burning down the patriarchy

god bless the girl warriors, the defenders of teenage laughter, the women who push themselves between fire and body; god bless the women witches who pull love like endless scarves, who pull together families, who magic dinners in ten minutes; god bless the science dragon-kin who come with their scales rippling, who tear down STEM fields and burn the patriarchy just by studying, who work their bellies raw only to be told they’re “naturally talented,” who are keepers of the late nights and coffees, who catch doctor mistakes but get lower pay, who double-shift without wincing; god bless the art queens, hair messy and creativity overflowing, who present ideas without apologizing, who carve raw their bones and put honest on display - god bless the avenging seraphim in the form of women, the quiet close-standing of one woman watching another in a train station, the silent knowing here-i-am glance of women when men are too rowdy, the steel of women protecting young girls, the fire of women who protect their trans sisters, the arc light of trans sisters leading the charge in standing up for women’s rights; god bless women, seen as weak, seen as relenting, taught to bow and beg and apologize - god bless every social justice fighter, every freedom bell ringer, every young lady who does not just shake chains but instead is using them to shatter glass ceilings. go forth and conquer. you’re all my heroes.

The spooky season is here

Light some candles!

Picnic in a graveyard!!

Befriend a local neighborhood cat under the light of the full moon!!!

Purchase ethically sourced charms and curses from a witch at the Farmer’s Market!!

Eat seventeen pumpkins!!

Burn down the establishments of the patriarchy!!

Drink some good tea!!

Some things that happen while listening to Beyoncé:

*wanders through a forest covered in thick fog while Ghost/Haunted plays*

*twerks viciously and struts down the runway while Yoncé/Partition plays*

*has the most insane orgasm ever while Rocket plays*

*claims the throne and inherits the palace and riches while Mine plays*

*burns down the patriarchy while ***Flawless plays*

*cries silently while Blue plays*

a post about my best friend

okay right so there’s this girl i know called Erin.

last year in late march and early april i saw her comment on some things that my facebook friends were sharing, and i thought hey yeah cool that person seems pretty neat good for them.

then we both happened to comment on an argument against misogyny following the passing of margaret thatcher and we became friends on facebook. we spoke a little bit after that and found out we both had The Aspergers, and she invited me to go to the beach with her, her sister and some mutual friends on the first of june.

on that day, i showed up in a huge trenchcoat with a raggedy bag stuffed with beer, i don’t know why i had the beer but the trenchcoat was basically because i was ashamed of myself and wanted to hide as much of myself as possible. even though it was fucking june. we spoke and we laughed that day, all of us did, and even though i was super shy and kind of scared none of them judged me for anything. if i remember right, i gave erin some of the beer but she didn’t finish it, she gave it back to me, i don’t know why i remember that specifically, i just do. then on the bus ride back to liverpool, i am pretty sure we sat next to each other, but we hardly spoke- i wanted to speak to her, but i was properly super awkward because she was really cool and i was wearing a trenchcoat.

anyway, that was a super fun day, here is a picture from that day

that’s me and Erin on the left. i’m the miniature hagrid, she’s the female arthur pendragon.

anyway, cut forward to last november.

by this time, we’d spoken a lot, hung out a lot, i was part of the group of pals at their house when their oven exploded, we’d been to parties and to other gatherings and even went shopping for 36 packets of noodles.

then a lot of shit happened. like, wow. fucking. wow. a whole big shitstorm. a veritable tornado of faeces swept across the city.

and she was there. Erin was there. when all i needed was to talk to somebody, Erin would call. when all i needed was a hug, Erin would give one. when all i needed was mexican food, well, i mean Erin’s mum made that but like, Erin and her sister Jess were also present, so yeah, Erin was there while i ate enchiladas for the first time.

now here’s the thing- i’ve always valued my friends more than almost anything. i genuinely love all of my friends, and i used to describe my best ones as “the round table” for fun. but then there’s Erin, and i already compared her to a female arthur pendragon earlier, and let’s be honest, arthur’s always going to be the most important person at the round table.

over this time, since meeting her last year, i’ve come to realise that Erin is not only my best friend, she is the best friend i have literally ever had. i’ve had lots of best friends, really. there was this dude called craig in year two, there was dave, there was sean and bren, there have been so many, and they’re still my best friends. they’re still at the round table. well, except craig, he’s a dick.

but Erin’s different. she’s the type of person i can imagine going on a quest to destroy an evil object with. she’s the type of person i can imagine burning down the patriarchy with. she’s the type of person i can imagine being friends forever with. most importantly, she’s the type of person i can imagine sitting on a couch watching shrek with.

and we’ve already done the shrek thing, so the rest is possible too.

basically, what i’m getting at here is- i love Erin. a whole bunch. i’m not scared to admit it. if she’s arthur, i’m merlin, if she’s shrek, i’m donkey, if she’s han solo then i’m fucking chewbacca. as in i’m chewbacca, not as in i’m, like… never mind.

anyway. i love Erin because she’s a perfect human being and a perfect friend. and i just wanted to say this in detail to over 10,000 people because that’s how strong this is.

Erin is my best friend. Go tell her nice things.