anonymous asked:

what are your top five favorite long fics? like multiple chapters? And why? I need new things to read and you have good taste in things.

Sugar by @mellifluous-melodramas || this fic owns my ass, it’s well-written and its an original idea that I really love

Moonlight by @bladebarnes || this fic ALSO OWNS MY ASS b/c Blade is an amazing writer with phenomenal ideas; this one is a masterpiece and she knows how to kill me with the slow burn

Sparks by @buckygirl-fanfiction || I’ve been with this fic since like almost the beginning and I love it so so so much, it’s an amazing story

Ready to Run by @jurassicbarnes || another original au idea by the queen of au’s, and I am living for this series!! Beautifully written, and Manu knows how to keep me on the edge of my seat

Highway by @barnres || beautifully written, and I absolutely love it to bits!!