burning for jesus


The cast of In The Heights performing the Les Mis Remix Un Día Mas (One Day More) at the Easter Bonnet Competition in 2008
Eliseo Román (Piragua Guy) as Valjean, Chris Jackson (Benny) as Marius, Mandy Gonzalez (Nina) as Cosette, Robin de Jesus (Sonny) as Eponine, Lin-Manuel Miranda (Usnavi) as Enjolras, Karen Olivo (Vanessa) as Javert, Andrea Burns and Janet Dacal (Daniela and Carla) as the Thénardiers

[also check out their take on Fiddler’s Tradition (Tradizzle) from 2007!]


Good afternoon❤️

Just hanging out in a junkyard in East Jesus, trying to stay peaceful before the race tonight. I loved seeing the beautiful and quirky art at and around Salvation Mountain! This is a must-do if you are ever in the Palm Springs area.

Thinking this will be my mantra while I’m running: “I am a wheel within a wheel”

Happy Saturday!


there’s nothing I can do

i’m helpless without you

Jesus and Mary

Body of Christ, from Mary’s body;
Blood of Christ, from Mary’s blood.

Jesus the bread, Mary the yeast;
Mary the kitchen, Jesus the feast.

Mary the Mother by whom we are fed;
Mary the oven, Jesus the bread.

Mary the soil, Jesus the vine;
Mary the wine maker, Jesus the wine.

Jesus the Tree of Life, Mary the sod;
Mary our God-bearer, Jesus our God.

Mary the silkworm, Jesus the silk;
Mary the nurse, Jesus the milk.

Mary the stem, Jesus the flower;
Mary the stairway, Jesus the tower.

Mary and Jesus, our castle entire;
Mary the fireplace, Jesus the fire.

Mary God’s ink, Jesus God’s name;
Mary the burning bush, Jesus the flame.

Mary the paper, Jesus the Word;
Mary the nest, Jesus the bird.

Mary the artery, Jesus the blood;
Mary the floodgate, Jesus the flood.

Mary and Jesus, our riches untold;
Mary the gold mine, Jesus the gold.

- Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli,  Handbook of Catholic Apologetics