burning skull candle


Inspiration for this photoset were baroque paintings of still life.
Still life became one of popular topics during those times and they were often combined with technique called chiaroscuro, which was also introduced during baroque era. Painters that inspired me include Frans Snyders, Willem Kalf or Pietr Claesz. Symbolism played big part in still life paintings. The artists emphasized the meaning of “memento mori” - hints reminding us that death is inevitable can be found in most of them - whether it comes to not-so-subtle skull, slowly burning out candles, both rotten and fresh fruit, dying flowers and dried leaves or corpses of small animals like rabbits or turkeys. Next thing that was also very often found in baroque paintings - and not only in those of still life - was some sense of drama; theatre, even. Painters often portrayed curtains and movement in their work. In still life paintings this was often showed by tablecloth sliding over the edge, hunted animals with their heads falling down the tables, half peeled lemons and oranges with the skin hanging off, vase or a plate half over the edge making you feel like they will fall down any second.