burning like a bridge for your body


Worthy of you & Wanted by you: Dual POV fanmixes for Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Kazliin

Her fic is beautiful and I’m so excited for the last chapter!

Worthy of you

(Yuuri’s POV)

Mr. Big Shot by Anarbor: Do you mean to tell me I’m not worthy?

Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy: Get me out of my mind and get you out of those clothes.

Hit Me Where It Hurts the Most by Every Avenue: I’m wound up tighter than your jeans fit, you got me lit up like a cigarette.

The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty by Panic at the Disco: I’m gonna keep getting underneath you, and all our friends want us to fall in love.

Got to My Head by WATERS: I’ve been a jealous friend, feels like I’m always sinking.

This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) by Elie Goulding: Who are we to play with hearts and throw away it all?

Clarity by Zedd: And I drown in you again, cause you are the piece of me I wish I didn’t need.

Burning Bridges by OneRepublic: I want you to burn my bridges down, set me on fire.

Wanted by you

(Victor’s POV)

Animal by Neon Trees: What are you waiting for? Take a bite of my heart tonight.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt by We Are Scientists: My body is your body, and I won’t tell anybody.

Spit It Out by IAMX: The past is weakness, don’t beg the question when the answer is war.

Complicated by Fitz & the Tantrums: But I can take it, I love to hate it babe, I can’t say no.

Strangers by White Lies: A whisper that knew my name, is it how your heart treats all strangers?

Temporary Bliss by the Cab: Cause I can’t keep sleeping in your bed, if you keep messing with my head.

All to Myself by Marianas Trench: I don’t want to be the bad guy, I’ve been blaming myself and I think you know why.

An Honest Mistake by The Bravery: I swear I never meant for this, I never meant…

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Oh man those prompts are so good though. Maybe 20 for KaiShin?

From this list of soulmate AUs.

20 the one where you don’t know your soulmate until you hear them say your name.

One of the first disappointments Shinichi ever gets in his life is when Ran writes his name on the sakura badge she’s just made for him. She has such a cute expression on her face, penning out the childish hiragana with her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth, her focus almost entirely on making sure the lines don’t waver. She’s got absurdly good writing for her age, better than his, even. He’s jealous.

She speaks his name slowly as she writes, but he doesn’t feel that warm burn deep inside that supposedly comes with a soulmate saying your name.

It doesn’t stop his crush.

It does stop his blind faith in the concept of soulmates.

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Nothing At All:  Alfie Solomons Fan Fic:  Chapter 26 (conclusion)



Anon “K” –  you were reading my mind weren’t ya? ;)

Chapter 26 – Puppy Love and Other Surprises

 The sounds of whimpering and scratching roused them both from the depths of languid slumber.    Alyona rubbed her cheek along Alfie’s chest; the hairs tickling her into dim awareness.   Still she kept her eyes squeezed shut, a dreamy hum purred from her throat.   More tickling sensations felt along her brow where Alfie rubbed his chin, a similar deep throated hum of satisfaction rumbling where her ear pressed close.   She melted into his warmth as he squeezed her tight, and tried to reclaim her sleepy state.  Once more a whimpering, this time punctuated by a sharp yip, causing her eyes to fly open and her foggy brain to discern the source in the still semi dark room.   Alfie didn’t stir at all.    His soft snore vented near her ear.   She raised slightly to take a peek about the room, ears straining for the sound again.   All she could focus upon in the early dawn light was Alfie’s head laying on the pillow.   His thick, dark hair was tousled above brows that still slanted downward in a serious expression even in his sleep.   Handsome face of strong, defined features lined with the ginger fringe she knew felt soft when rubbed on her skin.   And smelled heavenly based on whatever it was she had seen him rub through it.   She pressed her nose into the side of his neck, inhaled deeply.  He stirred slightly; arms squeezing tight in reflex to her touch.   She loved looking at him.  Everything about him was undeniably alluring.  A finger ran along the scar on his cheek.  She loved touching him.  Especially his full mouth.   When she pressed a kiss at one corner, his eyes peeled open; narrowed slightly.

“What now, ya watching me sleep again.”

She only smiled softly.

