels until he captures Velez, working on the wires of a destroyed Bastion. Gabriel watches closely how his agent fidgets with the robotic parts while chewing on her bottom lip. Sparks flash and she pulls her hands with a hiss.

“Velez, what the hell are you doing?” Gabriel ask through the comm.

“I noticed a few of these have potential to still work, sir. Figured if I found them, I could bust them out good. Delay the gang from finding the good ones.”

Gabriel curls his lips. “Keep the working ones on the bridge, we can trap them there from both sides.”

“Roger, sir.”

“Think you could build a suit from the good parts, jefe?” Jesse asks.

“I sow, I’m not Tony Stark.” Gabriel sits beside Jesse with enough space to spread his legs and give them a nice stretch.

Jesse chuckles before they fall on a comfortable silence. Gabriel can see Jesse also checking the cameras and listening in on conversations his teammates are having near them. Gabriel closes his eyes, trying to ignore the voices. He doesn’t need to know every bit of information on his agents. He can find out what he needs or wants whenever he wants easily. Besides, most of what Jesse is snooping on is gossip.

Gabriel crosses his arms and leans back into the couch to try and rest his eyes. He doesn’t know how much time passes, but his body gives up and leans to the side as he drifts into darkness and stays there floating in the void.

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The First Date

OK, so this one is a bit fluffy but I really wanted to imagine Ian and Mickey doing something NICE together when they first sort of start becoming properly aware of each other. It seemed to take so long in the show and I understand that and respect it, but making things a little easier for characters is something Fan Fic can do so easily and I really hope you will enjoy what I have imagined for Ian and Mickey here. Thanks for reading.

“Where are we going?”

Ian pulled his parka closer around his throat and shivered as he hurried to keep up with Mickey’s wide, bowling stride.



“You graduated, right? We’re gonna fuckin’ celebrate.”
Mickey grinned at Ian over his shoulder and tugged his black beanie cap lower over his ears against the biting wind.

“Oh. Oh!”

Realisation dawned on Ian and he laughed, grabbing Mickey’s shoulder to stop him. Mickey looked at the gloved hand on his arm, one eyebrow arched in question and an expression on his face that wasn’t quite threatening but not far from it either.

“You wanna take your hand off me or lose a damn finger?”

The words were spoken lightly, almost jokingly, but Ian moved his hand all the same.

“Sorry, it’s just … uh … well you don’t graduate from every term. It’s just winter break.”

“What? Get the fuck outta here. You mean I didn’t graduate with half of tenth grade?”
Mickey’s brows drew together and Ian shrugged bashfully

“Uh no. You probably just … um … dropped out?”

Ian half expected Mickey to hit him, kind of fully expected it actually but the older boy just laughed and shook his head

“Bitch, I was kicked out. It was fine though, my Dad didn’t want me wasting time there when he had a business I could help with and I sure as shit didn’t wanna go. Ah fuck, I had this whole thing planned though …”

Mickey bit his lip, almost anxiously and Ian felt his heart squeeze with what he thought must surely be love. It was such a small and gentle gesture from someone usually so brash and loud and aggressive but somehow to Ian, this was Mickey being his true self. The side of him Ian had glimpsed the moment before they kissed a few weeks before when Ian had broken into his house armed with a crowbar.

“Sorry, it’s just … I mean … we can still celebrate something else though?”

“Yeah? Like what?”
Mickey seemed to be losing interest and Ian quickly tried to think of something

“No more school for a few weeks for me and I guess not ever for you.”

“Sure! Yeah, why the fuck not, Fire-crotch?”
Mickey nodded and set off again, his head bowed and hands thrust in his pockets. For one suicidal moment, Ian considered trying to slip his hand into Mickey’s pocket and curl his fingers around Mickey’s own but the moment passed and Ian jogged to catch up with him.

Mickey lead Ian up the stairs of an abandoned building, just past the station and overlooking the train tracks. There was a number of offices, most heavily vandalised with smashed furniture, old burnt out trashcan fires and cracked window panes but Mickey didn’t spare them a second glance as he strode through. The sound of traffic from the streets below was muffled by the wind and when Mickey finally ducked into one of the rooms and closed the door, wedging it shut with an old school chair, it closed off most of the remaining noise.

