burned over

this is Prince Amponsah, a black actor who lost both his arms and nearly his life in a fire. He had severe burns over 60+% of his body.

he plays Havigan, the de facto leader of a group of proto-cyborgs called ‘Hackmods’ in the SyFy series Killjoys.

idk man I don’t want to make this into inspiration porn or w/e I just think this dude deserves some recognition.



Saenesys finally reached her chamber and promptly threw herself onto her bed. It was a mistake; the bed was hard and lumpy despite all the blankets and pillows she had placed on it. The bed, like most of the furniture in the room, was old. Her bedside table was permanently covered in wax from candles burned over the years, and her dresser was beaten and chipped all over while the mirror above it was so clouded that one could barely see their reflection.

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I love Romanogers as much as the next person, but lord please I need a scene with Steve, Natasha and Bucky all standing next to each other. Because lord knows I’m gonna end up writing a fic with both super soldiers leaving beard burns all over Nat. And the fact that now Steve has long hair, oh god someone please stop me.

Niv-Mizzet made the right choice when he decided Zarek shouldn’t be Maze Runner. His mistake was thinking someone like Zarek could accept that he wasn’t suitable for the job.
I can argue and explain my thinking here, but I would prefer not to fight or burn bridges over it.

babycade  asked:

If I were dating you I would cuddle you all the time like it's unreal. I would cook for you and just be the one who cleans all the time so you don't have to. I would compliment you all day long too

nah lil mama you ain’t cooking i am


at least i haven’t burned myself in over a year

ahem macaroni ahem


Pray for Marawi, Philippines

As I write this post, Marawi City in the Philippines is being besieged, burned, and taken over by Maute group*.

Colleges are being burned
Firetrucks have been overtaken
Hospital staff are hostages
Women are being taken
Soldiers are being shot at
Some have already been critically injured
Exits are being blocked

*erratum – previously cited as ISIS; corrected to reflect that the real group responsible is reported to be Maute group (an unrelated group to the MILF or ISIS)

(ATM. WE ARE NOT OKAY HERE!! Let’s be true and not fool the media about what’s happening atm to our place. There are things burning in the town and we’re not hearing any Fire truck sirens or what. And now lights are out and were hearing gunshots again. May God be with us through this hardships.)

(updates from our friend in marawi…

the city jail was burned
Dansalan College was burned
The church near Barangay Paypay was burned
isis is all over marawi
there’s a brownout right now
took over the fire station in Rizal)

@asrielisdeadandfloweyisabitch, this is what happens when you give me too much room for interpretation in a prompt~

[But seriously, I hope this is alright XD this dumb idea’s been sitting in my head for way too long and this gave me an excuse to go for it haha]

error belongs to @loverofpiggies 


Hyuk forehead/middle-part appreciation post

I’m so over slow burn fanfics that take like 47 chapters for them to kiss and then by chapter 48 they’re fucking.
Give me slow burn all the way through.
Like damn.
It’s not let’s make up for lost time it’s hey we’re both cautious people that like to take it slow.

Chinese theme park sets up ‘death simulator’ where volunteers can experience being cremated

Via Independent

Two Chinese philanthropists have created a “death simulator” allowing willing participants to experience cremation.

The Samadhi Game, located in a corner of the Window of the World amusement park in Shenzhen, opened in September 2014 and for roughly £26 simulates players’ deaths by placing them in a coffin and then transporting them to the incinerator.

Once inside, players are then blasted by hot air (up to 40C) and light to create an “authentic experience of burning,” according to its creators, Huange Weiping and Ding Rui.

When the “burning” is over, volunteers see a womb projected on the ceiling and must crawl until they reach a large, white padded area – supposedly representing a womb – where they are “reborn”.

Approximately 50 per cent of Chinese elect for cremation upon their deaths, and the creators told CNN they went to extensive lengths to ensure their simulation was accurate, including visiting a real crematorium and being placed inside.

Much of the start-up costs were covered by Jue.so, China’s version of kickstarter, with more than $65,000 raised. Similar operations have successfully opened in South Korea and Taiwan.

Actual quotes from “The War”, EXO's album:

“Yeah, I want it, yeah, I need it.”
“You can tease me however you want.”
“Baby, a time just for us. What you do? Like this, ooh, I love you, ooh.”
“Baby we can go higher.”
“I want to lean into this night and wrap myself around you.”
“Come closer so I can feel more, I want to go even farther.”
“Let’s stay up all night.”
“I’ll cover you warmly with my whole body.”
“I’m thirsty, thirsty.”
“Yo, nice skirt, you push me up to the mound pitcher.”
“Put it to work.”
“Hit me and we’re going hard.”
“Something completely raw.”
“Let’s take this to the end, rock and roller.”
“A fire burning even deeper, not knowing how to stop, a burning heat all over my body, enduring through time.”
“I’m already back to you tied up.”
“I keep going deeper, like I’m addicted to you.”
“An adrenaline rush, pumping through my whole body. I don’t know what you do to me.”
“Up and down like a roller coaster.”
“I spread through you softly, like something familiar.”
“It goes down, down baby, leave your body to the rhythm. It goes down, down baby, let it go and scream.”
“Baby, are you down?”
“It’s our last night, a night just for us. Don’t be nervous and come to me, leave it all to me.”
“And my hands lose their way, baby, my hands, my hands.”
“In front of me now you’re feeling good now. Yeah, I’m feeling good now. (…) My mind blacks out.”
“I wake up my imagination and come up with hundreds of ideas of you.”
“With just one small move of your hands you can completely shake me up. Shake it, babe.”
“Your pale fingertips… Oh, like they’re trying to tempt me. Sometimes like they don’t care. Your gestures make me dizzy, show me more of you.”

“You have married an Icarus,

He has flown too close to the Sun…”