burning hocaloid



A young girl ran through the streets of Domino City. She just needed to get away from where she was for right now. Anywhere but where she currently was, would be fine. She got completely immersed in the city, as if looking for something, and passing a nearby coffee shop, she had finally found it, a grand piano. Besides the lone young man outside, the place seemed to be empty.

Praying that the boy wouldn’t come in, she opened the keys to the grand instrument and started to play a beautifully crafted song.

The music flooded the establishment with its exquisite melody. Taking a sip from his cappuccino, the young man didn’t mind it. Recently he had learned how to appreciate music, although slow tones tend to annoy him. He enjoyed rasher, louder music but he was indifferent to this one and really didn’t saw a reason to disturb the musician. He just stayed outside, enjoying his drink quietly.