“It’s a bit unnerving love, right?”

This time she kissed the other side of his mouth.

“Well now that, that is lovely, innit.  Come ‘ere.”  

He pulled her up close for a proper snogging, but once again the whimpering sounded beyond the door.  More insistent this time.   He drew back, studied her intently.

“That you?  I know I’ve made sounds come outta ya love, but that..”

She squeezed his arm and sat up in the bed, shaking her head while laughter shook her shoulders.

“Alfie, we have a dog, remember?  And I’m guessing the poor thing needs to go outside.”

Alfie looked to the gray light beyond the bedroom window.

“Yeah well it were ya that found it now, that were ya?  So right then, that means before sunrise, he’s yer dog.”  

Boots desperation to gain entry into the bedroom only increased when the sound of their voices drifted through the closed door.   Whimpering had turned to full out barking.  Although since he was a puppy, it sounded more like a yelp.   Alfie tried to pull the sheets over his head, and she leaned close, hoping she found his ears.

“Alfie love, there is a lot I would do for ya, but wiping up puppy piss is not one of those things.”

One corner of the sheet folded down and he peeked an eye out and studied her carefully.

“I’m betting good odds yer bluffing.”

She nodded once, mumbled as she turned over to face away from him.  “Are the odds higher ya think regarding the things I would do?”   She pulled the covers up about her chin.  “Take yer time love, I’m sure Boots will wait.”

Alfie’s compressed his lips in a thin line, one hand in his beard while he peered at the back of her head.    She was probably bluffing.  He was sure she was bluffing – she was simply too kind to let an animal suffer.   His mind flashed back to their activities in the bathroom the previous evening, Boots now yelping and clawing a symphony at the door, and he decided this was one time the odds already were clearly in his favour.   He still grumbled slightly as he rolled from the bed, swinging his feet over the edge. An exaggerated gasp when they touched the cold bedroom floor.

“Bloody hell, likely to catch my death out there, right.”   His shiver shook the bed, hiding her laughter.     Hearing his footsteps across the bedroom floor, Boots had started howling; the steady thump thump thump of his tail upon the wood floor keeping time.

“Alright alright no need to make sure a fuckin fuss eh.”  

“Alfie!  Not in front of the baby!”  

“Hell… what now?!”   For a moment he paused in the doorway, one hand on the doorknob and looking over his shoulder where she lay in the bed laughing.   A strange expression briefly crossed his face, as though he were weighing an entirely different set of odds.   Pulling the door open, he was greeted with the sudden rush of wiggling fur.  

“Aaawww, morning Boots yer lil scamp.”   He scooped the puppy up, scratching behind it’s ears to calm it, and made for the stairs before the excitement got the better of him.  “Let’s you and me go water the roses and I’ll explain to ya about Saturdays and sleepin’ in, yeah.”

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Your hands keep touching
My waist like fire
The flames travel onto
The bridges of my body,
Making me sweat with
Thirst for you
I am driven by the fear
Of losing you,
Water washes you
Away like a landslide
You slowly slip away from me,
Burning every edge of me
Ash falls from my bones,
I rot at the tragedy of losing you,
The fire we let burn out between us.
Kol Mikaelson | Imagine

Request: “An imagine where Kol saves (Y/N) from drowning?” - by anon

Warnings: none

You could have known better. Sometimes weather reports are correct. But whatsoever, you decided to take a walk. College drained you from energy, learning and homework would have driven you insane today. You missed being out and about, but for today, all you needed was fresh air and silence. You and nature, nothing left.

You walked down the path as the first rain drop was falling through the leaves. Perfect, you thought, pacing up. The faster you got, the more rapidly you felt the rain pouring. Leaving the woods, your view became more blurry. You couldn’t make out where to go, so you just went straightforward, the direction you believed you came from.

The dirty ground was replaced with some stone path. A bridge. You couldn’t remember crossing one, but it might lead you to a lace to stay for a while. So you continued to walk.

Wind blowing, rain increasing, vision blurry. The next step you’d take was fatal for due to nature raging. You tried to keep moving, put as you got ahead, you suddenly slipped. Your feet lost connection to the steady ground, your body collided with the  railing of the bridge. As you wanted to get to your feet again, it happened. Crack. 

