burnished metal


(inspired by this chatfic about strife and yoglabs, and this anon about strife using assistive technology. honestly i just really, really love the idea of strife making his own assistive technology and most people have guessed why he uses it but are polite enough not to bring it up. and then along comes parv, who hasn’t a tactful bone in his body and is a rude, clueless asshole about it.)

tw ableism, scars, panic / anxiety issues, brief mentions of medical torture


Strife thinks he’s being clever about it, honestly. The gloves look perfectly normal, if a little more futuristic than your average hand-covering – sleek black leather fitted around his fingers and rising up past the wrist, steel supports and servos and motors shaped discreetly around his fingers, burnished a dark, metallic grey to blend in with the material. The wiring and circuitry is hidden under the gloves themselves, in between the double-layered leather over the backs of his hands, tucked neatly out of sight. It’s functional, fashionable, and discreet, three things he values above almost everything else.

“Why d’you wear those gloves all the time, Strifey?”

Or, at least, he thinks he’s being clever until Parvis – also known as that useless human waste of space that Xephos had the audacity to dump on me, as if I owe him anything after what he did – starts asking about them over breakfast two weeks into their acquaintance.

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