Virginia Beach restaurant under fire for using Kaepernick jersey as doormat
The restaurant is getting dogged with one-star Yelp reviews and negative comments online.

So, you can stomp on the American flag. you can burn the flag. You can defecate upon it and urinate upon it. You can spit upon it and call for it’s demise. But you’re just exercising your 1st Amendment right to free speech. But to lay a football jersey at a doorway is racist. Ok, got it! Just trying to keep up with the liberal illogic here. What a bunch of douches.

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So I have this layer of fat over my stomach, should I skip ab workouts for cardio, or do it all? Ive heard you can't spot train so I figure I ask.

You should do both.

You’re right, you can’t spot reduce.

- Ab workouts: will help you build abs under this layer of fat, so when you will cut down they will be visible.

- Cardio workouts: will help you burn calories, eventually burn fat if you’re in a caloric deficit. If you fell comfortable, I highly recommend you to try HIIT (high intensity interval training), it’s what burns the most fat.

However, you should not neglect weight lifting. Building muscle mass will increase your metabolism, which will help you burn more calories at rest.

More info on HIIT:


I feel like sassy Naomasa (and burning Endeavor), so here you go, new headcanon:

A few months or even years from the actual events of BNHA, there are things that have changed and things that didn’t. All Might has retired. Class 1-A has grown further. Villains are still on the move every day, and heroes are still needed. The top of the heroes has changed only so little – Endeavor is still the current number one, but the All Might will always be the Symbol of Peace. Literally nobody will ever call Endeavor of all people a peaceful man, much less a Symbol of said peace.

And between changes and not-changes, Naomasa is still the only police officer who doesn’t cover in fear when the fire-hero has one of his fiery days, so he’s, sadly enough, the one who always has to deal with Endeavor.

Even on this particular day, when he’s waiting for something – someone – and would rather not be distracted.

He doesn’t get to decide, though.


While Naomasa is still fiddling with his mobile phone, tapping his foot lightly (seriously, though, where were they?) he quickly gives the area an once-over. Hostage situation in a bank, approximately 30 citizens had been captured by five villains with unknown quirks. Police hadn’t dared to move in yet, and the heroes that had been available were not really fitted for something as delicate as this.

One hero in particular doesn’t understand that.


“Why did you even call me here when you’re holding me back now?!”


Biting back a sharp comment, Naomasa manages a strained smile as he looks up at the raging Endeavor. “Why, Todoroki-san, you don’t seem happy about getting to save the poor people in there.”

A huff sends fire sparking around the tall man’s head. “I could handle this situation in under a minute if you would just let me go in there!”

“And while you go straight in there and beat the villains up, the victims of this whole situation will be the civilians who will get hurt in all of this,” the detective shoots back. “So please wait until reinforcements arrives.”

“And what reinforcements would that be?! Whoever it is, they are late!”


They were late, Naomasa had to admit. He had called for reinforcements almost fifteen minutes ago, they already should have been…


His phone buzzes, and there is a message from his old friend who he had just wanted to call, reading


They will be there in a second.


Almost at the same moment, someone calls out for him.


He bits back a grin as he takes a large step to the side, not bothering to warn Endeavor even as a shadow falls over them.

(He is only a little bit disappointed when the unlikeable hero actually manages to dodge in time.)

The ground where the two man had been standing shatters under the impact of something – someone – swooping down from the sky.

There is laughing, shouting and something distinctly sounding like an explosion.

Naomasa has to bit back an amused snort as arguing floats over to him.

“Do we really have to do this all the time? The jumping and floating makes me sick…”

“It’s our first real mission, we have to make a statement!”

“By blowing up the street?”

“Ah, that was Baku-…”

“Hey, don’t you fucking blame me, Deku was the one who wanted to jump over here! I had to slow us down somehow!”

“I’m really sorry, I just wanted to hurry up because we were so late…!”

“Don’t worry about it, Deku – U.A pays for the damage, remember?”

“Aizawa-sensei won’t be happy….”

“Aw, come on, he will find it funny, I’m sure!”

“Are we talking about the same guy right now, Mina?”


“What an entrance,” Naomasa calls out, effectively interrupting the on-going discussion. “Reminds me only slightly of your teacher.”


The smoke clears and a group of teenagers, almost-adults, steps out of the crater the impact had punched into the ground. A familiar mop of green hair waves through his peers who make way for him, and Izuku steps forward, scratching the back of his head and grinning brightly. “Ah, we thought we should do something special for our first mission. Sensei would think so, too!”

“Depends on which Sensei you mean!” Kirishima calls out from the back row, causing a bout of laughter and a chuckle from Izuku.


