burns in hell

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Blue have u seen the comments on the dmail article?? they're literally everything we predicted, calling him a bad father and someone who can't be without a girl for 5 mins etc. i'm so mad his image has been manipulated this badly

I don’t exactly because of that. I expected this. Yikes, I’m so mad. He’s such a sweet person, I hope everyone that’s doing this to him chokes 

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Altean Shiro doesn't know how human coran can eat his cooking with a straight face but secretly appreciates it.

“I said I was sorry,” Shiro protested quietly, handing Hunk another kayilii fruit to ease the scorching in his throat. 

“I know, I know,” Hunk coughed once he’d drained all the juice and finally had his voice back. “The bottles were unlabeled.” He coughed again, grabbed one more and bit into it for good measure, then straightened up.  “Come on, let’s toss them before anyone else finds them.”

Too late, Shiro realized in alarm as they pushed the door to the main kitchen open. And of course the person leaning on the counter was the last one he would have ever wanted to get burned by that hells-damned-

“Hey, you two,” Coran drawled boredly, munching on another bite of a failed pechulka-jam roll.

And not collapsing to the floor in a heap of vomiting pain.

They both stared.

“You…uh…you alright, man?” Hunk asked warily.

Coran raised an eyebrow. “Yeah? Why wouldn’t I be?” he asked, before squinting at them suspiciously. “What are you up to? You’re looking rather guilty all of a sudden.”

“Nothing!” Shiro said quickly, pulling Hunk back by the arm. “It’s…nothing. We were just, um-”

“Trying out some, uh, snack stuff we found on our last stop. They okay with you?” Hunk asked.

Coran shrugged and popped the last bite in his mouth. “Kinda smoky, but not bad. Wouldn’t mind if you pick up some more next time we’re out that way. Later, lads,” he said, taking his cana and heading out of the kitchen.

Shiro was only vaguely aware of Hunk elbowing him in the ribs.

It didn’t remove the grin from his face.

BTS Reactions to you being the “weird silent/shy girl” (you are classmates in the first year of high school)

Disclaimer: being shy and/or silent will not mean that you are automatically a cute ball of fluff like in most movies (to those that are shy and cute at the same time, bless your souls, I love you!!! 💕 )
Warning: I swear a lot.


He would be quite interested in the fact that you almost never talk and you’re always on your phone or PC. He would also understand that it is hard for you to make friends since you were shy so he would decide to become your friend, even if it wasn’t easy. He would often have lunch with you and spend many breaks just talking about random topics!  But this friendship wouldn’t last for long since he would soon enough become your boyfriend. 😉


Yoongi is not sociable himself, so he would completely understand you. He wouldn’t, however, make the first move. I think that the rest of the boys and of course your best friend ___ (the only friend you had, actually) would try everything to get you two isolated in the same room so you can talk. After spending some quality time locked in the storage closet of the school you two would become …friends… really close friends…with benefits…

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Since Hobi is the most sociable and friendly out of Bangtan I think that the second he noticed that he had a new girl in class, you, he would do anything to talk to you and become friends. When he saw that you started blushing and tried to avoid anything he would smile bright and tell you jokingly: 
“Y/N you don’t have to be shy around me…. Let me see the true  weirdo that you are” 

Rap Monster

Since he is a highly philosophical person, he would try to understand the reasons for your shyness.Because of his curiosity to find more about you and the reasons to why you were so silent and shy, he would approach you more and more. When he saw that you had so much in common he at first would want to be friends but this feeling would soon change into lust and desire to make you his. 


Aah.. This fluffy ball of sunshine and perviness. Well, he is quite shy too (or this is what he wants you to believe) so in my opinion, much like in  Yoongi’s situation, the other members would step in to help you. But this time they would somehow oblige him to ask you on a date since everybody knew that you had a crush on him, except him of course. You two would have a cute date eating ice cream and (all those summer things that I miss doing).

Well, Taehuyng is in Jhope’s category. He is extremely outgoing and he would love to have a new friend, well at first not knowing that you are shy and this is actually the reason that you avoid him he would be quite disappointed. But when he finally understood that you are actually really shy he would try to take things slowly. He would try to become friends with you by leaving you sweets and small toys on your desk every so often with cute small messages like:
“ Hey Y/N this is for you. I hope you like it… please talk to me T…T”  


This little piece of shit =.= makes me really really confused. On one hand, he is really outgoing and on the other hand, he is even shyer than most of the shyest ones.Soo…. since this shitty kid confuses me so much I’m going to make two fucking versions for him. 
Shy Kookie: Well, he would want to be friends with you but since he was too shy to directly talk to you he would try to find a way to talk to you and be near you without getting caught. For example, he would try and add you to a huge ass group conversation wich like was his plan but everybody helps him because he is a piece of shit like that. 
Call me Daddy Guk: This boy would be like really straightforward and come to you flirting and asking you to dates, and no he would fucking care about you dying of embarrassment in front of him. He would straight up pick you over his shoulder and carry you to that date.