Unlike the ground, the railings wasn’t made of bricks, it was woodened. And not really solid - it broke. The rotten wood broke under your weight. First, a last tripping, desperate to keep on the bridge you were at least a bit safe, then you fell. 

You weren’t able to process it, the world faded away. All you saw were heavy clouds and rain drops, falling in your direction like little daggers about to pierce your skin. Then, your body dove into the cold, darkend whirling of water that was underneath the platform you’ve just fell from.

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Takes A Lot More- Oliver Wood imagine

Request: Can I please request an Oliver Wood imagine where the reader almost dies in the Battle of Hogwarts and Oliver (who has always liked her) confesses his feelings because he was so scared of losing them?


You were flying right next to Oliver. The wind rushing past your face forced you to squint against the oncoming blows. Your body wrapped around your broomstick. About a dozen Quidditch players joined the fight from the air, dodging the rapid fire spells being shot into the sky. You maneuvered upside down to avoid a sparkling red bolt of light aimed directly at you from the ground.

Underneath you, you swore there were more Acromantula and trolls than Death Eaters.

“Arania exumai!” You bellowed from your broom, swooping over a spider that was getting especially close to attacking a Ravenclaw student. Three more flying students followed your lead. Some produced their patronuses, others stupefied trolls.

“Lovely shots, girls and boys!” Wood shouted from ahead of each of you. More Death Eaters focused on taking the flying squad down, unfortunately. One was hit, but you told yourself not to cry. More would be killed if you lost your focus. A younger, less experienced flyer began to slip off her broom.

“Help! Oliver, Y/N, please!” She shouted. Oliver looked over his shoulder as you rounded a tower for a second wave of attack.

“Go on, Wood, I got this.” You waved him forward, but he stopped and hovered next to you.

“We can’t go back. If we don’t want to be killed, we can only hope to slow her fall.” He protested. You snarled.

“Even if I could, she’ll be attacked when she lands! I’m going back.” You began to make a U-turn to rescue the girl now dangling from her broom. Oliver grabbed your hand to stop you. Your skin burned where he touched you. ‘This was not the time to get the tingles, Y/n!’ you shouted at yourself.

“No, Y/N, I can’t risk you getting hurt.” Oliver pleaded. You made a face that told him to piss off, and darted away, ignoring Oliver’s call for you.

“Hold on, love, I’m coming!” You shouted over the commotion of a castle entrance exploding. The dangling girl swung her body to dodge spells aimed at her. What kind of heart did these people have to purposely harm children? None at all it seemed.

You leaned forward to get through the air faster. You watched in horror as the girl’s grip finally failed, casting her body downwards. You willed your broom to go faster. The girl screamed; you grabbed her around the waist with one hand. She gasped and clung to you. As gently as you could, you dropped her into a hidden part of the court yard.

“Thank you, Y/N. You saved my life!” She gushed, hugging you. You smiled for once that day.

“I have to get back. Make your way to the Great Hall. Hopefully you will be safe there.” You panted. The girl took off, done with her fight.

Heart racing, you pushed off the ground, trying to find a path to your own safety through the buzzing, spell-filled sky over the enemies. You began your journey back, the air cooling your face.

Suddenly, pain filled your entire body, making you let go of your broom handle, and freefall towards the bridge underneath you. You screamed in panic. This is how you were going to die. No one was going to rescue you like you did that young girl. You would be gone forever. Your body hit the ground and the air in your lungs was knocked out. Your vision went black, and you could no longer feel your body laying on the ground.


Your head swam. Your eyes burned behind your eyelids. Your ears rang. Everything that could hurt was hurting. Footsteps could be heard around you, labored breathing also filled the space around you.

“We won….I can’t believe we won.”

“Come on, Y/N, wake up.”

“Have you seen Potter?”

So many voices. Too many. All but one voice blended in with the next. Oliver Wood. You knew he was close. His gentle tone was so close. If only you could open your eyes.

Some feeling was returning to you. Just enough so far to know that another’s hand surrounded your own. You tried to move, causing a wave of pain to course through you. You groaned in annoyance.

