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I tried to upload this to Youtube but I couldn’t without sacrificing the music which is essential! 

So I uploaded this slightly faster version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijZCgUdeLew&t=1s

Ode to Seoul nightlife as it were~ All the footage was filmed on my G7X earlier this month. Special thanks to @kaylakangaboo for letting me feature her! :) Please reblog this video if you like it! It helps a lot. ❤

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Hey Jax, I have a question since you are a Mega Jason Voorhees Fan. I always hear that Friday the 13th part 5 is awful, the worst one and you should never watch it. Why is that? Following your blog got me curious to marathon them the Friday the 13th series since you have such a passion for it so I figured there'd be no one better to ask

YEA F*CK that movie. Its some 

and I’ll tell ya why. First off dont watch it. But I’ll tell you why not to watch it so hence I’m going to SPOIL the F*CK out of Friday the 13th 5 a New Beginning so you dont waste your goddamn time

So the movie takes place YEARS after Friday the 13th Part 4 where Human Jason was officially killed by Tommy Jarvis as a kid.

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Now Jason’s hand twitched after he put a Machete in his head and so Tommy Chopped him up in self defense but since nobody saw Jason’s hand move they thought he lost his mind and just chopped up a dead body. And they made it all Ominous like Tommy was going to become the new Killer

But in Part 5 he’s an Adult and he’s going to a Mental hospital. Like a Hospital for kids with disabilities or social disorders because he’s hallucinating about seeing Jason everywhere



Its a dude named Roy Burns.

Now Roy Burns does this because of 

THIS F*CKIN SCENE Which honestly just pisses me off. So theres his mentally handicapped guy who likes chocolate who’s trying to help this other guy with rage issues but he snaps on him and chops him up with an axe

Now the handicapped guy was the son of Roy Burns (the Killer) who comes with an ambulance to pick up the body and he see’s his son and snaps and starts dressing like Jason (But with BLUE ARROWS instead of Red ones)


And The people he’s killing are mentally handicapped and socially disturbed teens!? 

I’m not condoning what Jason does and never will but killing A-hole hormonal Teenagers is one thing but killing kids who are in a speciality home. FUCK THIS MOVIE

I’ll watch Jason Goes to Hell 10x over before this crap. 

Also the fact Jason isnt in it shows even though this dudes trying to mimic him

But thats why I hate this film. 

But funfact PART 6 is the BEST JASON MOVIE and you can skip this one since it has no connection to it besides Jarvis who has a different actor in part 6 anyway

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Be it Katrina’s necklace or his ubiquitous cell phone, “close inspection” is our theme-within-a-theme for the eighth episodes of each season: Necromancer from season 1, Heartless in season 2, Novus Ordo Seclorum in season 3, and Sick Burn in season 4. 

#MisonFingersFriday for June 16, 2017.

since I was little I’ve had a tendency to just sit and observe things a bit too long. to quietly watch the way light moves and fades along the wall as the sun sets, the way a shadow comes to life as the air conditioner kicks on and rustles the leaves of a houseplant. breathing deeply and losing my senses to thoughts of identity, love and purpose.

losing myself in quiet moments of self-reflection is deeply woven into my sense of being. It’s something I’ve fought my entire life. It made me feel like I was never really a kid in the carefree way I was supposed to be, it’s kept me from being fulfilled by casual sex and partying through college and in my 20s like I felt I was supposed to, and it keeps me perfectly content with a book and a candle softly burning on a friday night, or alone on a hike where I can really feel the breeze on my skin with no one to break the internal stream of my thoughts.

it took me a long time to stop fighting this side of myself, to stop trying to enjoy the fleeting, shallow, surface-level things that seem to bring others so much joy and freedom. I’ve never been more thankful that I’ve learned to embrace all that I am, and accept and walk away from all that I am not.

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what causes the chocobros to be petty?

This request gave me a little bit of a laugh… I filled them all nearly on-impact but Gladio took me a couple of days to think of…

For Noctis, literally just mess with his sleep schedule one too many times. The boy loves his sleep. I feel like Noct would be the definition of, “I ain’t got no sleep ‘cause ‘a y’all, y’all not gon get to sleep ‘cause of me!” whenever he’s petty. 

