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“Breakups: Long-Term vs. Short-Term Relationships” - Full Comic

The older generation of Rooster Teeth will remember in Immersion that before Michael and Gavin

and before Gus became a scientist.

It used to be Griffon and Burnie

and Gus used to be a lab rat with Geoff.

Just some quick Rooster Teeth info the newer generation might not have known.

I really want Jensen to see this because I really want to thank him for making her smile like this again! She was burned bad in an explosion and spent the summer in the hospital, her only wish the whole time was to meet Jensen and she finally did it and it was worth everything!! I can never thank him enough for giving her those few moments where no one was looking at her scars and she didn’t feel the need to hide away, to see that was worth everything no amount of money or cards could do what those few seconds with him did and I will be forever grateful! And I would love for him to know how much it meant to her and our family