burning taste buds

GREY AREA. (M) | 04

And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.


“But you, you’re special to me. When I’m with you I feel something is just right. I believe in you. I like you. I don’t want to let you go.” -Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

 Pairing: Yoongi/Reader
 Word Count: 7,362
 Genre/Warnings: Soulmate AU, Angst

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The next day you found yourself sitting on the wooden bleachers that were found in the dance studio. A place that seemed to become more familiar to you the more often you visited. Which, wasn’t frequently enough.

A book sits in your hands, and no matter how hard you try to pay attention to it, it is no match for what is occurring a few feet in front of you.

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Brady Skjei #1 - Off Day

Anon asked: Hey, could you do a NYR one (Brady skjei maybe??) where him and the reader are hanging around NYC on an off day?? 

This one has been finished for a few hours dear anon, but my computer was acting up and wouldn’t let me upload it. The storyline itself is based vaguely off of my recent trip to New York. I hope you enjoy it! 

The Rangers had put up a tough fight against the Canadiens in the first round of the playoffs and ultimately it had been enough. You were fortunate enough that it had been a home game and thus allowed you to be there to congratulate your boyfriend Brady Skjei in person. Clinching the win in game six instead of seven gave the two of you an extra day to be together before he had to leave again to face the Senators. You planned to put that extra time to good use.

Your day started as few did recently, by sleeping in. It was the smell of what you hoped were pancakes that lured you from your sleep and notified you that the bed beside you was empty. Judging by how the sheets were still warm he couldn’t have been up for long. You begrudgingly left the warmth of your bed and slipped on one of Brady’s sweatshirts before meeting him in the kitchen. The small television on the counter was playing the news and added to the overall feeling of “home” that radiated from the room.

He nudged a mug towards you without looking up from the stove and you readily took it. You blamed Brady for your coffee dependence seeing as he was the reason you were prone to getting up earlier than needed.

You raised the mug to your lips just as Brady said, “careful it’s really hot.”

It was too late and you burned the roof of your mouth and tongue on the drink. You forced yourself to swallow it and let out a breath, “more of a warning next time would be great babe.”

He quirked an eyebrow, “I tried to but I know nothing gets in the way of you and your coffee. One of these days you’ll wait for it to properly cool.”

“Not likely,” you placed the mug on the counter and crossed your arms, “waiting is for the weak.”
“Yeah okay. Tell that to me when you can’t taste anything because you’ve burned your taste buds off.”

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anonymous asked:

Shallura drabble prompt: Shiro introducing Allura to food on Earth? (Like maybe bubble tea or pizza something.)

“Where do you want to sit?”

What?” Allura shouted, peeking over her shoulder at Shiro.

He chuckled, resting his hand on the small of her back as he leaned down, cheek brushing her hair. “Where would you like to sit?”

She grabbed Shiro’s hand, leading him over to a pair of plastic chairs at a table in the far corner. “It’s louder than a Bolgogian Nunvillary in here,” she said as they settled in, their knees brushing under the table. 

“I’d blame the teenagers at the counter,” Shiro chuckled, “So, are you ready?”

Allura took a sharp breath. “Yes.” She laid her hands flat on the table, staring down at her drink with purpose. “So. Boba. Is this a traditional drink for your people? From- Japan?”

Shiro tried to hold back his laughter as Allura blinked at him expectantly. “It’s more popular than traditional- and I think it’s from Taiwan originally. But I don’t want to tell you anything else, just try it.” 

Allura tucked some loose locks behind her ears, nodding solemnly. With great ceremony she took a sip from her bubble tea. “Hm- oh!” Her eyes flew open, a hand reaching up to her mouth. “It popped!” Allura giggled, taking another sip and savoring the new sensation. “Shiro, take a sip- it’s delicious!”

“Here, try some of mine-” Shiro traded cups with a smile, unable to fight her infectious laugh. “That has tapioca in it, it’s kind of chewy.” 

Allura nodded, apparently taking mental notes as she chewed methodically. “Now that I think about it, we have something similar to this on Altea. Except you have to let it steep for at least twenty two hours, or it could burn off your taste buds-” Shiro leaned back in his seat, his lips pressing into a smile as heat began to pool in his chest. After a minute she caught his eye with a sharp look, putting down her drink to ask, “Are you okay? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Shiro leaned forward in his chair with a grin. “I just didn’t realize how amazing it would be to see you on Earth.”

Allura tried to frown at him but her lips curled obstinately upward as color rose to her cheeks. “Well,” she said, drawing close to him, “I’m glad I came. The tea is great-”

Shiro scoffed but folded his hand over hers, smiling as their lips met softly.

Monday Morning

Nick Amaro Imagine Series

Imagine: Nick is interested in the new detective, it’s the Monday after the weekend of her date. Nick wants to know how the date went.

For the first part: here.

The busy precinct buzzed with chatter. The smell of coffee swirled around the precinct. Everyone was just fighting for their caffeine fix. Nick was never a fan of the coffee at the precinct, so he got up extra early that morning. He stopped by his favorite cafe and bought a cup of coffee for himself, and a cup for Serena. Sure, it was a really nice thing to do, but he’s not going to lie and say he doesn’t have an ulterior motive. What was a better way of striking up a conversation, than offering a cup of coffee?

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Drinking Milk From the Carton

Growing up my mother always scolded me from drinking milk from the carton.
She said it was unladylike  and it was embarrassing to watch.
Under roof I didn’t drink from the carton unless I was home alone.
But now I live under my own roof and I sure as hell drink for the milk carton.
I’ll stroll into my apartment with my cool biker jacket and eat some spicy curry.
Then walk into the kitchen nonchalant
Pop open the fridge
I’ll man handle that milk carton and start chugging
And enjoy that sweet feel of milk soothing my burning lips and taste buds
Fall down my esophagus and that cool liquid splashes into my stomach
Then once I set the milk down
I smile knowing I have saved myself from one more glass to wash

The worst moments in life
  1. Not getting a text back.
  2. “I’m fine.”
  3. Cancelled plans.
  4. Having a great day, only to have it ruined by someone.
  5. Burning your taste buds.
  6. Feeling sick and tired.
  7. “I’m sorry, what was your name again?”
  8. Not getting enough sleep.
  9. Turning the radio station to the end of a good song.
  10. Being ignored by people you cared about.
  11. Feeling alone in a room full of people.
  12. Failing on a test you studied so hard for.
  13. Crying yourself to sleep.
  14. Not being missed.
  15. Being replaced.


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1Bathroom fun (1K)

Louis starts pulling Harry’s head back by yanking hard on his hair, and sucks a big bruise on his neck right where everyone can see it. Harry groans very loudly.
“You are so hot like this.” Louis says. “So hot.”

Or the one where Louis rides Harry in a bathtub.

