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Vet School Marathon

Imagine you are an endurance runner. You trained relentlessly for a good portion of your life. And you like running. You wake up and you can’t wait to live, breathe, eat, and sleep running. 

Now, imagine you have the biggest race of your life coming up, that will determine if you get to be a professional runner. You CAN’T WAIT! When you arrive, you feel like you are in your element. THIS is what you were MADE for. THIS is what you want to do for the rest of your life! 

However, right before you begin, you are given the outline for the race. You are asked to run not one, but two, marathons in a row. Not a big deal, it can be done! But then you are told you have to maintain a certain speed. Sprinting. You laugh. Sprinting two marathons? NOT possible. But that’s what they ask you to do, so that’s what you do. Because you love running, after all. 

And you may maintain speed for quite some time, but eventually, you are going to fall. You are going to fall hard, and you might lie there on the cold, hard ground, cursing the day that you ever said you wanted to run. You might cry, wondering if you can ever be a runner if you hate this part. You might lie there, not knowing if you can make it one. more. step. And that’s okay. 

Vet school is lot like sprinting a marathon folks. It requires endurance that everyone will fail to meet at some point along the way. AND THAT’S OKAY. You are allowed to fall. You are allowed to be burnt-out. You are allowed to be depressed and angry. You are allowed to hate it. You are allowed to struggle. You are allowed to take breaks. You are allowed to find hobbies and destressors and other interests that gets you away from the race. 

But the good news about running this marathon is that there are other runners to pick you up when you fall. And it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, or how many times you struggle and have to be picked up, we will all cross this finish line together. 


Colour-changing burns bandages begin clinical trials

Bandages that change colour and glow when a wound gets infected could be manufactured as early as 2017 if clinical trials go well. 

The bandages, developed at the University of Bath, are being tested with patient samples from four UK hospitals to statistically determine how effective they are. 

Sadly burns often have symptoms of infection but actual infection is much rarer. At the moment infection diagnosis takes up to two days and requires removing dressings, a painful and upsetting process for burns patients which can slow healing and cause scarring. Antibiotics are also prescribed as a precaution while the tests are conducted.

Colour-changing bandages would give an early-warning that real infection is taking hold, meaning medics could provide better and quicker treatment. 

The bandage contains gel in tiny capsules. When infection-causing bacteria are present the capsules dissolve and release the gel which then fluoresces bright yellowy-green, alerting patients and medics to the problem. 

If they do make it onto wards the bandages would not only improve treatment but save money through cutting down on the cost of tests and drug prescriptions. They would also help tackle the threat of drug-resistant bacteria because there wouldn’t be a need to prescribe as many antibiotics as a precaution. 

Images: University of Bath

Skin Grafts

Today I did two cases, both skin grafts. One with a Burn Surgeon and the other with a Plastic Surgeon. 

Skin Grafts are often used for burn patients; skin is removed from one area of the body and transplanted to another. There are two types of skin graft: split-thickness grafts in which just a few layers of outer skin are transplanted and full-thickness grafts, which involve all of the dermis. There is usually permanent scarring that is noticeable.

During a skin graft, a special skin-cutting instrument known as a dermatone removes the skin from an area (the donor site) usually hidden by clothing such as the buttocks or inner thigh. Once removed, the graft is placed on the area in need of covering and held in place by a dressing and a few stitches. The donor site is also covered with a dressing to prevent infection from occurring. Recovery time from a split-thickness skin graft is generally fairly rapid, often less than three weeks. For full-thickness skin graft patients the recovery time is a few weeks longer. Aside from burn patients, skin grafts can also be used during breast or nose reconstruction.

Playing Pretend

@dangerousbride​’s artwork so inspired this. 649 words.

Longer ebony locks fall in a waterfall of ink down her back, and Rukia can’t tell if she’s reinvented herself enough, if she’s discarded the shell of the honorary third daughter she was to an ex-shinigami captain. Her act needs a little more work to become real. Renji has keen eyes now since wedded bliss wore off, and reminders of what he knew the minute Zabimaru chewed through the ball and socket of Ichigo’s shoulder have resurfaced. She can’t leave that house attached to that clinic. 

The burn of the Sōkyoku hadn’t singed her like Ichigo did. He smelled of summer air and oil and the reconstruction of the Seireitei reminded her of it daily. He belonged there but he returned home, and it took all of her strength not to despise him for it. The only choice had been made, and as the shock fell away, she branded herself a hypocrite. Hadn’t she decided the very same thing once and made his face blank with disappointment for a heartbeat of a second?