“Y/N? Merlin, she’s waking up.” Oliver gasped. “C’mon you can do this.”

And you did. The light of day burned your vision as your eyes flickered open. It was like trying to pry glued paper from your face. It was so slow and painful, but you managed. Just for a look at Oliver.

“Hi, love.” Oliver’s hand came to your face. This surprised you; he never showed so much affection towards you.

“Hi, Wood.” You attempted a smile. Oliver had tears in his eyes.

“I thought I was going to lose you, Y/L/N.” He wiped a hand under his nose then placed the hand on your knee over the covers of the hospital bed. Your smile widened.

“It takes a lot more to get rid of me.” You laughed dryly. Oliver’s grin grew, and in a snap he pecked your lips. It surprised you so much that you found yourself in a seated position, ignoring the pain you immediately felt.

“W-What was that for?” You breathed. Oliver blushed a bright pink.

“Not the best time for that, was it?”

“For what?”

“For trying to tell you what I’ve always felt…” Oliver bit his lip, avoiding your gaze and rubbing the back of his neck shyly. You couldn’t help but smile at his gesture.

“This is the perfect time.” You assured, catching Oliver’s attention again. “I almost died.”

“Don’t remind me.” Oliver kissed you again. You kissed him back eagerly. “Don’t go dying on me again, promise me.” He made eye contact with you to make completely sure. You winked.

“I’ll try.”


Thanks for the request

“You’re encased in a disastrous matrix of fear and loathing. You’re just a function. You’re just a function of the universe. You think you’re free. You have no more freedom than a cell on your body. The universe isn’t a democracy. It’s a monarchy. You’re just a function. The closest you can get to freedom is anonymity. Fame is the worst prison of them all. Because then people have ideas about you and ideas about your life. And if you’re not what they expect then they will fuck you up. Kanye West is the biggest prisoner on this planet. Your only chance at freedom is to stay on the fringes like me. Burn all your bridges. Who cares? You’re all lying to each other. You all hate each other more than you love each other.“

remember when you told me
that i’m the first image you see in the morning?
tracing my scars you said
you’d rather combust into flames than let me go;
the only thing you fear
is the cold side of your bed.
your mouth burning mine you whispered
that i am holy
and your prayers asked for forever,
a forever of tangled limbs, echoed laughter,
shared pain and bloody sheets.

(i know you remember
because my phone keeps lighting up with your name,
pleas for forgiveness and accusations,
pictures of the moments you believe mean something to me,
but i can’t hit delete fast enough.

my wrists still burn from your skin,
my mind fills with nothing whenever i hear your name, 
and my knees start shaking whenever i leave the house.)

you never asked me about my secrets,
as if you were the only thing i was hiding.
now it’s time for you to see what you claimed to love.
let’s open the cage and break the skin,
release my monstrous heart
that screamed at every single touch.
i will show you what a forever with me would look like,
there will be nothing left uncovered,
all the ugly truths will dig into your brain,
tearing at it like claws,
shredding it apart.
you will see that the warmth in your bed didn’t come from me
but the bodies i was carrying around.

remember when you told me
that i’m the first image you see in the morning?
i will make sure it will be the last one.


I said to the the sun, “tell me about the big bang”
The sun said, “it hurts to become”

I carry that hurt on the tip of my tongue
And whisper bless your heart every chance I get
So my family tree can be sure I have not left
You do not have to leave to arrive
I am learning this slowly

So sometimes when I look in the mirror
My eyes look like the holes in the shoe of the shoe shine man
My hands are busy on the wrong things
Some days, I call my arms wings
While my head is in the clouds

It will take me a few more years to learn
Flying is not pushing away the ground
Safety is not always safe
You can find one on every gun
I am aiming to do better

This is my body
My exhaustion pipe will never pass inspection
And still my lungs know how to breathe
Like a burning map
Everytime I get lost behind the curtain of her hair
You can find me by the window
Following my past to a trail of blood
In the snow

