Consider: at some point, at home, probably, at his kitchen table, possibly with Mary sitting across from him, John had to have read the article about how fantastic Sherlock is in bed. And all the (fake) lurid details.

It’s almost as if Janine planned that, not to get back at Sherlock, but to make John as spine-burningly jealous as humanly possible.

Downward Spiral


Things had been okay for a few months. 

Like, better than okay. They had been fantastic, and Tony had only felt the teeny, tiniest bit guilty that they still hadn’t told Steve a damn thing. Probably because he still hadn’t once contacted Tony to see if he could help. 

It was rude, and a little vindictive, but fucking damn it. He just had to ask. James was remarkably okay with this logic.

Unfortunately, right about now, he kind of wished he’d been as gung-ho about Steve as Steve was about finding him, because they were kind of both in a bad place, a super extremely bad place. And it was dark, shielded, and he had the giddy thought that it was burningly dry as well.

Fucking damn it. 

The only upside was that the kid had been handed off just that morning to spend time with Pepper for a while. Which was also the downside, because no one expected to see either of them at all for at least a few days, outside JARVIS. 

He’d ring the alarm, but it would take a few hours and that was really really bad. There was no telling what could have happened in those hours. And his head hurt, bad. He could only imagine how the man sprawled prone across from him must feel, given he’d been hit with at least twice, if not more, of the drugs that he had.

Fucking HYDRA.

He swallowed, breathed in through his nose and ABORT okay. The air tasted like dust and sand, and turning into a gibbering wreck was going to help nothing. He crawled his way as far as the chain on his ankle allowed, and he had to lay on his stomach to be able to reach James’ sprawled form at all.

“Hey, hey you awake?”

Just Breathe for a few moments, and relax

An internet person known for being less than a stellar specimen of humanity ( a brain-burningly awful atheist vlogger known for his loud bloviating, macho posturing, and content aimed at the lowest common denominator. Much of the skeptic community considers him a detriment to the cause and distance themselves; others, such as MRAs, NXers, and 13 year-old boys are more open-minded toward him) has decided to make an otherkin video. 

This might result in a slight uptick in the number of self proclaimed intellectuals consisting primarily of MRAs, NXers and 13 year old boys who come to tumblr to point and laugh at otherkin. 

This is not a big deal. 

It’s actually the same thing that has happened a dozen times or more in my memory. 

Just Breathe. 

This will blow over, and will have no real world consequences worth mentioning. 


Not A Big Deal. 

(off topic, sorry I haven’t addressed the asks in the inbox, I’ve been swamped lately, I’ll get on it right after newyears.)

me: *in bed, half asleep*


me: Its literally pitch black. My eyes are closed. 


me: *opens eyes* *pitch black*

brain: …

me: *closes eyes*