A magazine that used to come to the Kurosaki home had said that women could feel reborn with a new hairstyle, and Rukia felt the depth of her sins. Marrying Renji and having Ichika did not renew her. They were not blank slates that replaced the fairytale that she shared with a human boy burdened with destiny. Family life was just a thing that stopped her from focusing on the sun so much. The practice had become her habit when Ichigo and his co-rescuers disappeared into the Dangai.

When she changed her hair to outrun something the first time, it took too much getting used to, and people mistook her for Hinamori. 

What about letting it grow?

And it grew like the effectiveness of her façade. She and Renji became goofy lovers, the darlings of the Gotei and the focal point of the Seireitei Bulletin. Shinigami gushed over Rangiku’s write-up about the lightheaded new wife who couldn’t be called by her husband’s last name because she loved him so much.

“Oh!” Rukia grabbed her face the way she did when she lied to Ichigo’s classmates back then. She was a better actress in those days. “It’s so embarrassing! When I think about being Abarai Rukia, I just get flustered. I can hardly do my job.”

Renji had challenged her the third time he noticed her tense up and huff ‘Kuchiki’ when someone said Abarai. That was the curtain-close to their honeymoon.

Rukia worked around the clock to settle because at night, Renji slung his arm over her and for three months she slept with her eyes open. Being with him felt like using her left hand when her right was occupied. She tried fighting with her sword in the wrong hand once and she’d almost been killed.

After sympathy for Renji wiggled into her heart, she put forth a true effort to make changes, and started growing her hair. He loved the change, and Ichika enjoyed twisting her fingers in daddy and mommy’s hair.

“What’s with the hair?” Ichigo says, turning his back to her after her dig about the empty clinic.

“You’re one to talk!” Rukia raises her voice unnecessarily, but her excitement is like water boiling in a tea kettle. It’s been ten fucking years.

Renji sighs, taking off upstairs with Ichika and Kazui. Orihime and the others are out back with Ishida who finally showed up after Chad won the fight.

“You little –” Ichigo’s next words are clipped by the sparkle in her eyes.

And Rukia feels what he sees. She’s alive again. Smiles curl their unsure lips and they stand there, willing time to freeze, knowing it won’t, but hoping against hope because it is what they have always done.

“Hey, Rukia,” he says at last.

“Yo.” She winks and they laugh. The weight of her hair is almost crippling now.

Clinical Burn-out

Most of the time, I enter the veterinary teaching hospital excited to learn and possibly save some lives.

Most of the time, I am enthusiastic about my cases and will eagerly research things I don’t know.

Most of the time, I understand that I won’t know everything and that I will grow with time and practice.

Most of the time, I enjoy educating clients and discussing cases with other vets.

Most of the time, I embrace scary or new situations because I know I will learn from them.

Most of the time, I am okay with doing paperwork until 11 pm or cleaning things when needed.

Most of the time, I am fine with getting up at 5:30-6:00 every morning.

Most of the time, I am content with being busy and not having much social or downtime.

But sometimes…….

Sometimes, I dread or get nervous to talk to clients or attending veterinarians.

Sometimes, I get frustrated at not knowing something or frequently forgetting things I try so hard to remember.

Sometimes, I’m dread waking up at 11 in the morning, let alone 5:30 am.

Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is to take even one step into the veterinary teaching hospital.

Sometimes, I am so overwhelmed with things to know and things to do that I become paralyzed and don’t feel like I can do anything.

Sometimes, I anguish over how unfair it is that I am doing more paperwork and cleaning than I am actually learning for my career.

Sometimes, I get depressed and upset that I am spending such much time at the hospital instead of being a normal, happy, and mentally well, human.

Sometimes, I have massive amounts of anxiety over preforming new procedures or doing something outside my comfort zone.

And sometimes, I am so burnt-out that I can’t see the light to this tunnel that is vet school. 

And that’s okay. Because everyone can, and is allowed, to become burnt-out sometimes. To anyone else struggling with me, know that this is temporary, and that there are ways to find recovery, and ways to reach out and help one another. You are not alone, and we are all going to get through this together <3

A Tidal Wave

(( the following is taken from RP with guildies, and should not be used unless conveyed by one of those involved. Enjoy the read. =) ))

4 evenings prior…

“You… you… you Kaldorei whore! You got knocked up by the man who spilled your blood? Wounds I bled to heal you from?!”

