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Archer (Oda Nobunaga)

The son of a daimyo and one of the Three Unifiers of Japan, Oda was one of the most successful Japanese warlords, conquering over a third of the country before his death in 1582.

He was also a master of warfare tactics and at the Battle of Okehazama, his 3000 men would defeat an army of 25,000. He would also change the economic system of Japan as well as revolutionizing fire-arms.

Oda was also a ruthless and brutal man, burning Buddhist temples that had slandered him, slaughtering all men, women and children that lived in them. Some people believed that Oda was so evil, that he had made a deal with a demon to gain power and thus he called himself ‘Demon King of the Sixth Heaven’.

His loyal retainer Akechi Mitsuhide would betray Nobunaga as he was a stout Buddhist and could not bear to see his fellows die. His mother would also die in a hostage situation and he lost all faith in Oda. 

He would attack Honno Temple killing both Oda and his son along with several bodyguards and Mori Ranmaru.



Good morning!

(Playing while I waited for my friends to get ready for the Temple burn on Sunday )

It’s 3:38 AM in Utah. We just arrived after driving 19+ hours from the desert. Exodus from Burning Man took 8 hours! My flight to Texas is in an hour, so I thought I’d say this now: it was hard to say goodbye at The Temple again, but you are always in my heart… And my hair, my pillows, shoes, toes, etc😜

Missing those sunrises and sunsets already❤️

Happy whatever day it is!

I don’t usually take pictures at Burning Man, with a few very specific exceptions. I like the challenge of letting go of visual control, of diving into the moment, of embracing the knowledge that many of the things I see will fade in my mind without any record. There’s a beauty, for me as a visual artist, in this discipline.

I was on second temple guardian shift of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at this year’s burn when I realized I needed to make another exception. So I give you the Temple of Grace at Sunrise.


This is a beautiful dedication to David Bowie and all of the souls we said goodbye to at The Temple this year. It was a cleansing experience I’m grateful to have had. They captured it well in this video.

PS-Thanks for sending, Trek