burns forever

H O L T.

The memory of the four letters spread by burning petals were forever now etched into Allisiana’s thoughts. From whispers, to hooded figures, to the touch by others unknown, she was never truly alone; she hadn’t been for some time now. Her surname had never before brought her the shame or fear that many would like, and it still didn’t, but it was a mild discomfort that followed her no matter where she traveled - even in the confines of Blackmarsh.

Save for the Grove, Duskwood was never a place without its shadows, but it was home. Those recently attempting to consume her - to strike fear in her, those weren’t the same; they weren’t familiar. They wanted her, she could feel it. To play, to trick, to taunt. But they were merely specs of dust in the corners of brown eyes, and though they threatened, they wouldn’t succeed.

“Because I am a Holt.”

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Thank you guys!

To all those in the LGBTQ community, don’t give up, continue to educate, and keep spreading love and acceptance. WE ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR! 💪🏳️‍🌈 (x)

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Your smile was something that I liked seeing. It was so beautiful, so pure, so happy… It’s like a flickering blaze of innocence in this dark, corrupted world.

And all I wanted was to be the person who keeps the fire burning forever.

i have this loooming fear that rupaul/the producers are gonna pull some fucking straight up bullshit where they keep showing us sasha and shea’s friendship and then put them both undeservedly in the bottom 2 and make them lip sync against each other i’m literally fuming thinking about it 


In the darkest of times, you were my conscience. Your heart was a light, Mary, and it burned so very bright for France. No matter how far you go, that light will burn forever.
           I love you, Mary Stuart. F o r e v e r.

  • video game: adjust the brightness until you can just barely see this image on the screen. don't overdo it. there is a delicate balance--
  • me: [upping the hell out of that brightness until it's like looking into the goddamn sun and that image is forever burned into my retinas] i'm sorry what was that i can't hear you over the sound of me wanting to actually see what the fuck is going on

Most people are saying the Sanvers engagement is rushed and I kinda agree but it’s totally in line with them. Maggie didn’t admit her feelings until she almost died. They didn’t say i love you until Alex almost died. It’s not that surprising that when the world might end that they’ll decide to get married

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Hi, sorry to disturb but is it possible for a character to have their fingerprints burned off in an accident? And if that accident happened a long time ago, will their fingerprints still be missing if he happened to be burned?

I’m sorry but I made a mistake in the ask for burned fingerprints, I meant to ask that if he died, will my character still be unidentifiable? 

Hey Nonnie,

Burns can be from heat, but also strong acids or bases chemicals, or even from physical abrasions. On a short term basis, you can flatten your fingerprints temporarily, ie with sandpaper, or from bricklaying, or superficial/first degree burns. However those prints will grow back in the same pattern. 

Only a deep burn, say 2nd or 3rd degree burn will damage your skin enough to permanently remove your fingerprint. Second degree burns affect the epidermis (upper skin layer) and some of the dermis (the lower skin layer) while third degree burn is a full thickness burn that go through the dermis into deeper tissues below. The thing about these kinds of damage though is that they might leave behind unique scar tissues, and that itself might even be more identifiable than just fingerprints. Also beware that this kind of burns might mean lose of sensitivity and dexterity in the fingers themselves

Here is a picture from Wikipedia that is not too graphic.

On another note, here is an article about a chemotherapy patient that ended up losing his fingerprints due to the drug (capecitabine, brand name Xeloda). 

As for the identification part, if fingerprints are not viable, there is always DNA and dental records. Or they might look at missing persons cases to see if they can identify the John Doe.

Here is a good resource on fingerprints for those that want some extra reading material.

PS. Sherls has a fun story on how a chem lab had burned off her fingerprints just before a fingerprinting lab, causing much confusion :3

where do they go- the memories, the dreams,
all the things that used to be better?
i know only so few things: i lost myself,
then found her again, waiting for me
in the springtime sunlit dawns.
she is not quite how she used to be,
and she will not tell me where she has been.
i look for answers under the sweeping branches
resting by the water, but there is
so much coastline. so many shades of green.
they all dip down into the river where it widens,
slow and lazy and rippling with shadows,
where i used to pretend i was a queen,
beautiful and strong and made of summer
—  open flame//ast.