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“let the games begin”

one of the many things i love about andy is that he’s incapable of not having a great chemistry with every actor he shares a scene with. just look at his scenes with rashida jones in celeste and jesse forever, paul rudd in i love you man, craig robinson, katey segal, bradley withford, damon wayans jr or eva longoria in b99 and many many more. i think it’s a combination of him being a really great person to work with and his years on snl where you always work as a team

it’s been a while since i’ve talked about jake and amy, even though i’ve been thinking about them constantly and speculating about the aftermath of their kiss  that we will witness in 3x01. i’m obviously a huge sucker for romance but it has to be done right. i’ve always had complaints with ships that a) moved too fast/jumped into a relationship too soon and ended up crashing and burning, b) were kept apart by other forces for way too many seasons and then were finally together, or c) got together and then broke up because of misunderstandings/bad timing/cheating and then kept getting together/breaking apart throughout the series again and again. i know there’s so many other options but i think these are some of the most common occurring ones. i love that jake and amy don’t fall in either category thus far and i don’t think they ever will. the progression of their love story has been gradual and natural, two best friends that know each other to the core, balance each other out with their strong but very different personalities find themselves seeing each other differently one day and they’re left to figure out if there is potential for something there, something more than what they have now. i love that the writers highlighted since day one that jake & amy’s dynamic is different from something jake & rosa have, or amy & charles have. i don’t think they’ve ever been 100% platonic, there’s always been an attraction there and they didn’t ever shy away from flirting with each other. that’s what made the slow progression of their feelings believable, it wasn’t like jake and amy woke up one day and decided that they belong together and should get married right away. 

writing romantic relationships in a comedy is one of the trickiest things on television, how do you create a couple with two main leads without sacrificing the comedy quotient? how do you ensure that the couple will deviate from cliches? there’s so many different routes the writers could have taken with jake and amy, they have could have had them sleep together one drunken night and then try to figure their relationship out from there, they could have shown that one of them has been in love with the other for years but never pursued it. but the route they chose was the best one. we still don’t know the exact moment jake and amy both began realizing that they’re falling in love with the other, and i strongly believe it was not at the same time which i think is also incredibly important to show. two people do not have to be in love at the same time, i think jake’s feelings began to surface in the bet, and that’s also when amy began to notice (the look on her face when holt tells her he refused the relief team/when jake tells her their date still goes on the good date list says it all). when amy’s feelings for jake began is definitely very debatable, but i’d like to think it began around operation broken feather when amy really wanted jake to care about her potentially leaving the precinct. 

i like to think that jake and amy always knew in their hearts since they met that they could potentially fall in love with the other but they decided to never explore it in fear of a lot of things. fear of ruining their friendship and their incredible professional relationship, a fear of crashing and burning with someone they deeply cared about. so they suppressed it and never discussed it, but no matter how much you fight how you feel, it’ll always come back to haunt you. the reason why i’ve consistently said that the confession scene in charges and specs is so beautiful and important is because when jake expresses how he feels in a moment of fear and adrenaline, amy doesn’t say a word but her expression says so much. you see in that moment that the wall between them is broken. the unspoken agreement of not exploring the potential of their relationship is shattered, and all the feelings amy had suppressed for so long come back to her, feelings too strong and intense, ones that keep her up at night. you see the fear on her face because she will be forced to confront those feelings and deal with them. that internal struggle amy has with her feelings comes into play all throughout season 2, especially in episodes like road trip, and detective dave majors. 

jake on the other hand struggles to not let his feelings come in the way of their friendship, and he allows himself to come to terms with the fact that amy is happily with someone else. then the ball drops in road trip, and jake is stunned when he discovers that amy had feelings for him too, feelings he believes are resolved now. his relationship with sophia, someone he genuinely cares about, doesn’t work out, and things between jake and amy in the boyle-linetti episode return to fun and flirty, the old dynamic is back and both are incredibly relieved. but they share a romantic moment towards the end of the episode, a brief moment where their feelings for each other are expressed through their eyes and it is magical. all the moments that transpire between jake and amy after this are very interesting because jake wrestles with finding the right moment to ask amy out, and amy is scared about taking the jump and dating a co-worker again in fear of it getting messy and complicated. 

and then of course johnny and dora happens, and we collectively die with the jake and amy feels. after 2 fake kisses, and one very real amazing soul crushing gut wrenching beautiful kiss (read the incredible post about an analysis on their kiss by ginalinettti if you haven’t already) the question is where do we stand? If the writers have created a excellent and very real love story between these two characters, how will they maintain that now that these two have finally kissed? i was hoping so bad that the writers wouldn’t throw them into a relationship too early into season 3, and based on recent articles, it seems like they won’t go that route. yes jake and amy kissed in a moment of raw vulnerability, yes they let themselves melt into each other for a moment when their world’s were shaken, but as they gaze into each other’s eyes in those last few seconds, they know that so much needs to be said and dealt with before they can truly give in and explore the potential of their relationship, and finally succumb to those feelings that they’ve kept confined in their hearts for so long. they know it will happen, and when it does, it will better than anything they’ve ever experienced. but they’re in no rush, and neither am i. jake and amy are soul mates: we know it, the writers know it, they know it, and soul mates will always find their way to each other. 

Brooklyn, NYC: White supremacists attack flag burning in Ft. Greene Park, July 2, 2015.

“The point we intended to make was proved twice over: Firstly, we did exactly what we said we would, and burned both racist flags, American and Confederate. Secondly, and most importantly, it was the police themselves who demonstrated the correspondence between the Stars and Stripes and the rebel flag of Dixie by openly aiding and abetting armed and violent racists as they attempted to attack our rally. After being given a plainly visible go-ahead from the NYPD, white supremacists with knives, bikers with hammers, and a motley assortment of various other extreme nationalists were turned loose like dogs. What occurred yesterday was the clearest display of the patriotism that we are determined to fight against. We can also confidently say that this reaction by the police and by the far right in America has shown without a shadow of a doubt that our struggle against white supremacy is reaching a fever pitch.

“The glaring double standard that took place yesterday looks all the more hypocritical upon recalling the arrest of a CUNY professor for allegedly possessing a bag of hammers during the wave of Black Lives Matter protests in late 2014. The NYPD paraded the “evidence” around their press conference as if they had found a smoking gun, even though they were forced to admit there was no real incident. The ensuing media storm worked the city into an uproar over what was, in actuality, a non-event. Nevertheless, far right counter-protestors, flanked on all sides by rungs of NYPD officers, were permitted to openly and menacingly brandish hammers in public in Fort Greene Park. As vile racist epithets rang from the mob, the charge was led by the Hallowed Sons motorcycle club, which is primarily composed of former and off-duty police officers. As the green Iron Cross on their leather jackets indicated, those who don Nazi regalia are more than willing to stage another Draft Riot in the same way that Dylan Roof acted on the ideology of the insignia that he wore.

“Despite the aggressive resistance put up by DeBlasio and Bratton’s armed foot soldiers, we still burned several flags like we promised we would. It may seem like a small gesture given that the far right in America is massacring black churchgoers and burning their houses of worship to the ground. However, yesterday’s events concretely communicated our message by revealing the racist violence and terror that is symbolized by both the American and the Confederate flags. Whereas the former is usually taken to stand for freedom and latter for oppression, the crushing weight of the past and the battles to be fought in the future will soon expose how the colors stained into each banner have bled into one another. We at Disarm NYPD are committed to the creation of a new and humane world. It is a world where what is represented by both flags will one day become a distant and horrifying memory.”

Via Disarm NYPD