burning souffle

So there’s a huge gender role reversal with Peggy and Jarvis in Agent Carter. In most shows, it would be the guy who has a lost love, uses his savvy, brawn, brains, and sex appeal to get what he wants, is the tragic loner type who won’t let people get close or help them with anything, but there’s one girl who is well-mannered, emotionally understanding, brings out his inner warmth, and is good at domestic stuff that humanizes him.

Here, Peggy threatens to stab guy who picks on her waitress friend. She diffuses bombs in her bathroom. She doesn’t want to get close to anyone because so many around her have been hurt, and she fears her presence will put them in mortal danger. Peggy knows how the world views her as a woman in the 1940s, and she uses this to her advantage, whether it’s using her sex appeal to find info or her period to get some time off to do undercover spy work. She kicks ass on top of a movie car and while she does win, she still takes a few punches. She grimaces as her wounds are being stitched without any sort of anesthetic, but she doesn’t shed a tear. She resents needing help from anyone, even if it’s just them driving a getaway car.

Meanwhile, Jarvis is trying to balance his home life and his work life, including making sure the laundry is done properly and not burning a souffle for himself and his wife. He’s new to the whole “saving the world” thing, but he’ll do what he can to help, even if he’s not much and involves a lot of moral support.

Basically, I think the role reversal is refreshing, both characters are well-written, and I hope their partnership leads to a real friendship.