Sara’s heart broke all over again at his raised voice, but she did not move from her rather defenseless position on the clinic bed.  Percy was fuming… literally! The stench of sulfur began to fill the room. A blistering heat radiated from his very core.

“I swore to be there for you when you told me…”

With each word the stink and heat intensified, his grip on his shillelagh tightened so hard his bandaged palms began to bleed.

“… and you chose not to mention some Holt fucker was the first man you jumped into bed with?”

Sara was watching the man she once loved come unhinged rather quickly, covering her mouth against the fel he was radiating, trying not to choke or vomit.

“I was stranded across the cosmos in a timeless hell. I watched allies get torn apart and souls perverted beyond your wildest nightmares to protect the life of a child that isn’t even mine?!?!”

Sara’s eyes grew wide and terrified when his tattoos began to glow, a sight she recognized all too well. She scooted back a little on the bed out of fear as the warlock rounded on Lady Benison.

“I should burn your filthy little clinic to the ground and feed the four of your souls to the legion myself!! YOU TOOK EVERYTHING FROM US!!”

Despite the danger, the first thing Sara saw Christina do was plant herself firmly between Percy and her patient. Her heart ached with guilt, and she closed her eyes, trying and failing to fight off the fearful tears that were quickly filling her eyes and threatening to overflow.

“YOu will NOT touch my clinic, or Sara and her unborn child! That child is innocent in all of this! He or she did NOTHING to you." 

There was a pause for a moment before Lady Benison continued.

"Though, I should say they have no control over this… Sara is pregnant with twins.”

Sara’s entire world seemed to stop, along with her heart for several beats. Her mouth hung agape as she moved her gaze from one Doctor to the other. “I’m having what?”

But Percival continued to rage at the woman blocking his path to vengeance.

“None of you have the right to question us… WE LIVED IN HELL FOR NOTHING!!”

Tiny felsparks popped off of his skin as his fists clenched furiously.

“Damn all of your souls… if we ever see you again. We’ll feed your souls to the hounds.”

“Percy, I’m sorry for this. But I am the Holt’s doctor, therefore I care for anyone under their banner. And don’t you threaten my clinic! Now LEAVE!” Tina’s tone was immovable, staunch and protective as she gave him no room for choice other than to go.

The warlock snatched the gem with his blood on it from Christina.

“Eat Fel, you pathetic excuse for a doctor.” He quickly glared at Sara and spoke a word in a foreign tongue before leaving, purposefully bumping into Ardan as he did. “We hope you all rot. You AND your bastard children. And when you do, we’ll be there to claim your souls for an eternity of torment.”

To his credit, Ardan had not run away at the sight and sound of Percy and his fury. He moved to Sara’s side, holding her tightly to comfort her in her sorrow. He held her as they listened to Christina call for and explain to Cedrick what had occurred.

As they heard Doctor Benison try to get everything out in a flood of emotion, Sara felt horrible. Guilt washed over her for the entire situation. But Cedrick was a friend. She was fairly certain she could talk to him, even if it was about this. When Christina came back to help her change, she watched Ardan step out, his hand lingering on her cheek briefly in a comforting manner. “It’ll be ok, Sara. I promise.”

Christina gave her a nod as she helped the young mage change back into her evening gown. “Worry not about what happened here tonight. You have those two little ones to think of now.” When Sara’s hands moved to cradle her stomach quietly, the Doctor continued, “Come on, you need to get home and rest. I want you to come back in a week. We will do a less stressed check-up then.” To this Sara nodded.

But as the young Kaldorei stepped out of the exam room, her eyes fell upon the sight of not only Cedrick, but his very pregnant wife Venreena.

While Ced’s eyes looked at them in slight confusion, Sara noticed that Ven did not. But Sara remembered the few times they spoke back and forth - she was quite a sharp woman. She could not find it in her heart to be surprised.

Her mind went back to what Percy had shouted at her. More tears spilled from her eyes as latent fear for what he might do was settling into her stomach uncomfortably. It was Christina’s voice that brought her back from her haze:

“I’m sending Sara home to get some sleep, until we know what to do about him. This clinic is not the safest place for her at the moment.”

“Home?” Ced looked back at Christina, his tone suggesting he didn’t think that the best idea.

