burning of washington


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TURN: Washington’s Spies | S3E2 Cold Murdering Bastards

 ↳ “You never know, you might be hanging with me. At any rate, you’ll be shown to be the fool that you really are.”

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Why do you see Eliza as slytherin? She appears hufflepuff to me personally

see i can see that? but she’s fucking VICIOUS. the entirety of burn? slytherin. her telling washington to send hamilton home exactly when she wanted him home? slytherin. she does a Lot of self preservation, and she’s clever as hell. people tend to really brush her intelligence under the rug every chance they get but like, that girl is smart and she knows what she’s doing. she mirrors alex a lot n knows how to play him a lot of the time - like in nonstop when she goes back to helpless to get him to stay (not her fault that he’s stubborn as fuck lol)

and, yknow, the thing abt a certain disregard for rules. again w just casually telling wash to send ham home in the middle of the war


And it is here, dear reader, that we come to meet him as he nears the age of three-and-twenty, his last marriageable season in clear view as a road on the horizon, and thus we may begin to unfold a most unusual tale, which may be instructive and enlightening in its own way, about how love may spring up in the strangest of places.

By Providence, Impoverished, by Poose