The night I opened my veins
The doctor who stitched me up asked me if I did it for attention
For the record, if you have ever done anything for attention,
This poem is attention
Title it with your name
It will scour the city bridge every night
You stand kicking at your shadow
Staring at the river
It does not want to find your body
Doing anything but loving what it loves
So love what you love

Say, “this is my body
It is no ones but mine
This is my nervous system
My wanting blood
My half tamed addictions
My tongue, tied up like a ball of Christmas lights”

If you put a star on the top of my tree,
Make sure it’s a star that fell
Make sure it hit bottom like a tambourine
Cause all these words are stories

—  Andrea Gibson - I Sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power’s Out
You can set yourself on fire for someone, burn every bridge for them, grow the sun for them inside your own body but for some people it will never be enough. Some hearts may be too cold to fully appreciate the gift that is your love. Your love is a passionate fire but there are hearts stone cold ice. So burn baby, burn like a comet, but like a comet burn for yourself first, and for yourself alone.
—  Nikita Gill, Your Love is Fire

Some days, I’m still sixteen and burning bridges.
I’ve seen a lot of war zones in these past few months,
between the edges of your razorblade teeth.
I’m waking up to nightmares of still being
in love with you, then finding out
I wasn’t dreaming at all –
I stayed up all last night writing about how I’m over you.
It’s funny how my way of being over you is thinking about you
every goddamn day.
Going through our old letters this morning,
I realized “over” shares three letters with “love,”
and I blamed the dictionary
for still missing you.

See, you always had my heart in your clenched fist –
I’ve never been fond of your crash-and-burn kind of
love, six months of sweet-talking wedding bells
and words that sound a lot like forever,
then sudden ice ages and statue days.
I didn’t know goodbye could be so bitter until you
weren’t the one to say it, and I was leaving you
for the hope of someone
who might actually love me back again.

Now I’m hopping trains, running away
from the thought of you kissing someone else,
and I’ve ended up choking on my splintered blood.
They couldn’t love you like I did, could they?
Not with the warm bodies and soft words,
not with my name smeared across your belly in light
lilac bruises.

There are days when I’m breaking down your door
and stealing back all my love-stained clothing,
pressing razorblades into the walls to remind you that there are ways
to bleed on the inside
and that’s exactly what you did to me

There are days when
I’m still sixteen
and burning bridges.

—  Sixteen and Burning Bridges | d.a.s

love is like this:

watching him die –
kill himself –
because he believes that
it’s the best option,
the only real option.
and maybe it is.
maybe saving the world
is more important
than the way
you feel your heart drop in your chest.
saving billions of innocents
is more important
than saving your
guilty conscience –
(for a short moment
you wanted him to stay with you
in a burning world
if it meant just a few more
in his presence.)
he would hate you for that
so you just beg him to take you
with him
long after his body scatters
into stars.

love is like this:

you are hanging off a bridge
suspended on wires
and across you is the world.
across you
is every stare from every mother,
every helpless child,
and you are a good man,
so you are afraid
because you love
an atlas.
one man is not
worth the weight
of the world.
you know this is how
your story ends.

love is like this:

not the absence of him,
but the lack of presence:
the way you turn to an empty room,
a laugh dying on your mouth,
and then dying altogether.
the empty bed
you shared for such
a short time
and somehow still
smells like him.
you should be hailed as heroes
but the gold
melts in your hands
scalds your skin
runs down your arms
to every place he kissed you.
a thousand medals
are not as heavy
as his corpse.

love is like this:

one man can weigh more than a galaxy.
for every word that praises you
you can only feel the
oppressive lack of pride.
they sing for you,
every planet on every star,
but it just sounds like
you screaming his name.
for every memorial
there is a matching one in your chest;
a drumline beat out by heartbeats,
your ribcage a group of pallbearers,
for every word he might’ve said.

love is like this:

in his situation you might’ve let the world die.
maybe that makes you
a bad man.
maybe you loved him more.
maybe that’s terrible.
“don’t leave me behind,”
but he does,
and you have to be okay with that.
“next time, wake me,”
and he does,
shrieking into consciousness
with nightmares that carry his shadow.

you put his name
on the wall
and now you stay behind with him
long after he burns out
and leaves.

– loving you is being chained to a supernova,