Sara thought about it briefly. Her unguarded flat in Stormwind, with only Laraanna and Ardan with her, and Mythaelan on occasion because her guard still ensured he was not needed before taking his leave. She frowned more, panic rising in her chest. He’d said it himself. ‘I should burn this filthy clinic to the ground and feed your souls to the Legion myself!’ If he was willing to threaten the Holt family’s clinic, what chance did she alone have? She began to wring her hands, her gaze dipped down, more tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I wish to offer Silkwood Grove.” Cedrick’s voice snapped the Kaldorei from her thoughts. Emerald hues shined with worry and fear.

“Silkwood Grove is quite safe, if you wish to stay,” Ven added kindly.

“You may both stay in Ardan’s old room. We have plenty of guard, and… I do not believe Percival would dare come into the middle of Holt ground with more threats.” Ced looked between Ardan and Sara, Ven doing the same.

Sara’s eyes looked between the two. Her heart ached more that they offered such kindness to her. More guilt burned in her mind that they were now at risk of Percy’s wrath coming down upon them, especially given Venreena’s condition. Her voice seemed not quite there just yet, so she turned her gaze to Ardan in hope.

He was still seething and ranting about wanting to deal with Percy himself. But words of wisdom from Cedrick were uttered gently, coupled with a motion to Sara at the end:

“You are right, Ardan. But now is not the time. You have a woman to see to… and she needs you more than you know. The time and place to talk about what we shall do of the Doctor will come, soon enough.”

As the rest departed or took their leave, Sara and Ardan were left standing in the heavy silence. He turned to reach for her hand, which she took in her own, trying to quell her trembling.

“We should get you somewhere to rest.” With some effort, Sara finally found her voice:

“If we’re going to Silkwood… I’d like to stop by the flat before Percival burns it to the ground. We’ll bring Laraanna with us, too, for her safety.”

Ardan gave her a nod, hugging her, “We can do that.” They stood there in a quiet embrace, Sara’s frantic heart slowly settling out of its panicked rhythm.

“Twins…” she whispered in disbelief, laying her head against his shoulder.

“I know… you’re gonna be huge,” he teased back at her before they headed out.

(( mentions: @thalsianiii@the-rose-priestess@ardantahmasholt@cedrickholtstories@venreenaholt​ sorry this got posted so late, took awhile to finish <3 ))

Read everything - just in case

Young medblrs out there may have the idea that once you’re a doctor or once you finish residency, you will automatically have super confidence and knowledge that spans e v e r y t h i n g. 

This is not the case. 

On an almost daily basis I am confronted with new situations, conditions, and medications, and often I have to think fast and act appropriately in a completely foreign situation. 

Take a few weeks ago, for example. I’m nomming on a cookie in the break room at lunch and I hear our phlebotomist holler (in the south we don’t yell, we holler), “Dr. Wayfaring come quick! We got a bad burn!”

I dropped my cookie and walked into the front room where my patient was standing, with complete composure and calm, sans skin on their leg. Nice crispy skin cracklins dangling at his ankles.

Crap, I’ve never dealt with burns! They never came to ResidencyHospital. They were always shipped out to the burn center! Um… ok, I’ve read about this. Keep it clean, moist… something about body surface area…the size of my hand is…um…crap what’s the percentage…wait is his foot burned cuz that’s a whole different ballgame…

“Hey let me take a quick look at it before you get him in a room.” Crap… the burn goes all the way around his leg…that’s a Thing. A Bad Thing. Ok, think! “How did you burn yourself, sir?” “Burning my woods. Got a little too close to where I was burning and my pants caught on fire.” Ok good no chemicals. That’s a Thing too I think. 

“Let’s get him into a room and get me several bottles of saline to clean him with.” Yes, cleaning. Good. Wait this is gonna hurt like whoa. “Can you feel me touching your leg?” 

“Yeah sorta. Uh, not really. It really doesn’t hurt that bad.” Oh crap. He can’t feel it. It’s deep. This is going to get infected. He has a million comorbidities. Okay. Clean. Focus. 

This may sting…a lot. Hold real still so I can get your leg really clean.” Now what? I can’t send him out the door! OK, burn center. Gotta keep it moist and clean until he gets there. Something about silvadene cream? “Do we have any silvadene cream? Oh yes! Finally we have a supply of something I need! Excellent! Slather him up!” 