Mickey stopped so suddenly, Ian almost walked into the back of him.

“It’s a surprise.”
Mickey snapped turning and glaring at Ian.

“Uh …”

“Close your fuckin’ eyes or somethin’.”

“Oh! OK!”
Ian obligingly closed his eyes and held out his hands

“What are you doin’ now?”
Mickey sounded exasperated and Ian cracked one emerald eye open.

“If you want me to close my eyes, you’ll have to lead me.”
He allowed a teasing tone to creep into his voice now that they were alone. Mickey tolerated such things better when there was no chance of them being overheard. Mickey pulled the beanie cap from his head making his hair stick up in all directions. Ian took a breath, tugged his gloves off, and ran his hand through Mickey’s hair, smoothing the black lengths and taming the mass of it a little.

Mickey held Ian’s gaze for a moment, blue eyes searching intently for something in Ian’s face, some sign of maybe mockery or judgement but whatever it was, he didn’t find it and slowly closed his eyes and tipped his head forward, giving Ian access to the soft, shorter hairs at the back. Ian heard his breathing catch and glanced down at Mickey’s jeans to confirm the effect he was having on the older boy.

“Stop now, please.”
It was a quiet command, soft and unlike anything Ian had heard from Mickey before. He let his hand fall away and Mickey lifted his chin, a small smile on his lips.
“C’mon. Close your eyes and if you want me to fuckin’ lead you, I will.”

Ian did as he was asked and felt Mickey’s fingers close firmly around his without hesitation.

“Watch your head … alright, you can look.”

Ian opened his eyes and a slow, delighted smile spread across his face
“You did this for me?”

“Yeah. Is it OK?”

Ian nodded and began to take his jacket off. He was stood inside a huge box fort, Mickey had lined the windows with cardboard and hung a camping lamp from the ceiling which was emitting a soft orange glow. There was an old TV with a crooked antenna and a DVD player that looked too new to be anything except stolen. Pillows and a couple of blankets were scattered on the floor and there was a bucket of fried chicken between two pizza boxes.

“Food’s probably cold as shit. Sorry about that.”
Mickey scratched the back of his neck self-consciously and gestured for Ian to sit.

“This is amazing Mickey, incredible. It’s like our own little hideaway.”

“Yeah you know, like er … fuckin’ Anne Frank or whatever.”

Ian began to tug his shirt off and Mickey frowned, taking off his jacket and tossing it into the corner.

“You don’t have to … I mean, if you wanna fuck …”

“Don’t you want …?”

“Yeah! I mean, sure but if you wanted to eat or watch somethin’ I could wait.”

Ian looked up at him and noticed the smart navy shirt Mickey was wearing, it was crumpled and somewhat too small but it was very different from his usual dirty vest or t-shirt.

Looking around, Ian suddenly realised that this was really, the absolute closest to a date that Mickey Milkovich could bring himself to get and Ian was unintentionally rushing through it, skipping the steps that Mickey had painstakingly set up for him.

“Of course, sorry. It’s just this is all so great … you’re so great … let’s eat first.”

“You sure?”
Uncertainty laced Mickey’s normally authoritative tone and his fingers drummed anxiously against his thigh. Ian smiled and nodded firmly,

“Definitely, come sit with me.”
Ian cocked his head and Mickey let out a sigh of relief, hurling himself down beside Ian and embarking on the first date he had ever been on in his life.

thatwinchesterbitch1234 requested: Oh my god i loved your coffee chugging post, please please please do one of when Barry and y/n first meet when they were both at the same fire xxxxxxx

Again, I am so terribly sorry that this is so late. The request got kind of lost and I just found it yesterday again >.< I hope you like it! 

