burns living flowers

I loved how snarky movie!Burns was.

Because at first it seemed so OOC for a soul to have such an attitude but then I remembered that even though Wanda had trouble understanding sarcasm at first because it was ~mean humour~ she eventually picked it up  from her human friends and used it so much that Mel had to step in and tell her that she was overdoing it

And I can just imagine Nate listening to Burns’ interrogation of Jared, Mel, Ian and Wanda and shaking with laughter because his friend used to be so uptight and proper and now he sounds like the bad cop on a cheesy tv soap opera

I need Nate and Burns’ backstory like air

Burns Living Flowers  ‘Burns’ | 20 | FC: Rupert Grint  | Soul  | OPEN

“Well, maybe there is help for this planet, after all,”

Burns Living Flowers, or Burns for short, is a soul who had previously lived on Fire World.  He, like Wanderer, came to have an emotional bond with a cell of rebel humans and became their most trusted friend and ally.

Burns, like Wanda, is kind and gentle, secretly looking for love and his eye has caught someone but is not sure if she feels the same way. He is working with Wanda and Sunny, helping them try and take Souls of humans and sending them to another planet.  He is always on Raid’s, to get food and supplies for the humans. He has created a strong connection with Wanda and can see the Ian doesn’t like it. He tries not to get on Ian’s bad side but it always seems to happen.