The patient left to go to the burn center and I furiously UpToDate-d burn treatments. Apparently I did things mostly right? Hopefully the burn center docs don’t think I’m a complete idiot? He ended up in surgery later that evening for skin grafting with circumferential third degree burns. I on the other hand needed a little fire water for my nerves after that ordeal. 

Just remember, folks, read everything, even if you don’t think you’ll use it. You will. 

lavenderek  asked:

i wish you would write a fic where everything i want to happen happens and nothing i don't want to happen happens

nothing about this makes sense but your “derek hale bird collection” is so delightfully random and entertains me every time i see it

An argument could be made that Stiles is to blame for every single one of Derek’s current problems. He did, after all, hold an impromptu - unauthorized - seance in the vet clinic and then forgot to blow out the candles, but the resulting inferno is not actually Derek’s problem. No, Derek’s problems lie with Scott.

And birds.

“Everyone loves puppies and kitties, right?” Scott explains. “They’re easy to find temporary homes for. Birds, though…” he trails off, looking tragic.

According to Deaton, all the near-by clinics and shelters are overfull. Derek suspects he just doesn’t want to call any of his colleagues and say, “My assistant’s dumbass friend burned my clinic down. Have any extra kennel space?” Derek doesn’t blame him.

“Why can’t Stiles take them?” Derek asks. Sighs, really. “Or literally anyone else?”

“Stiles and his dad are taking a few of the dogs and all the rabbits, I’m taking the rest of the dogs, and the cats are being divided up between Allison and Kira. Lydia says she’s allergic to everything, so she’s not taking anything. I swear she had a dog once, though.” He pauses, then shrugs. “I don’t know. You can take it up with her if you want.”

All he asks is, “How many birds are we talking here, exactly?” because apparently he’s gone soft in his old age.

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When I was eighteen, I drove a friend of mine to another state for her abortion. A few months later, that clinic was burned to the ground.

When I was twenty, someone placed a live pipe bomb in front of the clinic I worked at. We evacuated our patients and staff in time. The perpetrator is now serving a forty-year prison sentence.

When I was twenty-one, my tires were slashed in my workplace parking spot, along with those of my colleagues.

When I was twenty-two, Dr. Tiller was murdered in his house of worship, and I could think of nothing but the patients who had appointments to see him the following day.

When I was twenty-five, someone called the abortion funding hotline I volunteered for under the guise of needing assistance. She was not who she claimed to be. My phone was traced, and I was soon barraged with anti-choice literature by mail and at my doorstep.

Now I am twenty-eight. I am a veteran in the field of abortion care. I am accustomed to being yelled at by protesters. I know all the tactics I’m supposed to employ to keep myself and my property under wraps and to protect the identity of my patients. I am intimately familiar with all aspects of this debate from all sides.

It does not make it any less shocking to me when anti-choice violence occurs. It does not make me any less angry to read about what’s happening in Colorado Springs.

Do me a favor. I don’t care where you sit on the issue of abortion, but please, please send up a prayer or a positive thought for the people in that clinic today. I have been in the shoes of my colleagues at PPRM before, in the position of having your personal safety endangered simply for offering help. There aren’t words to describe how terrible I feel for the clinicians, staff, and especially the patients there today. No matter how you feel about abortion, I hope we can all agree that they didn’t deserve to be victims of anti-choice terrorism.

When starting to go to University (in my case studying law in Germany) you’ll end up asking yourself : do I want to go to the lecture or to the gym? It took me a couple semesters but Ive made a decision for myself. My personal health, my healthy mind and my self love are made at the gym. I do not want to give that up. This requires more studying alone by myself but honestly : its worth it.
Never forget that you are more than your grades at school or university, you are a human being who needs a safe space. A place where you can be yourself, a good example of who you want to be. Never let your physical and psychical health suffer because of your job or your studies.

You’ll never get to enjoy the awesome job you’ll get with good grades if you’re already at a burn out clinic with 24. 💜💜💜

thecollisionofyourkiss-  asked:

Prompts!! So i'm guessing you already know what i want :D anything with 'The collision of your kiss' in it ;) and sterek obviously ... !! Xx


(I took the phrase as inspiration instead of directly including it. If I post on AO3 it’ll be the title.)

A comet might travel for thousands of years through empty space, jostled here and there by the gravity of passing stars, before discovering the one object strong and close enough to pull it into its orbit.

The captive body can then devote centuries to spiraling around its companion, dancing and weaving in a looping courtship, inching ever closer as the tug of gravity intensifies.