Naomasa looks them over, especially Izuku who was stepped up to him. Years have not only given them more experience, but they had also grown into their roles as hero physically. The green-haired teen is already slightly taller than Naomasa, and there are muscles were once had been lankiness and bones.

All of them have grown into proper heroes, outwards and inwards.


Izuku flashes him a grin that reminds almost painfully of a certain blond while he asks, “The situation, Naomasa-san?”

“Hasn’t changed,” the detective answers easily, slipping from proud friend and almost-uncle back into his role as policeman. “The hostage-takers have yet to try and contact us. They have barricaded themselves in there. No life-signs from them or the hostages.”

“Hmmm,” Izuku hunches slightly into himself, pulling at his bottom lip in thought, mumbling to himself. “We will have to get in there unseen and restrain the villains before they can hurt any of the hostages.”

“I can handle the unseen-part!” Tooru calls from somewhere to the left, only her hands and boots visible.

“You won’t go alone, Tooru,” Ojiro warns her. “Tokoyami?”

“On it.”

“I can sneak in, too,” Tsuyu calls out, hopping slightly to demonstrate that her jumps make close to no sound at all.


“Great,” Izuku looks up, looks around. Everyone has gathered around him, obviously waiting for his plan. “Uraraka-san, you can bring everyone on the roof of the building with ease. Tooru, Tsuyu-chan, Ojiro and Tokoyami, you will be the ones to sneak in from up there. Jirou, Momo, Kouda, please accompany them, you will have to spy out the exact locations of both villains and hostages. Kirishima, Kaminari, try to short circuit the power supply system of the building somehow, the villains will be distracted when the lights turn off all of sudden. Everyone else…”


“What do you think you’re doing?!”


There is a pause as Endeavor’s sharp voice cuts into Izuku’s planning. Twenty-one gazes turn towards the flame-hero, slowly, as if they had forgotten he was even there to begin with.

Naomsasa hadn’t forgotten, and he had taken great pleasure in watching the control being taken away from the top hero by mere beginners.


“Ah, hello, Enji,” Todoroki speaks up, unimpressed. He even has the nerve to blink innocently at his enraged father – who he doesn’t call as such anymore. “Can we help you somehow?”

For a second, Endeavor looks as if he wants to remind his son of the fact that he can’t just call him by his first name. Then he realizes that he probably would look like an insulted child if he complains about that.


So he rounds on Naomasa instead, snapping, “First you call me here only to let me wait for nothing, and then you let some children handle this situation?! What kind of joke is this supposed to be?!”

“Oh my,” Naomasa smiles for real this time, only barely hiding it behind a palm. “How rude of me. Did I really forget to tell you that you were our second choice in this?”

“Second choi-…?” The words get stuck in Endeavor’s throat as he splutters in indignation.

“Yes, yes, we called U.A first, but since it took them so long, we kind of decided that we needed a plan B, so we called you here, Todoroki-san.”

“Sorry for being late, Naomasa-san!” Mina chirps from the detective’s side.

He pats her head for that, smiling generously. “No problem, you’re here now, after all.”


There goes a chuckle through the group at the variation of the quote, and then Izuku just continuous where he left off, completely ignoring the flame-hero next to him, “Everyone else, we will be the ones to storm the building through the main entrance as soon as the lights turn off. Aim for the villains as fast as you can, don’t let them get near the hostages. Iida-kun, Aoyama-kun, Mineta, please do everything you can to get the hostages as fast and as safe out of there as possible while the rest of us takes care of the villains.”


“Heck yeah, let’s beat them up!” Bakugou smirks, savage and wild, but subdued in comparison to the hot-headed boy he once was. (He’s still terrifying enough, though)

Izuku rolls his eyes in amusement, used to the temper of the other, and asks the group, “Everyone ready?”


“Let’s go!”

“Let’s make our teachers proud of us, okay? Plus Ultra-style!” Tooru cheers, and there is an enthusiastic shout of agreement, “PLUS ULTRA!


The young adults split up without hesitation, darting away in different directions with their goals in mind. Some of them run past the stunned Endeavor (sticking out their tongues behind his back) and others high-five Naomasa in passing.


Todoroki steps up to his father just as he, Izuku and Bakugou are about to walk past the man. Stopping, the young Todoroki reaches over and comfortingly pats the elbow of the fire-hero. “Don’t you worry. Why? Because we’re here now.”

Bakugou howls out a wild bark of laughter and even Izuku smirks widely, making Todoroki’s lips twitch up ever so slightly. They dart away before the top hero can react, rushing right into the action.


Naomasa all but beams at the flabbergasted and speechless Endeavor. “Isn’t it so comforting, knowing that All Might’s students are protecting us now?”

