When I feel overwhelmed by shitty things happening in the world, my instinct (like many other peoples’) is to retreat from the world, maybe google some quokka pix from inside a comfy blanket fort. Another effective strategy is to find powerful words and gain strength from them – this particular quote popped up on my feed at just the right time, so I made a drawing of it.

Every professional training I go to includes a section on burnout and self-care. My thought is always the same: just pay me what I’m worth. Pay me what I’m worth. Pay me what I’m worth. And give me enough paid time off.

That’s it. I don’t need bubble baths and chocolate and massages and silly TV. I need more money. And I need more rest.

Can we talk about chronic illness guilt?

One of the worst things about suffering from a chronic illness to me is having to cancel plans with loved ones. Again. With like, an hour’s notice. It makes me feel absolutely horrible and so guilty and I absolutely hate it. People that want to claim that you “hide behind your illness” to get out of things you don’t want to do (😑) tend to not realize that your illness also forces you to get out of things you DO want to do. Things that you love and that would give you energy if only you had the energy to do them. (How’s that for cruel irony?)

Chronic illness isn’t some quaint little excuse that you can use to get out of a boring meeting or a stressful trip to the grocery store on a busy Friday afternoon; it affects and runs though everything in a negative manner. EVERYTHING. No aspect of your life is unaffected. It touches family relationships, romantic relationships, work, doctor appointments, personal hygiene, mental health, sex life, confidence, identity….everything.

All the time.