masterpost references! (and other useful things)

none of these are my masterposts but i’ve just combined them all for you guys so enjoy!
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educational/ for students

educational websites

writing tips

words to use when writing

writing antagonists

another thing for writers

how to write essays

promote your book/download books

legal sites to download books

a buttload of books (you’ll need an epub reader)

volunteer to pay off student loans

if you’re studying for AP tests

extremely cheap flight tickets for students

health/ things for you

dealing with worst case scenarios

self injury recovery

helping yourself/ health

for when you have too many feelings

sex ed

becoming an adult cheat sheet

useful things when you’re an adult

save money when you’re an adult

things to do when you need a distraction

for when you want to… (do things)

relatable things to yourself

fandomy things

hp audiobooks

destiel fic recs

oops destiel again

woah destiel!

you guessed it, destiel again

bbc sherlock screencaps for edits

watch pushing daisies

watch orphan black

watch bob’s burgers!

music/ sounds

sound drown

music for different moods

sounds to fill the silence


make comfort food in mugs

make classic snacks

homemade vitamin waters

edits, html etc

transparent pics

some themes

themes rec

how to make themes

photoshop/edits/themes etc


christmas movies

disney movies

scary + some funny movies


anatomy of hands for artists

another thing for hands

a bunch of anatomy refs

fashion ideas

clothing refs


learn to read korean

how to’s

if someone stole your work

useless websites

if you’re bored

super rad websites

general- a bit of everything

food, art, cosplaying, languages, tv, movies

everyday/life, fashion/makeup, food, school, useful sites, movies

games, things to do, useful sites, writing/reading, food, tv/shows

school, fashion/art/music, tumblr, fun sites/games, useful sites, food, learn to do things

music, fashion/makeup, school/ writing, books, food, tumblr, bored/relieving stress, misc

school, relieve stress/boredom, html, drawing/editing, food, writing, makeup, music, being happy, misc

studying, writing, food, food, art, makeup/hair, movies/tv, books, audio, self-help, other

school, writing, books, tv/movies, makeup/fashion, music, feel-good/recovery, general

resources, themes/tutorials/base codes, images/screencaps, other tumblr things, chrome extensions, helpful/useful sites, boredom relief

movies/tv, reading/writing, fandom, music, learning, art, tech, food, travel, beauty, self-help, other

art, writing, makeup, general, misc

woohoo, it’s almost summer!

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i think that’s it? if you have any questions let me know. <3

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I want to thank you guys so, so much for helping me reach this milestone.   I remember when I first started my blog in January at the beginning of this year and I never thought I would reach 100 followers, let alone 500.  Thank you for sticking with me through my oddball URLs and weird posts and stupid rambles - here’s to the next 500!

The following is a list of people whom I especially adore and stalk.  Thank you guys for making my dash (and my day)!

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If you think I missed you please let me know! Thanks again guys :D

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