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"I'm p-pregnant"-BB (part 2)

Originally posted by i-lost-my-puddin

Part 1: http://buckys-beach.tumblr.com/post/154431308724/im-p-pregnant-bb

Imagines: As part of the avengers you have to take care of your own missions, but as a mission goes wrong and you get captured by HYDRA. A secret is exposed that changes yours and Bucky’s relationship which causes your father Tony red in the face

Warnings: family fluff

Word Count: 1702

Pairing: Stark!Reader x Bucky

The dull beeps of a hospital machine arose you from your unconscious state. With a groan escaping your lips and pain erupting throughout your body you manage to peel open your eyes. However a blinding light caused you to immediately close them again, but after a few tries you were able to adjust to the bright light and look around the room. It became apparent to you that you were currently in the hospital section of the avenger compound. 

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Quarter Circle 10 45ACP SBR with a 7.5" barrel, uses Glock 21 mags. This one is Cerakoted burnt bronze with FDE furniture. Trijicon MRO and Troy flip ups. Gemtech UMP can with a direct thread mount.

Cold - Derek Hale

Requested by anonymous. Part of the Autumn Fic Meme.

“Derek, do we have to be out here?” you asked, rubbing your arms. Derek had decided that he needed to go back to his childhood home, on the coldest day of fall.

“Yes, why would I bring you out here if we didn’t need to be out here?” Derek asked, with a roll of his eyes.

“Well can we hurry up? It’s freezing out here.”

“I’m not cold,” Derek said, walking into the tattered home. 

“You’re also a werewolf. You have an advantage,” you said, kicking something on the floor.

“We’ll leave soon,” he said, kissing your head before heading upstairs. You looked around the destroyed home, taking in the burnt walls and furniture. You picked up what looked like a family picture that was now covered in black soot. You shivered visibly as Derek came walking down the stairs. 

“Why didn’t you destroy this place after the fire?” you asked, setting the picture back down as Derek came up behind you. 

“It’s my home. There’s a lot hidden here,” he said, wrapping his arms around you. You looked back at him and smiled. He smiled slightly back at you, kissing you softly.

“Did you get what you need-” You began to say before sneezing.

“Are you okay?” Derek asked you as you sneezed two more times.

“No, I’m freezing,” you said, turning around and wrapping your arms around his waist. Derek wrapped his arms around you, too, and looked down at you in concern.

“Let’s get you out of here,” he said, kissing you again before taking your hand and leading you out of the house. 

“God, we have so far to go back to the car,” you said, shivering again and sneezing. 

“Here, take this,” he said, removing his jacket and putting it over your shoulders.

“Thanks,” you said, holding his hand. You and Derek walked back to the car in silence. Derek turned the heat on in the car as high as it would go. You still snuggled up next to Derek as he drove you back to his apartment. Once you arrived at Derek’s apartment, you walked in and flopped on the couch.

“Well hello.”

“Peter,” you said, looking up at Derek’s uncle. 

“Hello,” he said, smiling down at you. “You look awful,” he said, taking in your red nose, and slightly paled skin.

“I still look better than you,” you said, wrapping a blanket around yourself. 

“What are you doing, Peter?” Derek asked, walking down the stairs. 

“Can’t a man come see his favorite nephew?”

“No,” Derek said immediately, sitting down next to you.

“Fine, I guess I’ll leave,” Peter said, setting down his mug.

“Great,” Derek said, rolling his eyes and putting his arm around you. You smiled up at him and kissed him. As soon as you pulled away, you turned your head and sneezed multiple times. “You’re sick.”

“No I’m not,” you said, standing up and sneezing multiple times. 

“Where are you going?” Derek asked, turning around on the couch to look at you. 

“Upstairs,” you said, shuffling up the stairs. Derek rolled his eyes and followed you. As soon as you reach Derek’s bedroom, you flopped down face first on his bed.

“Y/N, you have a cold,” Derek said, folding his arms and leaning against the door frame. 

“No I don’t,” you said, turning slightly to look up at Derek. 

“Yes you do. Now let me help you,” Derek said, walking towards you.

“I don’t need help,” you grumbled.

“Yes, you do. Here, let me take your shoes off,” Derek said, grabbing your foot. You pulled away immediately. “What?”

“I’m ticklish,” you said.

“Oh come on,” he said, grabbing your foot again. You began laughing and you spun around. 

“Derek seriously, I’m too ticklish,” you said as Derek began unzipping your boot.