2. Wanna Ask You If You Love Me But I Don’t Wanna Seem So Weak (Baby I’ve Been California Dreaming) (3K)

They stop walking, feet in the cooling sand with silent chatter around them. When Louis rips his eyes from the group of people in the distance (he swears he can see Zayn smiling and playing his guitar) he finds Harry’s eyes on his. They’re not as bright as the sun made them out to be just a while ago. He thinks of the green beer bottles that he has shattered on his living room floor; some lying under his bed.

“Hey, you were twelve. I was thirteen, we were figuring ourselves out. It didn’t have to be with each other.”

“I would have liked it to,” Harry counters glumly like he honest-to-God regrets running out of Louis’ room all those years ago. He shrugs because he’s not sure if asking Harry if they can try kissing one last time is appropriate.

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His & Hers

It has seriously been so long since I’ve written something, I don’t even know how to feel. The request by @itschildofthefairies has finally been written! All credits go to her, though I wish I was brilliant enough to have her ideas. This was initially supposed to be a Zervis one-shot, but I can’t stop writing Nalu, okay? Spare me just this one, please, haha. Please, enjoy this one-shot, everyone! ~ (Also can be read here.)

Summary: Maybe bringing Lucy to his apartment wasn’t the best idea… Or was it?

If Natsu had only one word to describe his life, average would be the last word to enter his mind.

Absolutely nothing about Natsu was average. For starters, he had pink hair. Secondly, he always had a plain white scarf wrapped around his neck—even in the summer. And if that wasn’t enough, he had an introvert brother that nobody actually knew was introverted in the first place.

And regrettably, starting today Natsu was going to add another thing to his list. Well, maybe not as regrettably as he first thought; he was bringing a girl home for the first time.

Natsu was one hundred percent certain he was going to win the bet he made with Lucy. But before he even realized it, he found himself declaring his defeat and promising that he’ll be Lucy’s chef for their date at his apartment.

The thought of taking Lucy home wasn’t as nerve-wracking as he assumed it was going to be; however, after remembering that he was also going to be there as well, Natsu’s anxiety level subtly began to quiver. She was going to meet the real side of him.

“Earth to Natsu? What are you thinking about?” Lucy hauled him out of his thoughts as they headed to the apartment complex.

“Nothing,” he responded a bit too quickly. He suppressed a wince at the scowl she shot at him. “Can you stop walking for a minute?”

Their synchronized steps came to a stop. Lucy uneasily stared at him until she became too impatient with his silence.

“Don’t you dare tell me you’re cancelling our dinner date!” she commanded.

“I’m not, I’m not!” he insisted. “But there’s something—wait, I mean, someone I want to warn you about.”

“Who?” she frowned, folding her arms across her chest. “You’ve already told me that Happy can be a mess during dinner. Don’t worry, I’m prepared for him. I even brought my own—”

“That’s not it,” he interrupted her with a rejecting shake of his head. “When we get to my apartment, try not to pay too much attention to my brother, alright?”

“What’s wrong with Zeref?” she questioned with her unfaltering frown.

“Zeref is different at home than he is in public,” he explained cautiously. “Just try not to talk to him too much, okay? Pretend he’s not even home.”

Natsu was able to see a flicker of confusion and second flicker of adamancy in Lucy’s eyes for half a second. Yet after blinking a couple of times, she nodded with a deep breath.

“Fine. I’ll do my best,” she stated evenly.

“Thanks,” Natsu sighed out in relief while beckoning her to resume walking with him. “So, what’s on the menu tonight?”

“You’re the loser chef, aren’t you?” Lucy teased.

“It’s Gray’s fault I lost the bet!” he proclaimed. “If it weren’t for him, I would have definitely been able to hold my breath the longest! He made me laugh just so I could lose, I’m sure of it.”

“That’s what they all say,” she giggled in amusement. “I guess I’ll help you cook a little.”

Natsu beamed in satisfaction, but after glancing at his apartment complex getting closer with each step, he pressed his lips into a tight, thin line. He had no idea what he was going to be met with once he unlocked the front door. Perhaps Zeref finally decided it’s time for a change and decided to explore Magnolia for the rest of day.

“Yeah, right,” Natsu muttered under his breath, hiking up the stairs to the second floor. “Alright, Luce, you ready to see where I live?”

“Of course!” she replied excitedly behind him.

Now Natsu was beginning to feel timid. His lousy two bedroom apartment was surely nothing compared to her luxurious home. Though, that didn’t mean he was going to feel ashamed for where he lived.

“Welcome to my home,” he proudly presented, pushing open the door and allowing her inside.

“It’s so much cleaner than I expected!” Lucy gasped with large eyes. “I didn’t think you would be able to keep an apartment this clean!”

“Zeref does all the cleaning,” Natsu admitted while scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

“Where is he?” she asked, her voice softer than before, as though she felt too afraid to ask.

“In his room, as always,” he responded smoothly. “Come, follow me.”

Lucy tried not to allow her eyes to linger on Zeref’s closed bedroom door for too long, but she couldn’t keep herself from wondering—just how different was he at home? He seemed pretty normal in public; how much different could he be?

“So, what do you have that you can cook for me?” she inquired when she had taken a seat at one of the bar stools in the kitchen.

“Let’s see,” Natsu hummed to himself, wandering to the fridge and sticking his head inside of it. “We have some chicken and some sandwich I forgot to eat. Looks like Zeref forgot to eat his, too. Oh, this is where my hot sauce went!”

“Why would you have hot sauce in the fridge?” Lucy snorted.

“Happy probably put it in there,” he shrugged, taking out the chicken as he closed the fridge. “Guess we’re having chicken, then?”

“Guess so,” she returned a slight shrug with a faint smile. “Let’s get started!”

Despite Natsu being the chef for the day, Lucy couldn’t help but be the sous chef for the day along with him. Something about Natsu handling raw poultry made her far more worried than she should be. She wasn’t able to fight the urge to help him out, either.

“Not that much pepper!” she exclaimed once they began seasoning the chicken.

“Why not? It’ll be tastier this way,” he falsely guaranteed, using a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon.

“I don’t want to burn off my taste buds,” she countered, “either put half a teaspoon, or nothing at all.”

“Fine,” he obliged with a mumble. Lucy gave a content smile, rewarding him with a pat on the shoulder.

It wasn’t until Natsu had started frying the chicken when he noticed the time. It was almost evening—also the time Zeref came out of his room.

“Natsu, the chicken won’t be fully cooked if you keep messing with it,” Lucy scolded at his unnecessary and frequent pokes. “Give it some time, will you?”

“I want to get this chicken cooked before he—”

Natsu wasn’t able to finish his sentence due to the creak of a bedroom door. Gentle footsteps were the sole noise in the dead silent apartment. Natsu held his breath as he cast a look over his shoulder.

