Breaking the Habit

it had been no surprise when Peter had come home so late to find Starfire not in their bed. She usually went to spend time with her friends when he had to work late, after all. He was glad of that, honestly… better she have someone to be with when he couldn’t be around. So he didn’t feel too concerned when he flopped into bed and dozed off in a matter of seconds. 

Waking up alone, that seemed a little stranger. Peter got up that morning, ready for another day of work (and some superheroing, if need be) but there was no sign of his fiance. Maybe she was just hanging out with Rocket?

No, that theory didn’t pan out. As Peter passed through the living room on his way out, he saw Rocket with Cindy. Both of them just… sitting there, for some reason. Okay…? “See you later, guys,” he called as he rushed out the door. There would be time to ask what was up later, when he didn’t need to get to the Bugle.

Still, Peter couldn’t help but wonder where Starfire could be. If not at home, and not with Rocket…? As he walked, Peter decided it couldn’t hurt to check in, and he took out his cellphone, dialing her number.

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{I honestly really love reading what your Alice is up to? You really gave a bunch of life to her and she’s just??? FUN}


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You gave her LIFE and WITS and DEPTH and you made a PERSON

(You guuuyyss

You have no idea how relieving it is that people think she has life and is realistic. I did a ton of research into her illnesses and how people with ptsd act to make sure I was giving the proper representation that the illness deserves. I’m so glad people took to Alice and have grown to like her!

Small World


Always in the sunset hours did Alice find herself wandering, more often than when the sun is high. Perhaps it was the way the light shone over buildings and gleamed off distant waters and tree leaves, or maybe it was how such the orange glow could bring back many fond memories in the woman. This was now different a day than any other. 

The woman in blue sat on a hill in an open park. Enjoying the quiet and the breeze, as the fading warm rays of sunlight gleams from the horizon. Lost in thoughts for the time being. However, these thoughts did not last for long. No, twas not Wonderland or that cat that dragged her from them. But rather, the sight of something in the distance. Someone in purple small clothes, slightly abnormal skin, with long vibrant hair.

“Do mine eyes deceive me…?”

A Feline Interference

The city was wrecked, the populace running scared. Heroes missing or worse… Truly, madness had taken root in the land. And in such havoc and mayhem, certain entities could take form. Even more so if someone had tasted the essence of Wonderland…

And one in particular was buried under cold stones. 

And so, soon enough, roots dug up through the earth. Taking forms of thorns and vines. The plant life coiling around the body of this bleeding orange alien, sharp edges digging against the skin and hooking tightly. As if they were laying claim to these remains. Beginning to drag it down and into a burrowed hole, as the earth took place where this so called corpse had once been. Or what was assumed to be.

Rose vines curved and coiled, stitching through the wounds that covered the body it was dragging away. Putting them back together in morbid ways, forcing injuries to close together with vine and thorn alike. Before the plant life suddenly faded, as did it’s prize… Only for it to materialize within a familiar setting. Plant life towering high above, mushrooms the size of buildings or small houses, flowers in colors they shouldn’t be.

And a strange feline sat atop one of these mushrooms, watching as the alien’s body lay on the ground in the rose bush patch, various plant life woven through her body. Golden eyes glowing as this morbid and macabre cat leaned over the mushroom’s edge. 

‘Wake up, Koriand'r. Wake up and smell the roses… We are not done with you.’

Schemes || burningxstarsx

Another weekend had arrived, and with it the promise of another visit from Starfire. After so many days of relative peace and quiet, Peter was actually able to relax for a change, sitting on the ledge of the pizza place as he waited for Star to arrive. It was a beautiful day, too. Clear skies, bright sunshine, crime down to a minimum… Maybe for once their visit would go off 100% without a hitch.

Scratch that. Starfire hadn’t even arrived yet and there was some kind of commotion in the streets below. “Oh, conflict,” Peter sighed, “right on time as usual…”

Road Trip Into Space || burningxstarsx

Peter hadn’t slept well that night–really, how could one sleep knowing they were going to visit another planet soon, or that your girlfriend was going to be offered up to some stranger in an arranged marriage?–but somehow he managed to rouse himself early that morning and collect his things. He had packed fairly light, just a few articles of clothing, his toothbrush, and other such essentials that fit into his suitcase. He also packed a certain red and blue costume, since the Titans would be along for the trip.

When morning came Peter was the first to awaken, and he double-checked his bag. Everything seemed ready to go, so he returned to the bed where Starfire lay sleeping. He watched her a moment, unable to keep from smiling. Starfire was rather adorable when she slept. But now it was time to get up, so he leaned down to press a gentle kiss to her cheek. “Morning,” he said gently. “Time to rise and shine, Star.”

Man-Spider || burningxstarsx

Peter awoke with a start, his eyes snapping open as he tried to catch his breath. Sleep had been plagued with discomfort, as if he had suffered a fever through the night, and with that came strange, unpleasant dreams.

But it was just a dream… As he lay there in bed, he could see Starfire’s face close to his own, still sound asleep. The events of the previous night had just left him uneasy, Peter reasoned, and he breathed a gentle sigh.

But Peter could see sunlight filter through the curtains now. It was morning anyway, so why bother trying to sleep again? Carefully, Peter pulled away from Starfire and let her sleep on, fumbling in the half-dark room on his way to the bathroom. Maybe if he washed his face he might feel better.

Any hope of that flew out the window the second he saw his reflection.

How Long is Forever? (AU) || burningxstarsx

Five years can pass by surprisingly fast if you don’t pay attention. And a lot can change in such a relatively short time.

