burning man ticket

It’s that time of year again: Burning Man Ticket Sale Day

Why am I friends with an OrgyDome full of garbage burners, you may ask? Well, because I live in San Francisco, and you can’t escape that shit. Also, they’re nice people. We just happen to differ in opinion on what a “fun vacation” constitutes. 

But the real deal for me is that That Thing In the Desert™ happens the same time as my birthday - August 28 - every time. If my birthday doesn’t fall square in the middle of it, it’s during that hurried time when everyone is double checking to make sure they have remembered their OTHER neon pink light up spirit hood, at least 2 weeks’ worth of various white powders, and that their LSD sheets have the DANKEST memes available printed on them. So you know, I get lost in the shuffle. 

It’s ok. I’ve learned to cope. I just push my party a week ahead and celebrate my actual bday with all my awesome, non-burner friends, mostly just do some karaoke. But mark my words, if these dusty fuckos don’t gift me enough drugs to astrally project my hipster ass onto the playa as a bday gift, they better at least send me a card. 

#i’m sorry but that kid looks so done #like #really dude did you just buy a ticket to visit an expo about your own life #you’re THAT self absorb #fuck that #i’ll burn all my cap shirts and toy shields as soon as i get home #and i’ll start looking into that iron man guy on google #if after all you guys are all arrogant assholes #then i choose the self aware arrogant asshole that can shoot missiles