It’s a work of millennia, of a thousand chance encounters and altered trajectories.

When the meteor finally burns through the atmosphere and crashes to the surface, it still feels like it happened in an instant.


Their mouths collide after what feels like an eternity of charged dancing. Of biting words and helping hands and stray, heated moments that stretch on forever and not nearly long enough to pull them to the place they’re both burning to be.

It’s there when they barely know each other. Just a loud-mouthed, too curious boy and an untrusting man aching for something solid to cling to, trapped together in the boy’s bedroom with the thrill of his father’s ignorance running hot in the boy’s veins.

The knowing looks from Danny won’t fade from his mind, and as he sprawls out on his bed and watches Derek continue to read his history textbook like it’s actually interesting, he convinces himself it’s the thrill of victory over these two ridiculously attractive men that has him replaying Derek’s shirt-changing strip tease over again in his mind.


It’s there even earlier, when Derek’s bleeding out in Deaton’s clinic, body burning with wolfsbane and the thrum of encroaching death, when the boy’s confusing blend of challenges, panic, and determination are the only things that keep Derek on his feet and pushing forward.


It’s there in the pool and the long moments after. In the clench in Stiles’ heart that won’t let him leave Derek behind, not after he’d begged for his trust, not even if it means going under with him.


And in Stiles’ eyes, projecting that he knows, that he understands the difference between a supernatural being and a monster. An abomination. And that Derek isn’t it.

In another world Derek would kiss him then. Would  take a few steps forward and wrap Stiles in his arms, seal their mouths together in lust, in gratitude. In contentment.

Because he knows, in this instant he knows, that all he’s wanted for the past six years is for someone to believe he’s not a monster.

But it’s this world, and Derek lets the moment pass. He may not be a monster, but he’s haunted by too many demons to risk bringing them to Stiles’ doorstep.


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Living in The Moment

Part II/VII of The Playground

Pairing: Hakyeon/OMC/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: AU, bisexuality, explicit sex, semi-public sex, medical talk, miscarriage mentions (non-graphic), non-monogamous relationships, alcohol mentions, adult language/themes.

Wordcount: 8078

Notes: Hey everyone! I’ve been a little out of the loop lately because of health issues but I’m on the mend, worry not! Here is another instalment of my ongoing single dad AU featuring Hakyeon in a very unconventional love story. I hope you guys enjoy the result. Love y’all and happy easter to my followers celebrating it *hugs* xoxo

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Hi, so I was re-watching the Halloween episode (s02e13) and I saw the haunted house and began thinking (god forbid thinking)

If you look at the pictures you notice how it looks really bad, and dusty, ashy, as if it —->burned down <—–!!!! 

All those pictures of A or whoever with their face burned off, the doll which A burned, Bethanys drawings of her face distorted, as if she was burned, make sense!

And I don’t think it was a coincidence that Cyrus ended up in a Burn Clinic, do you?

What if Bethany used to live there, maybe with her father, Mr Young, and something really awful happened, causing the house to burn down? And they blamed Bethany, sending her away to Radley with her face distorted. What if A sent Cyrus to a burn clinic for revenge for what happened to Bethany. 

Everything points to Charles having been very close to Bethany, as if they had an unbreakable bond with each other. Maybe they found out, while in Radley, that they have the same mother, and Charles got angry because at least Mrs D was taking Bethany out now and then. She completely forgot about him for all we know.

And then Charles got mad, and jealous of Bethany, and decided to get rid of her, or take her. Then when she was dead, he regretted it, deeply, and blamed Mrs D, ultimately killing her off too.

Oh, and remember how ARIA, in the halloween episode as they’re walking past the haunted house, said, and i quote; “I can’t explain it, I feel like something really bad happened here.” Kind of weird for her to say that, maybe she knows exactly what happened there? 

Just another theory, but it seems plausible.

My husband and I experienced three painful miscarriages before our son was born. After the third, we visited a counselor. The grief was too much for us to bear on our own. The counselor made a huge mistake during the session. His office was close to a Marie Stopes Clinic. He told us that every morning when he drove to work and thought about all the families dealing with infertility, he wanted to “burn [the Marie Stopes clinic] down.” I was shocked and outraged but too emotional with my own grief to manage more than a comment about how his remark was inappropriate. I’ve thought often since then about what I should have said. My message today is for him. 

