I’m signed up for the Disneyland half marathon at the end of August. I can’t run the whole thing but my goal is to run as much as I can and finish within the time limits.

So I’m working on practicing my distances. I need to be faster than a 16 min mile. I’m cutting it close but I have faith.

I did a zombies 5k training program and then walked with a few bursts of running for the rest.

In the mean time I burned a crazy amount of calories!!!  And I still have pole fitness tonight. 

Oh, and I’m kicking it with my adipose in honor of kicking my body’s adipose to the curb.

mokawaimofo  asked:

How do you manage to stay so skinny? I know you're a vegetarian, and you may exercise (I don't know your biz) but do you have a high metabolism? Cause I've tried losing weight but it's really hard since I have a low metabolism and when I work out for too long I get wheezy cause of my asthma. Any suggestions? 😣

Yes, my metabolism is high & breastfeeding burns calories like crazy