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Do not allow him to consume you. If he does not call, go to sleep. If he does not message, put your phone away and have a fantastic day anyway. If he acts distant when you are with him and refuses to tell you what is wrong, don’t wait for him, go home and do something you love. If he tries to insinuate you do not need your friends now that you have him, spend more time with your friends. If he tries to teach you a lesson through the silent treatment, ignore him completely.

If he plays with your feelings constantly, walk away from him. If he acts like your body is his entitlement when you are not ready, walk away from him. If he says terrible, unforgivable things and threatens to leave you after every argument, walk away from him. If he forbids you from doing anything you love, walk away from him. If he claims ownership of your accomplishments, walk away from him. If he demeans you or disrespects your being a girl and refuses to stop when you tell him it hurts, walk away from him.

I cannot stress this enough, you live for yourself first. He is a secondary character in the story of your life. Do not allow him to turn you into a secondary character in your own book.

—  Nikita Gill, Advice for Teenage Girls Finding Their Way Through Love.
Some days you’re going to feel so unbeautiful. Some days the one you need most is not going to want to touch you, hold you, see you, be around you when you ache, when you need them to choose you without having to ask them to. Sometimes your being a force of nature will go against you. Sometimes putting others before you is going to go against you. And you will hurt darling, how you will hurt. On those days remember how high you have climbed just to feel the sun on your face. How brave you are. Remember sitting on the ledge of that building looking at how far down the ground was and having the confidence in yourself not to fall. Remember staring into the eyes of those who have hurt you and taking away their power by never allowing them to hurt you anymore. Remember clawing your way out of every abyss that you fell into. Now channel that girl, that lioness again. You can conquer anything.
—  Nikita Gill

I want those that are trying to get healthier, whether that be to lose weight or gain muscle or just stay healthy, there is no secret pill, secret smoothie, secret diet, and the list goes on, that will help you achieve your goals… With motivation, determination, perseverance, drive and most importantly self-love and self-appreciation, you will reach your goals!
The biggest “aha” moment that I’ve had, through this journey, is that at the end of the day, the only person who will always be there for you, to love you, to support you and push you is YOURSELF; so why tear yourself down? It is a constant battle in our minds, hurting ourself, finding our flaws and picking at them but remember at the end of the day that you are amazing, strong, powerful, resilient and just downright awesome!
Love yourself and push yourself to your limits because you can achieve any goal you set your mind to! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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If the night could talk
Do you think she would talk about all the light she lost while trying to look for herself?
Or do you think she’d talk about all the blood spilled across the waning and waxing of her own skin, from every bone ripped out of herself just to know what her shadow would look like when it’s nothing more than just a carcass?
Do you think she’d talk about the outline of her hands
And how she keeps reaching out for something to colour it with like the empty spaces inside the shapes drawn within a colouring book?
If the night could talk,
Do you think she would talk about all those wishes weighing her down every time another meteor crashes against the tenderness of her ribcage
Or do you think she’d talk about how she has gotten pulled like a bow by the emptiness so much that her spine has turned into a crescent of constellations that stretch themselves across the sky when the smoke settles over lakes and turns into the dew on leaves that reflect every star like they’ve caught them within themselves?
If the night could talk,
Do you think she’d be so crushed under her own emptiness
That she would never want to talk again?
—  Tamarind Fall
NaPoWriMo day 21.

The Tacoma Times, Washington, August 3, 1917

This is the way the new idea works out. Take a piece of court plaster. Cut out the initials and design you with to register on your arm. Paste them on te arm and the sun does the rest.

You must wear your sleeveless bathing suit, of course. The sun tans your arm a fine brown color. The court plaster is then taken off, leaving the initials and design neatly engraved in white flesh.

There is witchcraft in our blood,
in our bones we carry the magic
that you could not burn away.

You see, fire does not eat fire.

Your mother would have taught you that
if the world hadn’t convinced her
that despite her body being able
to bring life into this world,
she is not a magical thing.

Maybe the witches you burned
were the daughters of something
more holy than you could ever handle.
So you set them alight for being different,
forgetting that even the son of your God
was once condemned for being too pure,
too beautiful, too different for this world.

History devoured your name,
but we have never forgotten
what you did, witch hunter.

You see, fire never forgets.

When you burned the witches
you thought what you did was small.
But the flames gave birth to ideas
and the ideas set alight souls.
For every witch you burned
there are now a thousand witch women
living differently, and standing tall.
And you may have burned some of us,
but you will never destroy us all.

—  Nikita Gill, To the Men Who Burned Witches
Stop calling her pretty. She isn’t ‘pretty’. Pretty doesn’t even begin to describe her. She is so much more than that. She is kind hearted and heartbroken, gentle and dangerous, an angel one day and a she devil the next, intelligent yet silly, hilariously funny yet devastatingly sad, she is passion personified as a human being. Pretty isn’t even close. She’s a supernova that trails stardust in her wake, a constellation of contradictions plucked from outer space. And all you can think to call her is 'pretty’.
—  Pretty isn’t a Pretty Word | Nikita Gill

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One day out of the entire year for women, and you choose to focus on drag queens? Our tomboy ancestors are shaking their heads at you.

Yes, I very much will stand up and applaud for amazing QPOC queens, drag culture, and the history of New York’s rich ball scene. But I was also talking about drag legends such as Venus Xtravaganza, who identified as a woman and had to face the prospect of harassment every day if she didn’t “pass”. It’s crucial to remember that this is an experience of womanhood to some.

And every day is a day to celebrate women. Truly. I don’t see today as THE one day to narrow all my pride in womanhood to one absolute thing. That counters the very concept of intersectionality I believe in.

It baffles me that you can’t see that the liberty of being a tomboy, butch woman, androgynous woman (and more) is tied to the history of cross-dressing and drag. I am not here to make up an exclusive club of some sort. This is a space for queer and trans lives.

One in every three women is abused violently in a physical or sexual way in the course of their lifetimes. Sixty eight percent of these crimes go unreported to the police. Ninety eight percent of these perpetrators will not see a day in prison. It isn’t the stats that are terrifying. It is the question: how many of us know and trust a man who has justified choosing not to stop when a woman has begged him to stop hurting her?
—  Nikita Gill, A Terrifying Question
2 Day Body Sculpt Workout For Women

This is a beginners routine for women who want to blast fat and tone up 🔥 simply alternate the days for an all over body sculpting workout 🍑

Day 1 (Legs and Cardio)

Barbell/Smith machine sqauts 4x12

Straight leg deadlifts/good mornings 3x12

Hip thrusters 3x12

Leg extensions 3x15

Calf Raises 2x20

20 mins on bike

Day 2 (Upper Body and Cardio)

Press ups 3x as many as you can do

Cable row/bent over Barbell row 3x12

Seated dumbell shoulder press 3x 12

Barbell curls 2x15

Cable tricep extensions 2x 15

Crunches 2x as many as you can do

20 mins crosstrainer

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments 💬

If you enjoy this workout a ♥ or a 🔄 would be greatly appreciated 😄

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“To the ones who look like me — it is for you that my heart burns brightest. I hear you when you say I represent you. Thank you for your warmth and patience. I see you, sis!

It has been the greatest honor to show us *us*. Eking out this kind of #representation on a weekly basis within a medium that continues to correlate value with proximity to whiteness is a feat. That I got to deliver a relatable, recognizable and unvarnished #StephanieEdwards who looks and feels like women I know — who are people rather than ideas — has been worth more than you know. Thank the tv gods for #TGIT. 🙏🏾”

-Jerrika Hinton