“If you’d stop moving, it’d be over,” he said as he grabbed your other foot.


“There, it’s off. Was that so bad?” Derek asked.

“Yes,” you said with a sigh, flopping back down on the bed. 

“Okay, now go change. I’m not gonna dress you, too.”

“Oh you don’t want to undress me?” you asked seductively before sneezing multiple times more. 

“Hot,” Derek said with a raise of his eyebrows and a smirk on his face.

“Shut up,” you said, standing up and shoving Derek. He snorted at you as you walked to the closet. You slipped on your comfiest pair of pajamas and when you came out you saw Derek already sitting in bed. He smiled at you and you got into bed. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close.

“Thank you,” you said, smiling up at him.

“Anything for you,” he said before kissing you. “But if you get me sick, I will hate you,” he added.

“Can werewolves even get sick?”


“Well, you’re the one who kissed me,” you said, kissing his cheek. Derek tried not to smile, and laid down. You snuggled up in his arms, and fell asleep in his strong, warm arms.

“I love you,” Derek mumbled before kissing your head.

“I love you, too,” you said before falling asleep.

I Will Wait Chapter 2


Sorry for the late post… I wanted to write this earlier..but life got in the way

You can catch chapter 1 here


Day 18 (since Stefan said he would wait)

Caroline parked her car outside the Salvatore Boarding house and made her way to the door. She and Bonnie were in Mystic Falls for the weekend. Bonnie had decided to spend some time with Damon and meet Caroline later for dinner…so here she was picking her friend up. 

She sees Stefan right as she enters the door. He’s standing there with a glass of Bourbon. She can’t quite place his expression.. it was as though he was worried and confused at the same time.. She looked to the direction of his gaze. The house was..well..a mess.. there were traces of burnt furniture, broken glasses, empty whiskey bottles and 3 very drunk people. Alaric looked like he was ready to pass out. Damon and Bonnie were quiet..lost in their own thoughts, sitting on the floor as if exhausted.

“What . ..happened here?” Caroline asks in a bewildered tone 

“Well you weren't kidding about Bonnie’s RAGE… issues…” Stefan says in a sarcastic tone.. he was clearly not impressed.

Bonnie over-hears Stefan’s comment, turns back n breaks his glass with one wave of her hand. 

Caroline and Stefan instinctively turn to look at each other..with their ‘what-just-happened’ face. . 

Caroline steps forward towards bonnie .. “Bonnie.. listen.. I know this is a painful time..”

“Go away Caroline..” She cuts her off, almost yelling… She is clearly distraught and in pain and very drunk “ I'm not in the mood for rainbows and butterflies…” She adds mockingly yet in a very sombre note.

“I…” Caroline starts, only to be interrupted by Stefan . “Caroline..why don’t we just give them some…space.. lets..uh.. go to the grill.. grab some dinner..?”

“Yeah…I guess…” She replies, her eyes still fixed on Bonnie.. She doesn’t notice Stefan taking her arm and guiding her to the car.


They are in the car on their way to the Grill… Stefan is driving and Caroline is quiet.. It worries him.. Caroline quiet always worries him. 

“Hey”, he says, reaching for her hand.. ‘It’ll be okay..”

Caroline looks at his hand on hers.. she’s trying to work something out in her head.. he can tell.. “Yeah.. “ She finally says..more chipper than she actually feels…  “Everyone deals with grief differently right ??” She looks at him and gives him a faint smile.

“Although.. “ She continues before he can respond, “You should probably take everything that has sentimental value and keep it somewhere safe..before its burnt to a crisp !”

Stefan lets out a half sigh - half laugh, shaking his head at his predicament.

 “You remember back when nobody ever stepped foot in the Salvatore house?” He asks.

“Yeah back when you guys were all ooh so mysterious?” She teases, smiling from ear to ear.. He loved that smile. He could spend all day just looking at that smile. 

Stefan smiles, not the restrained smile he normally gives, this is the smile that takes him over, puts a sparkle in his eyes and makes him look like a completely different person.. “ Hey don't mock me..”  his tone is borderline flirtatious. His gaze lingers on her lips for a fraction of a second.

