burning flame 3

Growing Love

Pairing: Jensen x Reader AU

Preview: Jensen is a dreamer from a loving family. Y/N is an orphan and realist struggling to hold onto dreams of her own. Their path cross when the photographer and journalist end up working together and quickly form an unbreakable bond that few seem to understand. Their lives take them in different directions until one day she shows up on his doorstep pregnant and in tears.

A/N: This is sorta two stories in one. All written in cursive can be read as one story and is told by a narrator I am not willing to reveal who is. Read and find out. The rest is Jensen’s story. It is told side by side and are rolled up into one, but hopefully it is also written so one story can be read without the other.

This entire 3 part mini series is my entry of @avasmommy224’s birthday challenge. The challenge was to include smut (which you can find at the end of part one and is skippable for those that prefer the story without it).

The prompt I chose is in part 2 and sorta reused in part 3. The prompt was: Any day spent with you is my favorite day.

Status: Completed 

Part 1: Spark 

Part 2: Burning 

Part 3: Eternal Flame  

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With Great Power Come Annoying Sidekicks by KuriKuri (1/1 | 14,809 | PG13)

“I don’t want to be a superhero,” Derek protests, and he has half a mind to leave right now, ditch Stiles and get back to his life.
“Ah, so you’re going the Peter Parker route,” Stiles says, nodding solemnly. “Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.”
“Who’s Peter Parker?” Derek asks, confused.
“Oh my god, you have so much to learn,” Stiles replies, gaping at Derek.

what we do is what you wish to do by planetsdance (1/1 | 1,284 | PG13)

Stiles does not have time for this right now.
He’s trying to dodge a multitude of bullets from trigger happy henchmen while still holding on to the six year old hostage who’s frantically clutching at his shoulders. Stiles whispers soothing words to the child as he swings his body forward, casting another web as they start to fall to the ground. “I hope you realize you’re shooting at a little kid right now!” Stiles shouts at the henchmen, trying to find the kid’s parents. “There’s a special circle of hell for that y’know!”
Or, the Spiderman!AU

Signal In The Sky by reliand (3/3 | 38,517 | NC17)

The Gifted, new students of Beacon Prep, are being put through power placement and first year of superhero academy. Basically it’s all Stiles has ever wanted, even if he thought Scott would be more excited when they finally got here. At least there’s nice eye-candy like Lydia Martin, upperclassman, and the new counselor, Derek Hale.

Spark, Flame, Burn by zjofierose (3/3 | 35,949 | R)

He remembers his mother going out to protest in her “Proud Mom of a Special Child” shirt. He also remembers that she never came back.
In a deeply segregated city of the very rich and the very poor, a traumatized mutant turns up in Stiles’ dark alley, and turns his world upside down. While a terrorist known as the Mutant Maker attacks and turns unsuspecting citizens, Stiles and his strange new friend must help each other stay alive and one step ahead of the Hunters who would take them down.

There’s a Hyphen by Nightsister (1/1 | 1,871 | PG13)

He’s tall and skinny and his butt looks amazing in that suit. Derek’s not in love, please, he just met the kid. (But it’s a near thing.)

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