“H-Hey, Zeref!” Lucy spoke once the raven-haired teen silently stood at the counter. “How are you?”

It didn’t take long for an awkward silence to flood inside the kitchen. Natsu was grateful for the chicken’s popping and sizzling.

“What are you making?” Zeref asked, not realizing he ignored Lucy’s question.

“Chicken,” Natsu answered plainly. “There are sandwiches in the fridge if you’re hungry.”

“But those are old,” Zeref opposed, his gaze falling to the chicken with eyes hinting what he wanted.

Lucy was moments away from offering some pieces of their chicken, yet she didn’t get the chance to after Zeref started to take a step.

“The chicken is going to burn,” he stated, taking quick strides to the stove.

“Zeref, don’t!” Natsu shouted while swiftly trying to reach for the tongs faster than him.

Natsu was only met with air as Zeref snatched the tongs from the counter and flipped the chicken on its other side. One touch was all it took.

Lucy and Natsu shared a grimace, watching Zeref reveal an entirely burnt side of chicken. Natsu inhaled deeply—ready to burst out his anger—but Lucy stopped him by placing a gentle hand on his arm.

“I didn’t mean to do this,” Zeref said quietly.

“It’s fine!” Lucy replied with a reassuring smile. “It’s our fault for not watching the chicken properly.”

“We would have been able to, if it weren’t for you,” Natsu glared at Zeref. “You know what you do at home, so why did you still do it?”

Zeref’s charcoal eyes flicked from Lucy and Natsu several times. “I didn’t think—”

“Well, you should,” Natsu cut him off sharply.

Tension began to grow between the three teens as they stared blankly at one another for a couple of seconds. Immediately, the air felt like the life had been sucked out of it. Lucy knew she wasn’t imagining the dull aura Zeref was surrounded by. With each passing second, it felt as though the kitchen was becoming smaller and smaller, suffocating them.

“Forget it,” Natsu eventually released an aggravated sigh. “Zeref, do us a favor and throw out the chicken. Lucy and I are going out. I’ll be back later.”

Not waiting for a response from Zeref, Natsu lightly took a hold of Lucy’s wrist and brought her outside with him. He closed the door behind them, his hand promptly rubbing the back of his neck.

“Sorry about that,” he grumbled. “I should have told Zeref to stay in his room the whole time.”

“The chicken was hardly cooked. How did it burn so fast?” Lucy asked hardly above a whisper.

Natsu let out another heavy sigh, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Let’s go find a place to eat.”

Finding a restaurant as soon as possible due to their empty and growling stomachs, the couple slid into their seats, sitting across one another. Not sure what to say, Lucy stayed silent, swirling her straw in her cup to pass the time. She couldn’t bring herself to speak first.

“Ever since Zeref and I were little, he’s always had this thing,” Natsu began slowly. “We didn’t understand what it was until we realized he needed to go see a doctor.”

“What does he have?” Lucy questioned softly.

“It’s a really long name. I can’t remember it,” he responded with a nonchalant shrug. “But long story short, Zeref kills everything he touches.”

“He what?" her eyes widened, nearly choking on the water she was sipping. "What do you mean?”

“It started off slow,” Natsu explained. “First, the light would start to flicker and the microwave would randomly shut off. Then, the TV would only work if he wasn’t home. And finally, one day, it came all at once.”

“What happened?” she pressed hesitantly, still recovering from choking on her water. “Did your house blow up or something?”

“Wouldn’t that be cool!” he grinned. “Imagine all the fire that would—”

“Natsu, be serious!” she demanded with a roll of her eyes.

“Fine, fine. Anyway,” he cleared his throat, returning to his previous serious tone. “One day, Zeref started killing everything. All the food in the fridge became spoiled in less than an hour. No matter what he did, everything only lasted at least an hour. Food, electronics, and lights—there wasn’t one thing Zeref couldn’t burn or kill.”

“How is that even possible?” Lucy breathed out with disbelief.

“Our parents had some really strange genes,” Natsu gave a second shrug. “I got pink hair, and Zeref got that.”

“Why doesn’t he kill everything in public?” she blurted out her thoughts, not wanting to pry too much.

“The doctors gave him some patches to wear; they start to wear off after an hour. Zeref hates changing them so much, so he only wears them when he has to.”

“That’s why Zeref is always the first one to leave when we’re all together,” she realized as she spoke. “Are the patches uncomfortable?”

“Extremely,” Natsu confirmed with a nod. “They’re worse than my motion sickness patches.”

Lucy cringed in response. She didn’t even want to think about how bad Zeref’s patches must be if they’re worse than Natsu’s patches.

“I told him to wear it once you came over, but I guess he forgot,” Natsu confessed with frustration sounding at the back of his voice. “And since he forgot, he burned the chicken. I wish he could control it already.”

“If Zeref can’t control it, we probably wouldn’t be able to control it either,” she commented.

“Yeah, probably not,” Natsu agreed, twiddling his thumbs under the table. “I get it if you don’t want to come over again, but I promise I’ll make the best chicken you’ve ever had someday!”

Lucy sent him a smile, her eyes lighting up with his onyx ones. Natsu’s eyes were enough for both of them to see the bright side of the situation.

“Okay,” she accepted his offer. “Sounds like a plan.”

Natsu grinned—he was relieved that Lucy was able to empathize with Zeref. The last time Natsu had told someone about his brother, they never entered their apartment again.

Maybe Lucy didn’t mind Zeref’s undesirable quirk after all.

There was no doubt in Natsu’s mind that Lucy minded Zeref’s undesirable quirk.

It had been exactly seven days since she had last came over. Although Natsu had invited her over every single day since then, she would either say she was busy or she had plans with Levy.

“This sucks, Happy,” he groaned after the week had passed. He sat crisscrossed on his bed, leaning against the wall. “The new chicken I bought is going to go bad soon.”

Happy meowed as his reply; Natsu fluently understood his cat language, so he nodded while listening.

“Right? It’s all Zeref’s fault,” Natsu said. “I reminded him to wear his patches, but he didn’t! Lucy is never going to even think about coming here again.”

“I can hear you, you know,” Zeref poked his head into Natsu’s room through the halfway opened door.

“That’s the point,” Natsu glared towards him. “Because of you, Lucy isn’t going to come anymore!”

“Is it because of me or is it because of the chicken?” Zeref inquired with all the seriousness in the world. “Did you and Lucy leave because of the chicken or because of me?”

“Because of you,” Natsu replied with no hesitation.

“So if you were the one who burned the chicken, you still wouldn’t have gone out somewhere else?” Zeref continued to ask.

Natsu instantly clenched his fists beneath his bedsheets. Zeref was always a master at asking questions that made anyone second guess themselves. When it came to things like this, he always won against Natsu.

“Okay, it was because of the chicken!” Natsu threw his hands up in defeat. “But you were the reason why the chicken was burned.”