Then he looks ahead, eyes on the road and he’s serious again.. He sighs and adds “I miss that sometimes…”

Caroline puts her free hand on top of his.. She knows.. she knows he misses the quiet house where he could be at peace, gather his thoughts, write in his journal without worrying about someone setting the house on fire.


They enter the grill. The mood has changed from worried to happy banter. They look for a booth when Caroline spots Matt. She hadn’t apologised to him for what she did during her no-humanity phase. Not that she didn’t want to, she just never got the chance. 

“You know what.. why don’t you grab us a booth, I need to talk to Matt…”

Stefan’s eyes follow her as she makes a bee-line for Matt, who was behind the bar with a towel over his shoulder fixing a drink.

“Hey” she says, “How are you..” she continues awkwardly trying the break the ice..

Matt looks at her and goes back to making drinks. “Whatever it is you want, I’m busy, as you can clearly see…and I’m on vervain so don’t bother compelling me..” 

Stefan is worried about the way the conversation is going.. Matt is obviously not in a forgiving mood.. he contemplates whether to step in or not. .

“Matt.. you have every right to be upset at what I did to you, at what I made Tyler do.. I just.. I need you to know how very sorry I am… you know I would never do that if..”

“If you had your humanity on??” He scoffs. “the cliché My-Humanity-Was-Off excuse ” he says mumbling to himself.. 

“Matt I’m not..”

“If you are looking for forgiveness, I’ve got none to give.” He says looking right at her,  “no one forced you to turn it off Care, that was all you..”

Caroline wants to say something to fix this, but she struggles with the words.. What can she possibly say to that ?

“ I gotta go get some stuff from the back.. try not to eat anybody while I'm gone..”

Caroline looks down defeated and turns around and catches Stefan’s eye… his brows are furrowed, he doesn’t look pleased. He is worried about her.. and hurt that she is hurt. She can’t continue to meet his gaze, she looks away and heads to the girls room. Stefan is right behind her as she enters the washroom.


“DONT OKAY ?.. JUST DONT !!.. He is right..” She says breaking down.. “This is all on me.. I don’t deserve any forgiveness at all” She says tears streaming down her face.. She’s leaning against the sink.. 

 He shakes his head, tears welling in his eyes hugs her and lets her cry for a while.. then he breaks the hug and wipes her tears, pushes her hair back from her face as she continues to cry and starts talking to her.. “Listen to me.. there’s no easy way to say this, but….”

She looks at him lost and confused.

“The truth is, not everyone will forgive you and not everyone will let it go.” He says looking into her eyes and stroking her hair.. “We can’t go back and stop ourselves from killing those people and we cant expect everyone to forgive and forget” He looks despondent .. he wished he didn’t have to tell her this.. what she was going through was all his fault…he wipes her tears again and says “there are some things.. you can’t fix….” he lets the words hang in the air for a bit.. “ the only way you are going to move on is by finding a way to make peace with everything.. by finding a way to forgive yourself…” 

She buries her head into his shoulders again.. and he holds her and lets his head rest on hers..


They are at Caroline’s house…Its very late..they are both tired. She told him he could stay at her place. She had an extra room and his house was a war zone. He was better off at her place.. and she was better off with him there. 

“There aren't unicorns on the walls are there.. ‘cause I don’t think I can handle that” he says in mock seriousness.. 

“Shut up ! ” comes the instant reply swatting him with the back of her hand.

It felt good to see her smile again.


Chapter 3 coming up..

  1. Trashes the break room with smashed furniture, burnt offerings to Satan, human (?) fecal matter, improbably large and empty bottles of champagne, and so many guitar picks.
  2. Comes to work in a limousine, working his way through a throng of adoring fans and proverbial panties/bras flung through the air. (What a weird proverb.)
  3. Fucking hates rap music. It’s just noise! Why do kids like that shit? It all sounds the same.
  4. Probably a 40-65 year old white male. Weirdly dresses and looks like a 20-year-old version of himself, just simultaneously larger and shrunken in. Like a raisin if it bloated instead of shrank.
  5. Actually, it’s Bono. You just hired Bono.