fic | leave me here burning

title: Leave Me Here Burning
summary: “how stupid could I be // a simpleton could see // that you’re no good for me // but you’re the only one I see" 
a/n: Title and inspiration taken from the song Stupid by Sarah McLachlan. (If you haven’t heard it you need to. It’s amazing.) Thanks to skullzyo for the beta, and finnfuckingshothimself and overratedmusings for talking some points out with me. This was meant to be a oneshot, but now it’s just a beginning to something longer. My brain is rude.


You still remember the day you first met her. It’s not something you could ever forget, because she was an addiction from the start. You fight with yourself now. You know you should have kept your distance. You should have drawn that line clearer, and you never should have crossed it.

You’re not quite sure how you could have ever avoided it.

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