Our favorite wall-crawler’s life had certainly been no exception. Over the past half-decade Spider-Man had seen many changes come to pass. eventually, even the black-suit incident had been forgotten by most, and the masked hero came to earn the city’s respect and admiration in time. After years of protecting New York and battling evil, Peter had finally, truly earned his title as a hero. A year prior, he had even been accepted into the Avengers. What more could a super hero ask for, right? 

Even his costume had seen some changes. Style-wise it was much the same as ever, but the material had gone from spandex to a high-tech material, lightweight and flexible yet strong enough to deflect a knife blade. Possibly even a bullet, though he had never cared to test that out. His web shooter design had improved with each passing year, and his mask now included night vision, infrared, thermal, the works. Yes, much had changed for Spidey over the years.

One thing that hadn’t changed, however, was how often his thoughts drifted to a certain alien girl he had once known… Someone he had missed every day, just as he said he would. Even after five long years…

Date Night || burningxstarsx

After a few weeks Peter’s wound had healed up quite nicely, becoming little more than another scar to add to his collection. It had only taken a few days for his spider-healing to work it’s magic before Spider-Man could make his ‘triumphant return’, showing the world that he was still alive and kicking. The news had disappointed several criminals in New York, and the editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle. 

But now it was the first weekend of the month, and Peter was expecting a visit from a certain alien girl. They had spoken the day before via the communicators and agreed to meet in the alley near his house that day, and so that was where he stood waiting. Peter was in his 'civilian’ clothes for a change, ready for the date they had planned.

Now if only he could stop feeling so nervous…

Rematch || burningxstarsx

Lately the term ‘the calm before the storm’ had really been prevalent on Peter’s mind. For several days now things had been peaceful, quiet…

A little too quiet.

Normally Peter welcomed a lull in activity, but for weeks now he had been unable to shake the worry that Goblin was still working on whatever plan he had in store.

He had tried to push these thoughts aside. It was the weekend after all, and time for Starfire’s visit. He should be excited, not worried. But as he waited on the roof of the pizza place he couldn’t help but feel antsy–there was a bug joke in there somewhere…–waiting for her to arrive.

Vacation || burningxstarsx

Two whole weeks with the new, improved Spider-suit so far, and things couldn’t be going better. Peter’s powers were improving day by day, crime-fighting had become a breeze, and the criminals of New York were really starting to get the message that crime didn’t pay. Not with him on the job.

Okay, sure, the news had been… less than charitable about him lately. With headlines like ‘Spider-Man going rogue’ or 'Has the Wall-Crawler turned as dark as his new costume?’ and compared to the Bugle’s headlines, those were downright flattering. But so what if he was getting a little rougher with the bad guys? Since when did they deserve to be treated with kid gloves? Like the car thieves he was chasing down now. He’d be sure to give them a lesson they wouldn’t forget.

But… Wait, was he forgetting something…?

Twenty Candles and Six Arms || burningxstarsx

What a way to start off your twentieth birthday. Three muggings, one carjacking, two convenience store robberies… and Jameson ranting about Spider-Man for about the billionth time that week.

Add to that the random pains Peter had been feeling in his sides and the day had been pretty lousy as far as birthdays went. Still, it was early. And Starfire should have been on her way, so that was a plus.

As he waited for her, on the roof of the pizza place as usual, Peter took a moment to sit and relax, willing his ribs not to ache. “Come on now, Pete,” he told himself. “Can’t be sick on your own birthday, can you?”

Strangers || burningxstarsx

Life wasn’t bad. Not really. It had taken Peter a long time to recover from Gwen’s death–six years later he still wasn’t 100% over it–but life went on and things got better. He had a decent enough job, a nice apartment… He was even a member of the Avengers now!

So why, then, did he feel something was missing? He had felt it for five years, nagging him at the back of his mind, but he never could put his finger on the cause. He just felt, somehow, there was some memory always just out of his mind’s reach. Peter usually brushed the strange feeling off, but lately it had become more and more difficult to ignore.

It would have to wait, though. A call to Avengers’ Tower from Reed Richards had left Iron Man and Hank McCoy unsettled. Apparently, there had been strange atmospheric readings, and alarming energy fluctuations across the globe. Stranger still, people were allegedly claiming to be natives of places which simply didn’t exist, like Gotham or Metropolis. The number of unusual phenomenon was increasing by the hour, until the heroes couldn’t deny the obvious.

Something had happened. Something big.

Armed and Dangerous || burningxstarsx

As luck would have it, Peter’s father was the owner of a few fairly nice suits. A benefit to working for the government, Peter supposed. And just as lucky, it seemed Peter shared his father’s physique, and one of his old suits fit just right. It was old, yes, maybe a little out of fashion, but it would do.

After getting dressed Peter left his room, only to be blinded by the flash of a camera. “Wha–Aunt May…!”

May smiled, shrugging her shoulders as she raised the camera to take another picture. “Oh, hush. It’s my job to get as many pictures as I can when you get all dressed up like this.”

“I know… I remember prom night.” Peter laughed a bit at the memory. May must have taken at least a dozen pictures that night. “But try not to blind Star when she gets here…?”

“Oh, I won’t…” May rolled her eyes. “But she’s going to want a few pictures, too. After all, you do look very handsome tonight, Peter.”

Peter smiled sheepishly at that. “I hope Starfire thinks so, too.”

“Of course she will, don’t be silly. Now hold still~” And suddenly there was another flash, May smiling proudly at the camera screen. “Oh, that’s a keeper!”