For Prompto, repeatedly use all of the hot water during the rare times they actually get to stay at a hotel. If it happens once or twice he’ll let it slide because hey, these things happen… but repeatedly, when you know he’s gotta take care of his hair? (He hates washing his hair with cold water.) It’s on.

For Gladio, spoil a book for him. He normally reads historical books, but in the rare times that he finds himself with a fictional book, if someone spoils it for him he’ll be rather upset about it. Finally, he found some fiction that seemed interesting, and someone just had to ruin the ending…

For Ignis, drink the last can of Ebony. Whether accidental or intentional, whoever drank the last can will have to keep an eye out for the comeback… even though they’ll never see it coming. 


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378 horror movies to go xD

Unlucky Luck

A/N - Just rewatched the rabbits foot episode and decided to write an imagine! Sam x reader :)

Sighing, you bend down in front of the motel bed, bowl of antibacterial solution and cotton pads in hand. “This is probably going to sting.”

“Fuck!” Sam curses, his knee jolting up and knocking the bowl out of your hand, the ceramic flipping up and smacking him straight in the head. Rolling your eyes, you flip your vision to Dean, trying not to laugh.

“Seriously? You need to find that furry fucking foot, and quickly.” you scold, picking up the now empty bowl and walking over to the sink. Leaning against the counter, you fold your arms, a smile forming on your lips as you stare at the pouting younger brother.

“I know, I’m about to head over to the sneaky bitch’s place now.” Dean says, shoving his piece in his jeans and grabbing his keys. Sam stands up, his head ramming right into a low beam on the ceiling, his hand coming up to rub the newly formed injury.

“Sit.” you warn, walking over to Sam and pushing him down gently by his shoulders. His bottom lip is pushed out slightly as he frowns, your heart clenching at how adorable he looks. “I’ll stay here and make sure he doesn’t die. You okay going alone?”

Dean nods, making his way towards the door, his hand squeezing your shoulder as he passes. “Behave, Sammy. I’ll be back soon.”

With that, the door slams, leaving you and the unlucky brother alone, a chance you’d usually kill for; though with his current situation, you weren’t sure if he was the best person to be around right now.

“You want a drink? Maybe you won’t choke if you have it through a straw.” you joke, grinning at his annoyed expression.

“I lost my shoe.” he sulks, wiggling his sock clad foot. Sighing dramatically, you sink onto the bed, your thigh separated from Sam’s by a meer gap. “What if this Bela girl has already stashed it somewhere? Or gave it to someone else?”

“Stop, Sam. You’re gonna drive yourself insane.” You nudge his body with yours, his eyes locked on yours as you try to keep him thinking positively. “Dean will get the foot, we’ll burn it on Friday the thirteenth, under a full moon, and it’ll be done. Easiest thing ever.”

He looks at you for a minute, before the two of you start laughing, realising how the instructions on how to get rid of this thing are anything but/i> easy. The laughing dies down, you realising how close Sam’s face is to yours. You swear you’re imagining it when you see his gaze flicker to your lips, you swallowing nervously at the tension in the room rises.

“You know,” Sam starts, his voice a whisper, not wanting to ruin whatever was happening between you two. “This probably isn’t the best time for confessions, but considering my chances of dying are pretty high right now, the possibility of being rejected doesn’t seem too bad.”

You feel your cheeks redden, your hands clammy as they sit in your lap. Not trusting your voice, you decide to respond physically instead, closing the gap between the two of you.

As perfect as the moment seemed, it couldn’t stay that way, Sam’s teeth bashing against yours as you try to connect your lips with his, sounds of pain emitting from you and Sam as you mentally curse that bastard rabbits foot, your tongue running over your teeth to make sure they’re all still whole.

Sam chuckles, shaking his head and groaning as he falls back onto the bed, his hand reaching for your waist and pulling you down with him. You nestle into his side, your head resting on his chest as you smile to yourself, not minding the proximity one bit.

“Maybe we could try that again when I’m not the unluckiest guy in the world.” Sam suggests, his fingers tracing patterns on your hip. You nod against him, the awkward moment from before long forgotten as he holds you, his body keeping yours warm.

“I’d like that.” you respond, sighing contently. “I’d like that a lot.”

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A/N - Sam is so cute yet so sexy at the same time like damn boy! I hope you guys liked this, feel free to request supernatural imagines and SOA ones too :) xxx