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Amazing place.

Burning Man

Burning Man is about art first, despite media coverage to the contrary. Creativity and generosity are everywhere. The thousands of makers who migrate to Black Rock City every year construct this fully functioning city (including a post office, hospital, airport, street signage, etc.), along with numerous art projects.

The people who create this are not financially motivated; they do so out of passion and generosity.

After the weeklong event, the entire city disappears, leaving no trace.  

Burning Man because it’s one of the most creative, inspiring places in the world.


Meet The Kids And Families Who Vacation At Burning Man

To outsiders, Burning Man is a place of tutus, psychedelic drugs, pyrotechnics and general desert revelry. Nostalgic adults converge in and around Black Rock City every summer to, according to those of us who’ve never attended, burn effigies and practice some good ol’ radical self-expression. Not exactly what you’d call a family-friendly environment, right?

Wrong, says photographer Zipporah Lomax. In a recently funded Kickstarter project, dubbed “Dusty Playground,” she is highlighting the children and families who venture just beyond the California-Nevada border to take part in the week-long Burning Man festivities. Her photos capture the individuals – young and old – who gather for the ritual burning alongside sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, sisters and cousins.