“Me gusta” si esta adolorida hoy! ouch! 😖😅
OMG!! hoy estoy super adolorida! Estoy levantando mas peso estos dias asi que mis musculos estan trabajando mas. Hoy si que necesito mi #RecoveryFormula. Una combinacion de azucares y aminoacidoa para recuperar los musculos mas rapido y no estar tan adolorida mañana.
Parte de #BurnIntervals. Sesion combinada de cardio con movimientos explosivos elevando el ritmo cardiaco y resistencia con bajo peso pero mucha repeticiones para aumentar resistencia #ChaleneExtreme #Beachbody (at 📲FB.com/adrianawellnesscoach)


No te detengas simplemente cuando quieras, detente cuando lo necesites y no puedas dar ni un poco mas!!. La sesión de hoy fue un reto ya que el ejercicios consistía en hacer muchas repeticiones con muy poco peso para aumentar la resistencia. En algunos ejercicios quería parar porque sentía un poco de cansancio 🙈🙈 pero en el fondo sabia que podía seguir, luego cuando necesitaba parar porque mis músculos empezaban a temblar era cuando paraba, ouch!! 😖😣😳 La idea es forzar un poco los músculos para que cambien, esa es la forma de fortalecer y hacer crecer el músculo. No solo detenerte cuando quieras 💪🏼☺️👍🏼 #ChaleneExtreme #BurnIntervals

Feliz Jueves!! (at 📲facebook.com/adrianaruedacamargo)

Thursday 2/14/13

Quick post for today…

Woke up at 6am to my alarm.. and fell back asleep. Was wayyy too sore (and cold) to get up and do my workout. I’ll do it after work… Zzzzz

Got up and showered and when I was finished Valen had breakfast ready for me. :) Eggs, bacon, sausage.. mmm..

Went to work.. was still in vacation mode so I didn’t rush to work.. was 5 minutes late but i was like.. meh. it’s all cool. I’m in a good mood.

Did some work. yep..

10:30 - did my stretch break.. and ate snack of half avocado and baby carrots.. we know this already.

went back to work shortly..

by around 11am i drank 2 liters of water and had gone to the bathroom to #2 at least twice. I’m back in the game!

ate lunch at my usual time 1:30pm… I had stir fry chicken thigh and shrimp with veggies seasoned in salt, pepper, chili and lime. good stuff.

drank more water.. and went bathroom a dozen more times.. I feel thoroughly cleansed. mmmhmm.

took my 2nd stretch break at 3:45pm… and ate the remaining avocado and carrots..

then came home.. and went #2 again.. apparently the carride gave me the 4th urge today.. Again. I am feeling cleansed as all hell. this is a great feeling.

Water is magical. so are squats and crouching..

I did my workout like i promised… i did Chalean Extreme - Burn Intervals.. Same as “Get Lean Intervals” but a little different and tiddle bit less extreme. Finished off with “I’ve Got Abs” video and some extracurricular stretching and yoga.

And now i’m sitting here eating some mixed nuts.. waiting for my Valen to come home from work.. :(