“And I’d like to apologize for that,” Zeref admitted. “I should have worn the patches, though the reason I didn’t was because I was expecting someone to come over.”

“Mavis?” Natsu predicted without a second thought. “Why didn’t you tell me she was coming over?”

“Because Lucy was coming over,” Zeref replied easily.

“Were you just going to sneak Mavis into your room or something?” a snicker left Natsu’s lips. “You think would let that happen? Yeah, right!”

“I-I wasn’t going to sneak her in my room,” Zeref stuttered, a rare shade of pink blossoming on his cheeks. “I was simply going to let her be inside my room with me.”

“You know the rules,” Natsu remarked with a smirk.

“The door must be more than halfway open if a person of the opposite sex is inside of it,” the brothers recited simultaneously.

“Anyway,” Zeref shook his head to dismiss the subject. “Next time you invite Lucy over, I’ll make it up to you two.”

“How so?” Natsu inquired.

“You’ll see,” the corners of Zeref’s lips twitched up into a small smile.

“Don’t do that, it’s creepy,” Natsu shuddered at the sight. “But alright, I’ll take your word for it. Make sure to wear your patches, though, alright?”

“Alright,” Zeref responded with a nod. “Goodnight now.”

“Night,” Natsu yawned out as his door was shut. A smile faintly appeared on his lips. The last time the two of them had an actual conversation was before Lucy came over. It was nice to know that they were finished giving each other the usual silent treatment they did after a fight.

“Enough of that,” he muttered, shoving away his thoughts to the back of his mind. Seizing his phone from the nightstand, Natsu sent the fastest text he had ever typed in his life.

“You’re coming to my house tomorrow or else!” he texted to Lucy. He didn’t want to be overly demanding, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

In the short amount of time between the message being sent and her response, Natsu peered at his phone, impatiently waiting for it to light up again. And once it did, he didn’t waste a moment to read her reply.

“Okay. What are we going to eat?”

Natsu viewed the message for a couple of seconds. He wasn’t even sure what they were going to eat. Somehow, the thought of making chicken again only made him feel like history was going to repeat itself. Crossing his legs on his bed, he allowed his thumbs to do the talking.

“It’s a surprise.”

“I made sure Zeref is wearing his patches today,” Natsu stated the next day while he led Lucy to his apartment.

“If he’s too uncomfortable with them on, he doesn’t have to wear them,” Lucy assured.

“Really?” he lifted a surprised brow. “You’re the first person to think that way. Gray always wants him to wear two, just in case.”

“Zeref shouldn’t be uncomfortable because of me,” she responded, slightly embarrassed for saying it aloud.

A smile peeked out of Natsu before he was able to stop it. It was moments like this when he could tell the warm feeling in his chest wasn’t a coincidence. On instinct, he reached for Lucy’s hand, his chest becoming even warmer when she entwined their fingers together. Natsu was amazed he could feel like this because of something so simple.

“We’re home!” he called out once the couple reached the apartment. “Whoa, Zeref, you’re actually outside of your room.”

“Welcome back,” Zeref greeted the two from the living room. “How was your day?”

Lucy opened her mouth to answer. “It was—”

“Man, I’m hungry!” Natsu loudly groaned, making his way to the kitchen.

“Natsu, don’t interrupt people,” Zeref and Lucy chided simultaneously. On cue, their bewildered eyes locked. Yet before either of them could say something, the lights started to flicker.

“Looks like the patch is already wearing off,” Zeref mumbled to himself, though Lucy was able to hear. “I’ll be back.”

“No, wait!” she shouted to stop him. “You don’t need to put another patch on.”

“Are you sure?” he cocked his head to the side. “We won’t be able to do much if I don’t have it on.”

“It’s okay,” she replied. “We can do something else instead.”

“Like what?” he questioned.

“Natsu, do you have any board games or something?” she suggested, finding him in the kitchen, rummaging in the fridge.

“Zeref is a board game nerd,” Natsu scoffed. “Yeah, let me go find one.”

The two shared a smile as he went into the hallway in search for a board game. Lucy tried not to overtly stare at Zeref once he folded up his sleeve and slowly peeled off the patch on his arm. Then, moments after the patch was removed, the lights switched off.

“Good thing it’s still light outside,” she said optimistically, but it sounded more forced than she intended.

“It’ll be back on soon,” Zeref answered.

Lucy tilted her head in confusion. Before she was able to ask, Natsu bolted into the living room with a rectangular box in his hands.

“I have the perfect game!” he declared with a childish grin.

Lucy couldn’t help but share his excitement. After settling down at the small table in the living room, she read the title of the game. Out of all board games, a game about life was the one Natsu picked? She had no idea what to expect; however, she started to get an idea once she noticed Zeref gulp.

“You start with a car and yourself,” Natsu spoke as he passed out the plastic cars and figures. “The person who spins the highest number on the wheel is the one who goes first!”

“Yes!” Lucy cheered when she had spun the wheel and landed on the highest number.

“And Zeref is last,” Natsu concluded.

“Let’s just get this over with,” Zeref sighed.

Since Natsu was the first one to begin, it wasn’t a surprise to Lucy that he had no idea whether to begin the game with going to college or having a career. But what was a surprise was seeing Zeref pick his career as criminal justice. She was certain he was going to pick something like, science and exploration. It was then when Lucy could tell—playing a board game with the Dragneel brothers was going to be interesting.

And oh, interesting was an understatement. One second Natsu was spinning the wheel so vigorously it leaped off the board, the next second was spent listening to Zeref lecture him, and the second after that Lucy’s cheeks began to throb from grinning so wide.

“Zeref, you’re not doing too well,” she pointed out with a giggle during the middle of the game. “You still don’t have a family yet.”

“You’re horrible!” Natsu howled, pounding his fist on the floor. “Lucy and I already have mansions! What house do you have?”

“There’s nothing wrong with a mobile home,” Zeref stated calmly, although there was a subtle twitch in the corner of his eyes. “And I chose to not have a family.”

Lucy decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, but as the game continued, Zeref’s misfortune was just too much.

And you just got into another car accident!” Natsu went back to hammering the floor.

“It’s not polite to laugh at other people,” Lucy attempted to keep a straight face, though she wasn’t able to after seeing Zeref’s hard gaze at the board, his bottom lip forming a small pout. Before she was able to suppress it, her laughs started to escape.

The rest of the game only made her laugh even harder. No matter what Zeref landed on, he either lost a family member, or was paying the bank hundreds of dollars. Natsu’s strange choices in life, like, sending a child to school when he didn’t even have a child yet, made her stomach ache. By the end of the game, Lucy’s cheeks were entirely flushed.

“I need a break,” she giggled out, holding onto her stomach. “Where’s your restroom?”

“Here, I’ll show you,” Natsu offered his hand out and helped her stand up.

