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OMG I saw that ask about comforting poor Jumin and YES THAT NEEDS TO BE A THING POOR JUMIN it breaks my heart I mean can you even imagine his face when he grabbed Seven and MC from Mint Eye and he sees his best friend dying?! Can you imagine those last words?! :'(

The biggest heartbreak that I ever felt was the death of my brother. Who knew the love of family can actually burn a scar right through your heart. MC if you wish to leave me please do. Because I finally understood that no matter how much I love someone, they will chose someone else. V’s choice was to be with that wrecked bitch of a snake. I guess the saying really is true, you come into this world the same way you leave, alone.- Jumin after 7 wine glasses.

Into the Sun


Lips of Turkish blend
with burgundy smooth,
my head tilts-
And toward the stars
I have finally stumbled

With thirty years
between breaths-
But mine, rapid with lust,
are closer to your chest
echoing reticent pants

Lips of Turkish blend
soft with forgotten youth,
your head bends-
And toward my eyes
you have fallen.


Take a bow familiar stranger
in clouds of false smoke,
but this fire is real-
Burning my dancing feet
Burning your dancing heart

Feeling fifteen butterflies
we squander salty words
and playful taunts
as your eyes meet
my naked legs, licking lips

Take a bow bashful lover
in dreams as in song
our harmonies are wings,
and over the Bay we soar
caressing palms in a tryst.

He is the dirt beneath your nails
the prickle of a thorn that pierced your
The velvet feeling of petals that you rub
between your fingers
the knots in your curls that linger
Concealing a constellation of kisses
the abyss in his slate colored eyes
He is the thumping in your heart
burning feeling of empty lungs
intertwining of tongues

He is the dirt beneath your nails that gives you life.

@mythmouth I made a something for black velvet

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kylux af song: savages by the indelicates

i really feel like this suits them when they’re planning to overthrow snoke and make hux emperor, i love it

The flame in your eye could burn the world if it were to escape
And the love in your heart is the kind of love they write epic verse about
And darlin’ you know
You know that you’re better than this
Darlin’ you know
You know you are better than this
But we are ash and we are books
Coffee-stained and overlooked
We are ornamental swords
Forged for the peace after the war
And the world has no need
Of the songs than we sang
We are savages, you and I, and we will
Hang, hang, hang
The tear on your cheek will fall ignored by the suckers to fake romance
And the hope in your heart will be dashed on the shore of this deadly island
Darling you know
That there’s no place for us
We’ll build and we’ll sweat
But there’s no place for us
No Ithaca no home
We are Greeks in the age of Rome
With no right to criticise
The happily dull, to Grecian eyes
And the world has no need
Of the songs that we sang
We are savages, you and I, and we will
Hang, hang, hang
The sweat on your brow shall be disdained, shunned and deodorized
And the will of your heart shall spoil in the heat of a new world
And darlin you know
You know we’re better unheard
Darlin you know
You know we’re better unserved
The Brave new futures we have seen
Filled with beautiful machines
Greener pastures, clearer skies
And not one such as you or I
As the dust shall settle sweetly
On the songs that we sang
We are savages you and I
And we will Hang, hang, hang
Hang, Hang, Hang