I am a mother by choice. I was never certain that I wanted children, but when I met my loving husband, it became clear that parenthood was our path. When it didn’t happen easily, we were devastated. I experienced emotional and physical pain, including severe hemorrhaging and emergency hospital visits. Eventually we were fortunate to have the means for and access to IVF. This picture was taken just hours after our son was born. I had an emergency cesarean because I had developed life threatening HELLP syndrome. 

Looking back, I can honestly say that there is not one moment when I would have begrudged another woman the right to choose to end her pregnancy. Some may find that to be a contradiction, but I see it as the most uncomplicated representation of my belief in sexual and reproductive rights. In fact, claiming to be “pro-life” and stating that a Marie Stopes Clinic should be “burned down” is the real contradiction. 

—Naomi Lince-Deroche

hang out fall in love

pairings: Hanamaki Takahiro/ Matsukawa Issei
word count: ~6k
summary: In which Hanamaki’s humble medical practice is threatened by an intractable asshole a witch doctor who’s just moved into the shop down the street. Medical/Witchcraft AU.

As far as Hanamaki’s concerned, and as far as bad life decisions go, setting up your witch clinic right next to an actual, proper, medical clinic is practically akin to setting up an all-you-can-eat buffet right next to a gym. Or a sex toy shop next to a church. Or a vegetable patch next to a goat farm. Or – yeah, the point is, this Matsukawa guy has totally cornered the market in Terrible-Life-Decision-Making-Skills.    

also on ao3.

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Master Theory: We know more than we think

Okay I have decided to put together one master theory, in an attempt to incorporate all of the paralels I have drawn together between the books and the tv, as a way of finding out who charles is, as well as the identities of red coat and black widow: 

1) So the most obvious links to me have been found from book eight onwards. This actually makes sense if we base this theory off of all the evidence we have collected, and come to assume that the whole Charles storyline only came into play in season 3 onwards. In the eighth book, we find out that ali had a twin called courtney and that they swapped places. At the end, Ali lures the liars up to her lodge house in the pocono’s and then sets fire to it, in the hope of killing the girls. The girls however, escape and it is presumed until a later book, that Ali died in the fire. In episode 3x24 the liars are lured by an A plan, which mona is not in charge of, even though she thought she was, and then the lodge is set fire to, presumably the plan was to kill the liars, but of course they then escaped. This is really similar to what happened in the books. In a subsequent book, i think book 14, it is explained that Ali escaped the fire in the pocono’s but was severaly burnt and had to receive secret medical treatment. In the first half of season 4, I think in one of the earlier episodes, at the end of an episode, we see black widow in A’a lair playing with the mini doll house thing, and as she turns round, she is wearing a mask that is black and burnt, hinting that she was at the lodge fire. So what if black veil is the twin and instigator of the lodge fire, like ali in the books was the twin and instigator of the fire at the pocono’s. 

2) Okay, next point is that in the books, the girls go to Jamaica after they think Ali is dead, and they think that a girl called Tabitha is Alison and so after Tabitha freaks them out, they push Tabitha off the roof of the resort. When they run down to the beach to find her, they realise her body is gone, and the liars think that they have killed Tabitha (at which later they find out it wasn’t them). So what if Tabitha is supposed to mirror the whole Bethany story in the tv series. Spencer is led by A to believe that she killed Bethany in the series, just like in the books, the liars think that they killed Tabitha. In 5x11 when Melissa admits to burying Bethany because she thought Spencer killed her, and then 5x24 when it becomes clear that Spencer didn’t murder Bethany at all, this is very similar to when in book 14, Ali tries to create evidence to suggest that the liars killed Tabitha, but then the real evidence surfaces of a video of Ali and her helper killing Tabitha. So, if Tabitha represents Bethany in terms of storyline, I think that Bethany is the one with the twin. I think that twin is Cece and it was Cece and Charles who I think is Wren (see next point) is Cece’s helper, which is a paralel to Ali and her helper. It was Cece and Charles that killed Bethany just as in the book Ali and her helped killed Tabitha. 