“You two are really funny when playing board games,” she complimented, holding back another laugh.

“I know,” he sent her a smile. “There isn’t much laughter in this place when we’re alone, so it’s nice having some here.”

“Glad I was able to help,” she replied happily once she was led to the restroom. “I’ll meet you back in the living room.”

Taking a few minutes to refresh herself, Lucy fanned herself to calm her pink cheeks. Even though she was having loads of fun playing the game, she was beginning to feel it—hunger. She bit her lip while she exited the restroom, not knowing how dinner was going to be made.

Lucy was so focused on her thoughts, she didn’t notice she had stepped towards the bookshelf at the end of the hallway. Her eyes widened after reading the book titles; she wasn’t familiar with any of them.

Immediately intrigued by the books she had no idea existed, she slid one out and leafed through the thin pages. She began to gape once she realized that these weren’t ordinary books—they were hand-written.

“Amazing,” she whispered to herself in awe.

“I’m glad you think so,” a voice spoke behind her.

“Sorry!” Lucy jumped, the book slipping from her hands and falling onto the floor with a muffled thud. “I-I didn’t mean—”

“Natsu told me you like books,” Zeref said before dipping down and picking up the book for her. “Turns out, I’ve written several of them.”

“I’m sure they’re great!” she exclaimed. “What’s your favorite book you’ve written?”

“It’s this one,” he answered as he reached for a book on the shelf. “It’s called E.N.D. Here, take a look.”

Lucy didn’t hesitate to accept the book he offered out to her. Her heartbeat accelerated in anticipation while she opened the book to the first page.

“I believe it’s my best work yet,” Zeref beamed.

“What…” she began breathlessly, already gawking at the first page. “What does E.N.D. stand for?”

“Embarrassing Natsu Dragneel, of course,” he revealed with twinkling eyes.

“This is the best photo album I’ve ever seen!” Lucy proclaimed with a chortle. “Why is Natsu holding a huge egg?!”

“He thought Happy would hatch out of it,” Zeref chuckled.

“Look at him!” she gasped for air, squeezing the edge of the book from laughing too much. She quickly turned the pages, looking forward to every picture of Natsu.

“Don’t tell him I showed you this,” Zeref told her firmly, although his eyes were still bright with amusement.

“I won’t,” she promised with a large grin. There was no doubt she was ever going to forget about Natsu’s baby pictures—especially the ones that were taken when he was in the bathtub. She was about to ask if there were any extra copies of E.N.D. books, but she paused after hearing several loud knocks coming from the front door.

“Looks like dinner is here,” Zeref stated. “Let’s go.”

Reluctantly returning the book back to its rightful home, Lucy trailed behind Zeref and went back to the living room.

Natsu scrutinized at her. “What were you two laughing about?”

“I’ll tell you later,” she smiled at him, giving his hand a quick squeeze.

“Not fair, Luce,” he sent her a pout.

Lucy averted her gaze from his puppy eyes by focusing her attention to Zeref opening the door. The second it opened, every single light in the apartment switched on.

“What?” Lucy’s mouth fell in surprise, looking at all the lights illuminating the room.

“Fairy Tail’s pizza delivery!” a bubbly voice announced from outside. “50 Jewel, please!”

“Come on, Mavis, can’t we get a discount?” Natsu whined.

“You know we can’t ask for that,” Zeref responded while he let the short blonde-haired female inside the apartment.

“I would if I could, Natsu,” Mavis giggled lightly, her eyes promptly landing on Lucy. “Oh! Who is this? Natsu, is this your girlfriend?!”

“N-No way!” Natsu asserted, roughly tugging his scarf up his face to hide his crimson cheeks.

“We’re just friends,” Lucy replied with a small smile.

“For now,” Mavis gave her a subtle wink. “Well, I’m Mavis, Zeref’s girlfriend. Nice to meet you!”

Lucy tried not to make her shock too obvious. “It’s nice to meet you, too! I’m Lucy.”

“Since I ruined your dinner the other night, I decided to make it up to you by ordering pizza that is impossible for me to burn,” Zeref informed as Mavis excitedly placed the pizza box on the counter and quickly opened it. It didn’t take long for Mavis and Natsu to start drooling by just staring at it.

“Is it because of Mavis?” Lucy inquired.

Zeref nodded. “Mavis is the only one who can make me feel normal.”

“And Zeref is the only one who can make me feel normal,” Mavis added proudly once she had taken a slice of pizza.

“Do you two have the same thing?” Lucy questioned carefully, not sure if it was rude to ask.

“Can you believe it?” Natsu spoke, shoving a whole pizza slice into his mouth. “Because they both have the same quirk, they somehow counterbalance each other.”

“Which means no uncomfortable patches for us!” Mavis proclaimed gleefully while Zeref simply watched her bounce on her heels.

“If only Lucy could make my motion sickness go away when we’re together,” Natsu mumbled unhappily.

“Hey!” she scowled at him. “I try my best to help you not think about it!”

“Maybe we should get what Zeref and Mavis have, Luce,” he rubbed his chin in thought, but he grinned when she gave him a light smack on the shoulder.

“You don’t want to be us,” Zeref assured.

“I think it’s pretty fun being us,” Mavis stated with a gentle smile.

“Yep, Luce, we’re becoming them,” Natsu confirmed. “There’s no going back now.”

“Why don’t I get a say in this?!” Lucy exclaimed frantically. “How are we even going to be like them, anyway?”

“For Halloween, of course,” Natsu grinned.

“Halloween just passed, Natsu,” Zeref reminded him.

“Which means Lucy and I have a year to plan our costumes!” Natsu declared.

Lucy leaned back against the counter with a helpless sigh. She knew there was no way out of it after seeing Mavis’s emerald eyes radiate at the thought.

“Oh, it’s almost time!” Mavis gasped, dashing to the couch in front of the TV. “Come on, Zeref!”

“What are they watching?” Lucy asked Natsu curiously. Even Zeref, who never seemed to rush at all, began to hurriedly turn on the TV.

“Zeref and Mavis like to watch game shows together to see who can answer the most questions correctly,” he responded.

Lucy’s eyes widened, but after watching the two shout answers at one another, a smile placed itself on her lips. “Hey, Natsu.”


“I don’t think I’d mind being like them, even if it wasn’t Halloween.”

Natsu leaned against Lucy’s shoulder with a light yawn, not noticing their fingers were already laced together.

“Yeah, me either.”

traincat  asked:

Also, for the meme -- Johnny Storm/Peter Parker coffee shop AU?

Okay, the best thing is that this is actually what I would have requested from you.


Peter took one cautious sip, then pulled back, wincing. “Okay, yeah, this is ludicrously hot. As usual.”

