I always wonder why we don’t see the batfamily scarfing down protein snacks between action. I use to weight train and the amount of protein powder and chicken I was required to eat in a day was absurd to the point I couldn’t keep up. These guys burn calories like crazy … How does Damian grow into Bruce’s bulk on a vegetarian diet? Possible for sure, but that’s one huge appetite …

18shadowolf  asked:

So how does the classification system in your story work?

 Short answer: They’re classified in colours going opposite direction of a rainbow (ROYGBIV is the rainbow in order, so backwards it’s Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red). Each colour represents their power level, with Violet being the least powerful and moving up so Red is the most powerful. 

Longer answer: The colours are also how NEXAFY (the government branch that looks after monitoring people with powers) sorts how much intervention is needed for the person with the power. 99% of the time, if someone sees a violet file they know it’s going to be basic documenting, whereas a blue one would mean bimonthly checkups.It’s sorted for their own experimental purposes but also for the sake of the person with the power. 

The higher you are on the colour scale, the more using your powers takes out of you. Ben, for example, is Indigo and burns calories like crazy, so he has to eat a lot to keep up his strength/weight. Mike is Blue, the next category up, and every time he uses his powers he loses a bit of his hearing. Stan is Green and has a serotonin deficiency that leads to worsening OCD and anxiety the more he uses his powers.

It was originally supposed to be sorted by just numbers but people realized that the files were a certain colour for different numbers and now everyone just calls them by colour because  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m signed up for the Disneyland half marathon at the end of August. I can’t run the whole thing but my goal is to run as much as I can and finish within the time limits.

So I’m working on practicing my distances. I need to be faster than a 16 min mile. I’m cutting it close but I have faith.

I did a zombies 5k training program and then walked with a few bursts of running for the rest.

In the mean time I burned a crazy amount of calories!!!  And I still have pole fitness tonight. 

Oh, and I’m kicking it with my adipose in honor of kicking my body’s adipose to the curb.

mokawaimofo  asked:

How do you manage to stay so skinny? I know you're a vegetarian, and you may exercise (I don't know your biz) but do you have a high metabolism? Cause I've tried losing weight but it's really hard since I have a low metabolism and when I work out for too long I get wheezy cause of my asthma. Any suggestions? 😣

Yes, my metabolism is high & breastfeeding burns calories like crazy