3) This leads me onto the meat of the theory, which is determining who Charles and Black widow are. SO: In the book series, during Ali’s time at Radley, she gets into a relationship with a boy called Nick, who later becomes her helper. Int he sixteenth book, it turns out that Ali has over time set Nick up to take the fall for her if anything should go wrong, and indeed things do go wrong and Nick goes to jail for her, and then finally right at the end of the last book, Ali is caught and ends up in jail as well. It has been established that Charles is the link to the Dilaurnetis family, not black veil or whoever. We know that according the Jason, Cece was there that night. if Bethany and Cece are twins, we can assume that they are the ones that switched, making the Cece that we know, the real Bethany, and Bethany in the grave Cece. It still works that Wren can be Charles, which i still believe to be true. So Wren and Cece form a relationship in Radley, given the whole thing from Hanna’s grant in 6x07, this would explain where Charles is getting his money from. In the books, we know that Ali is getting her money from Nick, who’s parents are billionaries. So this could be the same thing, Cece using Wren’s money from Mrs D that we saw in the episode 6.07. This therefore means that given the evidence from the books we can conclude pretty firmly that Marlene has been using and slightly manipulating the storyline from the books, more than we realise. 

4) Okay so some more paralels, in the thirteenth book, after being on a cruise with the school, A sets off a bomb in the boiler room that Aria and Tabitha’s ex-boyfriend who the liars think is A and nearly kills Tabitha’s ex boyfriend. Hanna goes to the burn clinic when he is in a coma to visit him, and evenually he wakes up. She rushes to see him when he wakes up, and asks him who else was in the boiler room, i.e. who A is. He can’t say any more than the letter ‘N’ which he repeats over and over again. The liars later find out that he was saying ‘N’ for ‘Nick’ which is the name of Ali’s helper. In 5x21 the liars go and visit Cyrus in the burn ward of the hospital after he is practically maimed by A. They ask him who A is and all he can tell them is that Varjak is A. I don’t know what Varjack means,but when I watched this, it immediatly reminded me of the book, and I knew it was important. 

5) In the eighth book, the liars find out that Ali killed Jenna because she knew about Ali and Courtney being twins. This isn’t the same, but maybe A killed the NAT club members because they had a video of Cece and Bethany together, and knew they were twins. This would explain why the NAT members have almost all been murdered, also why people like Wilden were killed, perhaps he knew too much and so Cece killed him not to protect Ali, but to protect herself. 

6) If Wren is Charles, and Charles is Ali and Jason’s brother, then that would explain why appeared to be so close to Ali. She was probably close to Ali to get information about Ali and her friends so that she could torture them. 

7) We all know that there have been hints that ChArles and ‘Uber A’ are different people and this could also be explained through the books. In the fifteenth book, Nick is caught by the police and he is convicted as A. The liars are convinced that Ali is out there still and keep looking for her. They finally catch her in the last book and she lands herself in jail because of this. So what if, at the end of 6a, Charles (or Wren) is caught as ‘A’ but then the liars are still haunted by someone, and finally at the very end of season 7, the liars finally catch Cece who is Uber A, and then A is gone forever. 

8) There are literally so many more paralels that I never thought of! In the last book, the liars think that Emily is dead, when really she is tracking Ali down and trying to catch her so she put her in jail. We also find out the Mrs D has been protecting Ali all this time. In 5b we find out that Mona faked her death and planned on framing Ali who she thinks is A, but really wants to just find out who A is. The next time the liars see her is in the dollhouse, which is where they work out who Charles is. Similarly, i think its in 5a when we see Mrs D hand clothes to someone who we later see Cece wearing in 4x24. Topping that off is the email that Mrs D meant to send someone telling them that she couldn’t protect them anymore. We know from season 6 that Mrs D was the only one protecting Charles. This therefore shows that just like Mrs D was protecting Ali who was evil in the books, she is protecting Charles and potentially Cece in the tv series. 

9) The introduction of Lesli and emily’s relationship with Sara reminded me of the book series. In the fourteenth book, the liars check a girl out of Radley called Iris, who shared a room with Ali at some point when she was in Radley as well. In 6x06 we find out that Lesli shared a room with Bethany at Radley. Iris stays with Emily for a few days, because she has been stuck in Radley her whole life and her parents basically neglect her. Emily pities Iris and ends up letting her stay and Iris gets on well with Emily’s mum as well. in the books, when the liars meet iris, they think she is really shady and that she is working with Ali. But as they get to know her they realise that she isn’t shady at all. This imo is what is going to happen with Sara, she seems pretty shady, but she isn’t. And then it turns out the Iris barely knew anything about Ali, just like Lesley doesn’t know about Charles or Bethany. 

Okay thats all for now, but I will probably add to it!