“Well, maybe if you did something other than nurse a $2 cup of black all morning, I’d try a little harder,” Johnny said with a shrug. The pre-work rush hour had mostly dissipated, which meant Johnny had more time to chat rather than just wink broadly at the customers and nod encouragingly at the tip jar as he mixed their fancy extra-foam, double-strong, soy-milk drinks.

Peter never got winks so much as eye-rolls, at least after the first day he started coming in. Baristas like Johnny could smell a freelancer sucking up the free wifi and taking up valuable table real estate a mile away. The fact that he hadn’t been permanently kicked out of Yancy Street Leaf & Bean like all the other coffee shops was basically a miracle Peter didn’t pretend to understand.

“Well, I guess burning off the customers’ taste buds is one way to keep selling those bran muffins—they’re like boulders.” Peter started heading toward a table in the back, where people were least likely to stare over his shoulder as he worked. Today’s gig involved uploading about a billion touched-up photos to the Bugle, which was basically the blogosphere’s answer to the Post—sensationalized stories that everyone read but was kind of embarrassed about.

“Ben makes those,” Johnny protested over his shoulder, half-heartedly wiping down the counter with a faded blue rag. “And hey, sit up here?” He nodded to the table closest to the cash register.

“Why?” Peter asked suspiciously. Sitting there, his back would face the windows, exposing the shame of how he was feeding and clothing himself today to passerby.

“Because you’re my favorite customer?”

“Try that again, only not lying.”

Johnny’s mouth quirked, and Peter hated himself a little for noticing it was attractive. “Because I want you to read TMZ out loud to me when I get bored.”

“Sue took your phone away again, didn’t she?”

“She said I could have it back again if I can go a week without burning the beans.” Johnny breathed out an incredibly put-upon sigh. “I mean, who doesn’t get a little distracted with Instagram sometimes?”

“Did this happen during the selfie of your reflection in the espresso machine?”

Johnny tilted his head, pinning Peter with an odd little stare. “You follow me?”

Crap. “…no?”

“Please tell me you’re mileylvr226—they like every single thing I post.”

Peter waved his cup of coffee in lieu of a white flag. “Look, I’ll move over to the front if you agree to not talk about this anymore, okay?”

“Are you a huge fan of latte art or is it, you know, *me*?”

Peter groaned, Johnny laughed, and somewhere in between, the coffee grinder hummed cheerfully, drowning out the rest.

ritchyun  asked:

For the "I love you" prompts: 9 and adrienette?


Adrienette with 9. When baking chocolate chip cookies 

No! Don’t put it on my face!” his girlfriend yelped, laughing while running away from him. Adrien chuckled with a sinister grin, chasing after her with flour-covered hands. 

“Come here, Marinette! You can’t escape me!” he cackled. 

“Nooo!” she complained, ducking under his arms with her Ladybug reflexes. The flour got in her hair, powdering her black hair with snowflakes of lily white. She gasped and glared at him, though her eyes smiled. 

He loved her. 

“Adrien, it’s gonna take me hours to get this off my shirt.” She shook her head, pouting at him. 

“Aw, don’t be like that. You can’t say no to a flour fight!” he grinned, waggling his fingers. She giggled. 

“Stop it. Oh, the cookies are done!” She hurried over with oven mitts to pull them out of the oven. Adrien sighed contentedly with the sweet smell of chocolate chip cookies drifting throughout the kitchen. 

“I can’t wait to try them,” he said, gleefully. 

“I know, chaton. I’m sure you know if you have one now you’ll burn your taste buds off.” She giggled again. He pouted, walking over to put his forehead against hers. He saw her eyes flutter close, a smile resting gently on her lips. 

Mornings like these made everything worth it, just being with the girl of his dreams. Her gentle touch and caring smile warmed him to the bone. When she put her arms around him, he felt at home. 

I love you. 

He never had to say it, he was sure she felt his love. Just as he felt her love in her kisses, her eyes, the sugar-sweet cookies cooling on the counter. 

When he took a bite, the love and compassion filled within her surrounded him and made his heart pound to the gentle melody of the three words he would tell her forever. 

I love you. 

I hope you liked ^_^ I loved writing this tooth-decaying fluff hahahaha 


Soldier Wars - Begin Again

Chapter 3 - Begin Again
[Read Chapter 1][Read Chapter 2][Read Chapter 4][Read Chapter 5][Read Chapter 6]

Summary: Ever wonder how Eli, Umi and Maki became Soldiers? 

Words: ~9,000

Tags: #The Soldiers Strike Back, #How Far Will They Get

Note: 3,2,1,0…the next round of the game has begun

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I’m Caught On Your Coat Again
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

by annewithane

Length: 13k

Rating: 10/10

“Would you like some milk or crème? Or you could wait until they are cooled, unless you enjoy burning your taste buds off.” He breathes a short laugh.

Harry’s cheeks cave in with a pink flush. “I suppose I was just excited to taste something you named so sweet and something you recommended so highly.” Louis can’t tell if he’s still teasing. “I get why you like this.” He holds up the Yorkshire cup. “It’s quite bitter.”

Louis squawks. “Excuse me?”

“I like it.” Harry defends with a further blush. He likes it and it reminds him of Louis.

Louis owns a café next to Harry’s bakery. Harry bakes Louis cake and Louis names tea after Harry and eventually they fall in love.

Ao3, One-Shot, Must-Read

anonymous asked:

Hello sweetheart!! i love your blog i just wanted to know if u have fic recs?the ones wich are pure fluff?pls or if u know of some post could you give me the link?thanks!

living love in slow motion
Just a typical Sunday morning.

feel the change in me tonight
Baking cookies makes everything alright.

little april shower (beautiful sound).
The thing is, Harry’s a pretty soft and cuddly guy. He’s very much still a little boy who needs affection, so when he got Bambi, they immediately became cuddle buddies. The best of buds.

(The one where Harry has a pet deer who gets sick and takes her to Petco, even though they can’t help, and meets Louis, the guy who cleans the cages.)

with your love we could breathe underwater
Harry’s brow furrows, a look of confusion spreading over his face. “But I am real. I exist, see,” he says, raising a hand out of the water and wiggling his fingers at Louis.

Louis finds himself relaxing a bit. Harry seems harmless really. And he’s quite cute, for something that’s not supposed to exist. If Louis is indeed having a hallucination right now, at least it’s a cute one.

AU where Harry is a mermaid, Louis is a human, and they both discover a lot more than they anticipated.

that’s not my name
for the prompt: I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU

I’m Caught On Your Coat Again
“Would you like some milk or crème? Or you could wait until they are cooled, unless you enjoy burning your taste buds off.” He breathes a short laugh.

Harry’s cheeks cave in with a pink flush. “I suppose I was just excited to taste something you named so sweet and something you recommended so highly.” Louis can’t tell if he’s still teasing. “I get why you like this.” He holds up the Yorkshire cup. “It’s quite bitter.”

