burnie burns is hot

Hot dogs in a blanket.
  • Tucker: Okay. Church... is trying to get... a translator. So we can talk... to each other.
  • Church: Tucker, the enormous alien doesn't speak our language. Speaking slowly is not going to help.
  • Tucker: What? I'm talking to Caboose.
  • Church: Oh.
  • Caboose: I don't understand. Are, are, are you hungry? Tucker, are you hungry? Are you cold?
  • Tucker: What? No!
  • Caboose: Do you need a blanket? Tucker, do you want some hot dogs in a blanket?
  • Tucker: Damn it, no. Caboose, I'm not cold. I don't want a hot dog and if you put mustard in my fucking sheets again, I'm going to kill you.