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Yo check out that sweet Etsy shop.

Why do you need help?
I was supposed to be home Saturday afternoon. Four cancelled flights and an airline switch later, I’m not getting back until Tuesday afternoon…hopefully.

So what’s the big deal?
Well, besides losing four days of my life to this, I have also lost a lot of money. Between a hotel, food, booking a new, more expensive flight, and most importantly, losing work time, I am out a lot more than a few hours of pacing in an airport terminal.

Okay, so, how can I help?
My Etsy shop is the number one way to help curb these expenses. I am not asking for donations, etc. That’s not what I’m about and there are far more worthy causes for charity. Every single order helps, and hey, you get something in return (other than my extreme gratitude)!

Here’s one more link for the road. If you can’t afford to get stuff, hey, that’s cool, and I understand. Can you do me a favor and pass this on, especially if you have friends prone to liking these characters? Thank you!

Books and Cupcakes June 2015 Book Photo Challenge


I lasted only 6 weeks before breaking my Book Buying Ban again…. Oh well.