Louis squawks. “Excuse me?”

“I like it.” Harry defends with a further blush. He likes it and it reminds him of Louis.

Louis owns a café next to Harry’s bakery. Harry bakes Louis cake and Louis names tea after Harry and eventually they fall in love.

The Sun, My Angel
Louis’ a grumpy asshole, but slightly lesser so around flower-toting Harry. Fluff, comedic innuendos, and banter.

Pining for You
Harry sells Christmas trees. Louis doesn’t mean to buy so many of them.

Love Me Not

* starter for blitzklinge


“Oh, Hikki, you’re… kind of early today. What do you want?” the bartender asked her.

“A Jack Rose.”

She was there burning her taste buds with alcohol once again. Since Hikaru Mikazuki found herself all alone in the world, it had become a routine for her to come often to this bar and order a variety of cocktails, often getting drunk before the night ended. Because her mother died when she was young, Hikaru grew very attached to her father, and he spoiled her and treated her lovingly. In exchange, she did her best to be a good girl to not cause him any trouble. Unfortunately, fate decided that it was time for her father to leave this world too and reunite with her mother in the afterlife a few weeks ago. From then on, Hikaru had become a regular client of this bar, other regulars knew her well too.

Try to not get plastered this time. You’re getting heavier each time you do.” the man told Hikaru in a teasing tone. Then he lowered his voice “If I were you, I would finish this drink quickly and return home.”

“Oh, shut up” she said with a small laugh.

Hikaru wasn’t that fond of alcohol, but on this bar she found certain comfort. Sometimes she talked with strangers, and realized that many of them had troubles too, so giving them advice always made her feel better. There were also certain days in which she had the time of her life with funny drunkards or cute guys that flirted with her. But tonight, the bar was emptier than usual, and while she looked her surroundings, Hikaru noticed that there was a man in a corner watching her.

She had never seen that man before, but he looked to be older than her, maybe by seven or ten years, he had dark eyes and spiky silver hair. But Hikaru observed that he also had a small vertical scar running over his left eye and his face was partially covered by a surgical mask. Maybe he was someone important, as the dark suit he was wearing seemed to be expensive, and it was slightly open, revealing a bit of his chest. Certainly, he was mysterious and somewhat attractive to look at, but Hikaru turned her back on him and ordered another drink despite the bartender’s advice, which sounded more like a warning.

Unbeknownst to her, Hikaru had come to the wrong place at the wrong time, and was going to find out the bad way.

Cold Coffee

Nate held his coffee in one hand while keeping the door open for Noah with his other, waiting until the other boy had passed through to head over to a table and claim a seat. “I am not liking this cold creeping in,” he muttered, cradling the warm cup between his hands while he waited for it to cool enough that he wouldn’t burn his taste buds off. 

Sparks Fly

I originally started writing this for another prompt but it sort of morphed into it’s own thing so I decided to post it separately. 

Set during Beca’s second year at Barden - Beca finds herself alone with Chloe for the first time since she broke up with Jesse and realizes that maybe he wasn’t ever the one she wanted, after all.

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More Than You Can Chew

 Castiel imagine requested by anon! This imagine has been edited for reposting, jut to amp-up the details. Hope you like it!

“There is no need for you to worry about my safety, Y/n. I am an angel. I am far more durable than you believe.” Castiel argued, his voice a hushed, cautious whisper, checking his volume so as not to attract the unwanted attention of the hunters in the room adjacent to your own. Sam and Dean were in the kitchen, researching old Indian myths on the worshipers of Kali, their focus otherwise engaged while you bickered with the stubborn being of Heaven. Castiel was planning on leaving for another hunt, a more personal agenda this time around, marching into who knows how many of his more violent kin without any backup whatsoever… just him, his dangerous confidence, and a single angel blade. In short, he was waltzing calmly towards death, your efforts to convince him of his very real mortality rolling from his shoulders as if you were as insignificant as a rain droplet in a storm, falling from his jacket without so much a a dent in his resolve. The streetlights shone through the dusty motel blinds, creating a halo effect around your best friend, igniting the motes swirling slowly through the near stagnant air, his form ablaze with harsh light, setting his features into a higher contrast than the usual shadow performed. He was so beautiful…


You were pissed at him, remember? There would be time to drool later… or, well, perhaps not. After all, this argument wasn’t over who ate the last Twinkie. Your anger was heightened by a very real terror gripping at your heartstrings. This was a risky hunt, going after another archangel (who was, without question, guarded by other, lesser angels, angels who could wield a blade as well as any other) with no plan other than to cut his way through a forest of his brethren, crossing his fingers and parading forward with intent to slice down his target as simply as he would breathe. It was practically a death wish. No, it was a death wish. Somehow, he couldn't see the danger in his premeditated strut towards the gallows. Castiel paced towards the window, sliding his index and middle finger across his palm, the digits returning slick with blood as he set to warding your temporary residence against the prying eyes of any other angels, his crimson blood painting the panes with deliberate patterns. He was taking his time to replicate exactly what would keep his siblings away from you and the Winchesters, his back to you, eyes never leaving his work as he traced and retraced each sigil, smearing the scarlet droplets as they cascaded downward, the halo about his form clinging to his arms like saran wrap, the light shifting with him, inch for inch. By the time he was finishing his morbid artwork, there was hardly a clear plot of glass to be seen, at least from your icy angle, his actions betraying his calm demeanor. If he was so terribly concerned about other angels (though his worry did not seem to involve himself), why would he feel the need to track one down? Why go through spilling your own blood to ward off prospective killers only to introduce yourself formally at their front door? Why the impromptu family reunion? You sighed, arms crossing over your chest in hopes to constrain the building pressure that would no doubt back a scream if you let it go unmanaged.

“The Hell I shouldn’t be worried, Cas! You could be killed just as easily as you could walk away.“ You hissed, your whisper growing, your voice coming into sound as the angel turned to you, ghosting his fingers over his torn palm to heal the minor injury, his sapphire eyes rolling in his skull. He paced closer to you, his stride rushed, eyes pinpointing the rustling in the kitchen, lips pursing in frustration.

“Please, lower your voice.” He whispered, blue eyes electrifying you as they returned to your face, his gaze unbroken by your terrified-turned-furious glare. His posture tilted towards you, as you stood only inches shorter than him, his body angling to almost… hover before and above you, his jaw clenching as he stared downward. You set your jaw, mirroring him, in nervous anger.

