Colour-changing burns bandages begin clinical trials

Bandages that change colour and glow when a wound gets infected could be manufactured as early as 2017 if clinical trials go well. 

The bandages, developed at the University of Bath, are being tested with patient samples from four UK hospitals to statistically determine how effective they are. 

Sadly burns often have symptoms of infection but actual infection is much rarer. At the moment infection diagnosis takes up to two days and requires removing dressings, a painful and upsetting process for burns patients which can slow healing and cause scarring. Antibiotics are also prescribed as a precaution while the tests are conducted.

Colour-changing bandages would give an early-warning that real infection is taking hold, meaning medics could provide better and quicker treatment. 

The bandage contains gel in tiny capsules. When infection-causing bacteria are present the capsules dissolve and release the gel which then fluoresces bright yellowy-green, alerting patients and medics to the problem. 

If they do make it onto wards the bandages would not only improve treatment but save money through cutting down on the cost of tests and drug prescriptions. They would also help tackle the threat of drug-resistant bacteria because there wouldn’t be a need to prescribe as many antibiotics as a precaution. 

Images: University of Bath

Two Dozen and One Greyhounds [S6 E20] (dir. Bob Anderson)

We have another new favorite! What animation, what direction, what a song! Again trust the Simpsons to be able to be pitch perfect on a homage/parody of a film, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was still relatively new at this point (four years) yet the song captures the spirit and look of ‘Be Our Guest’ with it’s own Simpsony stamp. What other show could make a song about a man’s collection of animal fur clothing so entertaining? Can’t think of too many.

A superb example of the art of book binding - Cosway Style Binding.- Burns (Robert)
Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect,
Second (first Edinburgh) edition, first issue , engraved portrait frontispiece after J. Beugo by A. Nasmyth, green and purple morocco doublures, Cosway-style sunken panel miniature of Robert Burns within a bejewelled gilt frame on upper doublure, purple morocco for C. J. Sawyer by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, t.e.g., g.e., gilt floral motifs to spine with red morocco inlays, covers elaborately gilt with small floral tools and a central panel of the authors initials to upper cover and thistle motif to the lower cover, 8vo, Edinburgh, printed for the author and sold by William Creech, 1787