Worse Than Hitler

People hate politicians.
People like to call today’s politicians worse than Hitler.
People are saying it about Trump , they said it about Obama , Bush, etc.
1st of all … no
Between all of them, literally zero holocausts.
I think It’s lazy to call whoever you hate worse than Hitler because you don’t like their politics.
Before Hitler what did people even say?

There have been tons of terrible politicians.
Before signing the Declaration of Independence William Whipple freed all his slaves because he believed that a country couldn’t fight for freedom while owning people.
Everyone else in that time period was like …. fuck that.
People think Trump is a big racist but at least he doesn’t own humans … yet.

People got mad at Obama for using his presidential power to pass the health care law …
Andrew Jackson hated Native Americans so much that when congress denied his bill that would forcefully remove native Americans from their land he … did it anyway.
We put him on money!
In the 1940s Native Americans were like “This Hitler guy is worse than Andrew Jackson.”

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TITLE of the first song that describes how you are feeling: Hard to Explain - The Strokes (woah accurate)

SECOND describes your love life: 
Snow White Queen - Evanescence (okay then)

THIRD will be played at your wedding: It’s Not a Fashion Statement, It’s a Deathwish - MCR (OH MY GOD)

ADD “in my pants” to the title: I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor In My Pants ????

WILL be played at your funeral: Exogenesis part III: Redemption - Muse (YES VERY GOOD)

IS your theme song: Burn The Witch - Radiohead (YES)

WILL be played when you think of someone you love: Walking After You - Foo Fighters (okay woah)

ADD “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title: At The Sign Of The Prancing Pony with a shovel and a screwdriver (AMAZING)

DESCRIBES your week: Dead Inside - Muse (ugh yes)

THIS will be played when you miss someone: Opposite - Biffy Clyro (aaah yes lovely)


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Actions in Witchcraft

Just like each herb and crystal has certain properties and strength, so do actions taken during rituals and spells. When writing spells it is important to include the proper actions to make sure your spell is as effective as possible.

Burning - Burning an object is a common practice in spells and rituals. Fire is considered a cleansing and activating force.

  • If you want to destroy something’s influence, burn it and dispose of the ashes away from your home.
  • If you want to set something into motion, burn objects related to the situation to ash.
  • If you want to activate certain energies, burn objects related to those involved.
  • If you are performing a curse or hex, burn the object in the flame of a candle.

Burying/Abandoning - A Witch might bury and object for many reasons. They might want to put something to rest, perform a slow spell, or banish something. There are different ways in which one can bury an object to accomplish a desired outcome:

  • If you want to keep something close, bury the object in your back yard.
  • If you want to attract something, bury the object under the front door step
  • If you want to disperse something to a distance, throw the object into a crossroads
  • If you want to fix an influence, inter the object in a five-spot pattern
  • If you want something to work by means of spirits, bury the object in a graveyard (but don’t disrupt those buried there!)
  • If you want to hide something’s point of origin, conceal the object in a tree
  • If you want something/someone to work by stealth, hide the object in clothing or on objects
  • If you want an influence to begin or strengthen, throw the object East
  • If you want an influence to end or weaken, throw the object West

Rubbing - Rubbing an object can be the easiest and most immediate way to experience witchcraft. Transferring and garnering energy from objects can be done through physical contact with an object.

  • If you want to put energy into an object, rub it with your left hand
  • If you want to gather energy from an object, rub it with your right hand
  • If you want to bring positivity, rub clockwise
  • If you want to bring negativity, rub counter clockwise
  • If you want to use crystals to heal, rub the appropriate stone on the effected part of the body.

Soaking - Water is one of the main elements used in witchcraft. It comes in many forms with many different properties and uses.

  • If you want something to move away and sink, throw it in running water
  • If you want something’s influence to rise and fall cyclically, float it in a tidal estuary
  • If you want to protect or cleanse something, soak an object in rain water
  • If you are focused on your personal goals, soak your object in sea water
  • If you want to bring about transformation, soak your object in snow/melted snow
  • If you’re trying to make a wish come true, soak your object in well water
  • If you want to banish, soak your object in harbor water


  1. SLEEP - Jerusalem (1999)
  2. ELECTRIC WIZARD - Dopethrone (2000)
  3. KYUSS - Blues For The Red Sun (1992)
  4. BORIS - Amplifier Worship (1998)
  5. WINTER - Into Darkness (1990)
  6. ELECTRIC WIZARD - Come My Fanatics… (2006)
  7. CORRUPTED - Se hace por los suenos asesinos (2004)
  8. MELVINS - Lysol (1992)
  9. SUNN O))) - Black One (2005)
  10. EARTH - Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version (1993)
  11. UNEARTHLY TRANCE - (2004) In The Red
  12. ESOTERIC - Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum (2004)
  13. CATHEDRAL - Forest Of Equilibrium (1991)
  14. SAINT VITUS - Born Too Late (1986)
  15. REVEREND BIZARRE - In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend (2002)
  16. BURNING WITCH - Crippled Lucifer (1998)
  17. diSEMBOWELMENT - Transcendence Into the Peripheral (1993)
  18. YOB - The Illusion Of Motion (2004)
  19. COFFINS - Buried Death (2008)
  20. SKEPTICISM - Farmakon (2003)