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  • TRISTAN: i loev this feeling s omuch
  • TRISTAN: it's so warm adn fuzzy and easy anflo aty
  • TRISTAN: like sooo warm like my insides are warm like a burning
  • TRISTAN: but not a bad burning you know like a nice burngin
  • TRISTAN: does that make sense????
  • TRISTAN: baby i love yuo so much did you know that? because i do oh my god i do it's so gross and nauseating but like i'm fine with it
  • TRISTAN: it's the least punk thing i've ever felt but i think that's okay you know? it's okay
  • TRISTAN: we're okay
  • TRISTAN: yuo're my gfavorite
Funguy’s Poems

So I was looking through my notebook and found those poems that Funguy wrote (it’s so cute, he’s actually good at writing <3).

The first one, way back from the Assassin’s times:

“Beyond these walls the Flowers burn

and dOgs abandoned wander

Orphaned children will never learn

the evil that lurks yonDer

Now, the bold and capital letters are old news, but now the content of the poems is important. I remember back when the poem was first posted, Star said something along the lines of “They all represent a character.” Now our job is to figure out who those characters are.

On April fools, Funguy decided to put scrambled words on the 6th page of every chapter:

00 Tgnllrveai Travelling
01 ouls soul
02 od do
03 ton not
04 esek seek
05 ermo more
06 peorw power
07 eaOhpnrd Orphaned
08 hdcli child
09 od do
10 nto not
11 sole lose
12 oruy your
13 wya way
14 Wneaidgnr Wandering
15 dgo dog
16 yam may
17 uoy you
18 fndi find
19 oyro your
20 woenr owner
21 Burngin Burning
22 lwfero flower
23 mya may
24 ouy you
25 nfid find
26 uoyr your
27 tiahf faith
28 gsreneitg greetings
29 I!!!! I!!!!
30 ma am
31 ese see
32 uoy you
33 in het in the
34 krda dark
35 (page 11) this link

Reading these two poems, there are obvious constants: burning flower, orphaned child, wandering dog.
The differences: the first poem mentions a lurking evil and the second one travelling soul.

I will be posting my actual theories about what these characters are another time, but do send in your theories!