spencernoirexoxo asked:

I hope to be a physician one day but it seems like everyone around me is trying to deter me from becoming one, saying that its a soul-sucking process to become a physician. I try not to read the emails my friends send me about all the physician suicides and physician burn-out on the rise. I know it can be tiring on the road to becoming a physician but I really can't picture myself doing anything else. Believe me I've tried all the majors out at my college to know so.

Medical education can be a soul-sucking process. For real. You are surrounded by jaded, burned out older physicians while you are trying to maintain your fresh look on this world that is totally new to you. But it is possible to make it through with your idealism intact. 

You can’t just ignore the statistics, though. They exist. They are legit. Instead, if you truly want to be a physician, and one who enjoys their job, you must be proactive to make sure you don’t become one of the statistics. You have to be aggressive about taking care of yourself and protecting your compassion toward your patients.