1. I know letting go may feel like hitting pavement but sometimes staying is like getting hit by a train you’ve seen coming for miles.
2. There are symphonies that are screaming it is going to get better. Listen to the music.
3. The most fight you’ll ever feel is from inside your heart.
4. Nostalgia is only good for telling you bedtime stories. Don’t let it tuck you in at night, don’t let it keep you warm.
5. Keep the moments that you wish could live on for a gazillion years close to your heart, never let them burn out.
6. You’ll find someone that’s not them. You’ll love again and it’ll be pure and significant in its own way.
7. They remember it all. They’ll see how much you impacted their lives much later.
8. You may hate high school, but it’s when it’s almost over that you get flashes of when you were young and passed notes with your first love in art class and had talks with teachers that really mattered and you’ll want it to slow down. Take it in, there’s good in everything.
9. Sometimes the one that was your perfect match will be the one to watch you burn.
10. What’s meant to be yours will always find its way home.
11. It’s okay to change without them. Remember that you are the main character of your story.
12. Music cures it all.
13. Telling the story of how I fell in love with you still warms me from the inside out. Teach me how to let go of you.
14. Falling out of love makes you feel like you’ll never want to do it again, but the feeling of your heart dropping when he tells you he’s wanted you all these years is worth the stab at the end.
15. You jump off the cliff hoping there won’t be daggers at the bottom, and when you’re young you think you know how much it’ll hurt. When it comes, you’ll realize you had no clue.
16. My biggest fear was not being with you. I’m becoming someone without you, and it doesn’t feel right.
17. The nicer you are, the more beautiful you become.
18. One day you’ll meet again, and it’ll be just as scary and beautiful as the first time.
19. You’ll find your person. You may not recognize them at first because they’re not as shiny as they are in the movies, but you’ll know by the calm they bring.
20. Thank God for him.
21. The boy who runs in my dreams isn’t as dishonest. He holds my hand whenever I need to feel less alone and I sit around his kitchen table and talk to his mother about poetry. She goes on to say something about how statistically people are more afraid of love than anything else and the things I don’t say- tell her all there is to know about me. That I’m afraid beyond measure of what love can do to a person. Because I spent the last two years loving someone who didn’t know anything other than tearing apart the sole purpose of my existence. The boy who runs beside me in my dreams convinces me that love isn’t always teeth and bite marks. In my dreams, my scars aren’t there because I never tasted a bitter love before. The boy in my dreams loves me enough to let me meet his mother and destroys the idea that love is what I came here to die for.
22. Maybe love stays, maybe love can’t. Maybe love shouldn’t.
23. I glance off in another direction, but I always glance back at you.
24. Things that are sweet like this attract the worst kind of hungry.
25. I don’t think you’ll ever realize you changed everything for me.
26. I found faith that summer. The lips told stories I fell asleep to, the hands promised to hold on. But bliss is temporary when you pull your hands away from your eyes, and summer only lasts 3 months.
27. Let it pass; April is over, April is over. There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.
—  27 Things to take into 2017, roseyheartbeats 
Someone asked me to describe home and I almost said your name but I stayed quiet instead. People expect you to say a place but I felt more at home in your arms than I ever did in my own house.
—  a book I’ll never write
The worst thing about heartbreak is that it doesn’t happen just once, and then you no longer feel a thing.
No, heartbreak happens little by little. There’s the first phase, the one when you think your heart is being torn apart and burned down and shattered, when he sits opposite you with pity in his eyes cause he “needs to tell you something” and says he never meant everything he said and promised.
Then there’s the second phase, when you think your heart is actually dead and buried because no matter what happens you can no longer feel a damn thing even when he kisses her in front of you before taking her home, and you’re shaking from all the coffee you’ve been drinking but that’s all you can swallow anymore and nothing could be as bitter as that taste of frustration he left on your tongue, and all of those cigarettes end up making you cough but at least the smoke warms up your frozen chest and it makes you feel less empty.
Both phases end at some point, but there’s a third one; the one that lasts without being permanent. The one that strikes every once in a while. It shows up when you’re reminded of him and it’s made out of memories. It’s made out of blueberry muffins you haven’t been able to eat in 11 months because the last time you ate one you shared it with him and had a sip of his cappuccino. It’s made out of songs you can no longer listen to without feeling your stomach do back flips. It’s made out of lazy mornings cuddling under the sheets, and hot tea in winter, and almond bars, and kisses in the snow, and endless giggles on the tube because he’s just too funny, and beautiful promises that make you wanna dance, and white wine drunk on his bedroom floor, and coconut shower gel.
It’s made out of everything you wished would last forever, and whenever a memory comes back to the surface of your mind, your heart breaks a little bit more each time.
—  The phases of heartbreak
Do not let the negativity in the world blow out the flame in your heart. That fire burns brighter than any darkness. It overcomes all evil. It illuminates the rest of the world with love.
One day you’re going to see her holding hands with someone who took your chance. She won’t even notice you because she’s too busy laughing at the stupid jokes he makes. And it will burn your heart seeing that beautiful smile on her face and realising that you’re not the reason anymore. And then it will finally hit you: it was her, it was always her.
—  Elisabeth Van den Abeele
And then there was him. He’d been hurt too. I do not know him in the slightest bit but yes, I do know him. His eyes give away so much, all you need to do is look. But don’t dive. No don’t make the mistake I did, but do what she did. Look at them, start from the rims and make your way to his pupil. And when the light hits his dark brown eyes, notice how it turns into a shade of hazel and chocolate. His eyes reveal so much emotion, but amongst the smile that is so shallow, you see the pain. And once you hit the pain, it burns through your heart and knives you in the place you least expect it.
—  thelostsoul27