“You don’t listen to me, I DON’T LISTEN TO YOU, JACKASS.” you shouted, fury fueling your spontaneous explosion. "I hate to break it to you, but that’s the way the world works.” you spat, the angel’s eyes screwing shut, head lolling to the side as the heavy footfall of the Winchesters exploded into your room. The hunters slammed against the door then, your shouts having caught their attention, faces guarded and confused, their gaze shifting between the spousal debate unfolding between your best friend, stupid as he was, and yourself. Castiel was at the window again, continuing his grisly art project, perfecting the flawless designs as a chance to draw himself away from the tension lacing the air like a thick smog, unbreathable, unbearable, and inescapable. The pad of his thumb wore away at the ragged edges of his shields, the brothers laying in wait for an explanation they would not receive. Neither of the brothers had a chance to speak before you were going for the angel’s throat again. “You think you’re invincible, don’t you? Well, newsflash, all it takes is one of the swords you’ve got tucked in your trench to make you go caput. You need to think this through!” You screamed, hands balling up under your tense arms, knuckles digging into your armpits, hard against your ribcage, your hands trembling with the fear you refused to display on your face, opting to smear your rage across your cheekbones like rouge. Castiel finished editing the perimeter of his sigil before turning back to you, his face aggravating levels of calmness, his facade unbreakable, every feature smoothed over with serenity.

“I understand the risk, Y/n. The danger my siblings present will not keep me from my duty.” He assured you, his voice like that of a die-hard guidance counselor turned with a hero complex, all gravel and unthinking martyrdom. You gritted your teeth against a sigh, your exasperation hissing between each chiclet tooth as the inferno within your body bubbled to uncontrollable levels, the heat in your face increasing. For a moment, the room turned red, the halo adorning the angel’s every edge blaring brightly, searing into the tissue of your brain, the air burning along your taste buds like acid.

“Shut up, Cas, just SHUT UP!” You screamed, voice grinding against your eardrums, making even the angel’s stoic mask dissolve in shock, your vocal chords whining in protest as you hollared. Sam raised his hands, palms to you, mumbling gently about taking everything down a notch, his damage control coming too little, too late. You pulled at your hair, jaw clenching tight as a vice, teeth sending static to your ears as they held the tremendous pressure you applied to them, your scalp tickling with waves of heat as they rolled from your head. “You don’t need to do this! This is a choice! This is not mandatory!” Dean moved to restrain you, his arms on your shoulders, a soothin gesture turned rigid when you struggled. Deep breaths racked your body as you refused to meet Dean’s eye, knowing the ‘Jesus-Christ-she’s-finally-lost-it’ look you would surely find there as he pulled your spine to his chest, fingers clenching around your biceps not unkindly, locking you in place in a fashion similar to wrangling a tornado. From the corner of your eye, you saw his face whip around to glare at Castiel, accusations clearly staining his features.

“What the Hell is this about, Cas?” Dean grumbled in the direction of the angel. Castiel sighed, shifting his weight uncomfortably from foot to foot. Good. Maybe, if you weren't worthy of his attention, the Winchesters would be able to slap some common sense through his thick skull.

“I’m going to meet another angel tonight. There will most definitely be bloodshed.” He explained, frustrated tears forming in your eyes, Dean’s hands going slack around your upper arms, though your body remained cemented to his, a stream of saltwater spilling over your waterline. You drew the back of your hand across the trail of tears, swiping the evidence of your fear from your cheeks, the angel’s eyes softening in surprise.

“I will NOT be the one picking your broken vessel off the pavement, Castiel. I won’t do it.” You cried, rage finally reduced to the terror and paranoia it was masking, your tears falling onto Dean’s rolled-up shirtsleeve, water flowing faster than your fingers could swipe aside. Castiel met your eye, his own revealing the unhindered sorrow his face could not yet express. You stared the angel down through your tears, his figure blurring, Dean quite literally the only thing holding you upright. Castiel seemed torn between jetting off and crossing the small space between the two of you to lend you the comfort you so desperately needed. You wished he would… yet he stayed put, his body frozen by the window.

“Y/n…” he began, face slowly falling apart, well aware of the promises he couldn’t make to you, his brow furrowing as he struggled to phrase his thoughts without forming fantasies of safety in your mind. “If I return-“

“Please don’t say ‘if,’ Cas. Please.” You choked out, eyes watering your cheeks like a thunderstorm after a drought, skin slick with sorrow. You knew he knew he could be no more than a pair of charred wings by the end of the night, charcoal remains smeared in careless feathers against an abandoned plot of asphalt. You were both of high intelligence. You knew the odds weren’t exactly in his favour, no matter how skilled, no matter how smart, no matter his clever tendencies. He could very well be dead seconds after he leaves.

“I will not fabricate the truth. I believe I owe you that much.” He nodded at you, his face screaming unspoken apologies. He dared not continue, turning away from your weeping form to leave… when you felt your confession bubbling to your lips, barely managing a whisper in your state of emotional distress.

“I love you, Cas.” He froze, his strong back to you, trench coat swaying at his heels. He could only manage to turn his face to you, your eyes never meeting, his profile blipping out of existence as he flew off to meet his fate. He was gone. You fell to the floor, Dean taken off-guard by your collapse, thus unable to catch your body before the floor met your knees. You remembered being lifted onto the bed by the brothers, both of them assuring you that Castiel would be alright, that he was a warrior, after all, that the likelihood of his death was… their voices trailing off, silenced by the roaring of the sea within your mind. If only it was easy enough to believe them, if only you were that naive. You stared at the window for hours, tears blurring your vision, eyes tracing over Castiel’s sigils, the street lights beyond the glass sharpening the ruby hue of his blood against the murky clarity of the glass.

Literal hours later, you blinked to clear the tears and found yourself staring at your battered angel, his beloved trench coat torn and frayed, the edges of the ripped fabric stained with the signature darkness of blood. He was breathing heavily, standing with his weight on his right foot to keep as little pressure as possible on the wound bleeding through his opposite pantleg, grimacing in a feeble attempt at a smile, his eyes weary, hands shivering from exertion. You threw yourself at him, sheets still tangled around your legs as your arms wound around his body, his muscles hardening against you as your momentum strained his injuries. His forehead lowered to yours, hands clasping around your back, relief washing over the both of you, your heart rate exhilarated in your chest. You found your tears born of happiness instead of the agonizing, premature grief that had spawned the watery phenomenon mere moments prior to the angel’s arrival. Castiel steadied his breathing before moving his hands to your face, angling your jaw upward before his soft lips met yours, urgency dissipating into patience as he gauged your relaxed reaction, the lack of recoil inflating his confidence. His lips tugged at yours, hands securing your body to his as his mouth swallowed the words you couldn’t form aloud, peace exuding from his chest to melt into yours. How sweet this kiss was… in the arms of your angel, heart fluttering back to life like a wounded butterfly taking flight once again. When he pulled away, eyes sparkling, you had nothing to fear.

“I have always loved you, Y/n.” He breathed, smelling strongly of blood and sweat and pain and… Castiel. Like safety. You grinned, falling into his chest, letting him rock away your fear, creating his own halo of warmer, softer light as he healed himself.