imessage ✉️ @ 🐻 mio marito 😍
  • TRISTAN: i loev this feeling s omuch
  • TRISTAN: it's so warm adn fuzzy and easy anflo aty
  • TRISTAN: like sooo warm like my insides are warm like a burning
  • TRISTAN: but not a bad burning you know like a nice burngin
  • TRISTAN: does that make sense????
  • TRISTAN: baby i love yuo so much did you know that? because i do oh my god i do it's so gross and nauseating but like i'm fine with it
  • TRISTAN: it's the least punk thing i've ever felt but i think that's okay you know? it's okay
  • TRISTAN: we're okay
  • TRISTAN: yuo're my gfavorite