He doesn’t wait for the – most likely roared – answer and turns, walking away, already reaching for his mobile phone again.


He had promised Toshinori to record the whole thing, after all.

He will start with recording Endeavor’s face, prepared to add the caption:

Poor guy (?) got outwitted by your students. I love those kids.

(He can almost see Toshinori’s proud grin in front of his inner eye.)

NCT U REACTION where their significant other accidentally burns herself making him a surprise dinner.

There you go dear!



“C’mere let me help you with that… You gotta be more careful but thanks for the surprise!”


He giggles finding your attempt cute, and helps you with your burned finger. But then he sees the mess you made in the kitchen so he’d be like:


He enters the house and gets surprised by seeing all decorated, but he doesn’t see you or the rest of the food so he goes to the kitchen to see you trying to fix your dinner with your finger wrapped in a band-aid.

“What the heck happened here?”


“You need help with that? Maybe?”


“Ok now. I’ll take care of the kitchen and you go take care of that burn”


“OMG Are you ok?!”


Gif Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi

Ok, now that the Rival Introduction video has been released, time to write this important list…

“How would I get rid of these girls”

  • Osana Najimi: Expulsion.

Never been fond to many female tsundere characters, and she’s tutorial level so it should be easy enough.

  • Amai Odayaka: Framing.

I’d love to be able to poison her food and see what face she makes…

  • Kizana Sunobu: Crushing.

You wanna be Juliet? With that attitude, you deserve to be “Captain Crunch” instead. On stage, if possible.

  • Oka Ruto: Murder-Suicide.

By using one of her own club members. At least she’ll go to hell thinking an actual demon possessed them.

  • Asu Rito: Burning.

Oh, you were the Swim Team’s captain? Joke’s on you, girl.

  • Muja Kina: Electrocution.

“An accident?” Yep, she was clumsy anyways.

  • Mida Rana: Rejection.

Think big front and rear bumpers will help you? Not if I can make you look bad, in other ways.

  • Osoro Shidesu: Match-making.

Brain beats brawn, so let’s make this awkward for her.

  • Hanako Yamada: Suicide.

Brother doesn’t need a girlfriend”? You just signed your death sentence. Fake or real… doesn’t matter to me.

  • Megami Saiko: Murder.


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Stubbly shiro Hcs please?? I love u ❤️❤️❤️

- he’s usually pretty on top of his shaving routine, but sometimes when he gets busy, he gets all stubbly and scratchy
- it makes him look way older than you’d expect
- he also has white bits in his stubble, so it almost looks salt-and-peppery
- u bet ur fuckin ass ur gonna get scratchy kisses…it’s unavoidable
- probably wait til he shaves to get it on or else you’ll get rug burn
- if u tell him you like it, he might consider not shaving quite so often….after all, it gives him an excuse not to look in the mirror as often
- also how tf did he stay so clean shaven under the galras control i am confuse

Tiny work in progress

Hey, cool people! I’m alive and trying really hard to re-learn this writing business. It is way harder than it should be right now. Here, have a tiny little piece of a slightly larger scene, as a good faith effort: 

She dreamed that night, pressed back-to-back with Kanan and nearly falling off the bunk. Her town was burning and dark smoke crept under her shut door like some protean monster. Frightening, but just a dream, with none of the vivid flashes and chaos and dirt and snot of the real memory. 

In her dream, her cousin Jepth shook her awake—“Hera! Hera! The house is burning! You have to get out.” 

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Let It Burn (26/?)

Here’s the next chapter of Let It Burn. I hope you guys like it and as always, thanks for the comments/messages/reblogs!! :D

Warning(s): Violence and angst mostly this chapter. 

“This can’t be real, this can’t be real…” Future Honoka muttered under her breath as she paced back and forth, her hands securely in her hair. She was painfully aware of Kotori sitting on the bed, watching her in concern. Her Kotori. Not the Kotori she had grown accustomed to again over the past few months. “How is this happening?”

“Honoka-chan, just sit down for a minute.” Kotori, on her knees on the bed, pleaded as she continue to watch Honoka pacing in front of her. “What’s going on? Did you have a nightmare or something?”

It wouldn’t have been the first time Honoka had woken up, dazed, after a nightmare she’d had.

Honoka’s grip on her hair tightened to the point of pain as she tried to remember exactly what had happened before she’d woken up. She’d argued with Nozomi, she remembered that clearly, if only for the hurt look on the third year’s face. After that, she didn’t know. She couldn’t think clearly. Not with Kotori so closeby, sitting on the bed as if it were just another day.  “This can’t be real. You’re dead. I saw you die, I know I did.”


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