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King of Memes

Or, how Tony Found Out About Bucky’s Blog. 

Tony couldn’t seep. Sometimes he managed a few hours if he was tired enough, so usually he went to the gym and worked out until he was exhausted. Tonight, though, he found the gym already occupied: Barnes, with his hair tied up, working steadily at the heavy bag. Normally Tony would make an awkward comment and leave him to it, but instead he just heads for the opposite side of the gym. After setting up at one of the far treadmills, Tony worked his way to a easy run. Barnes was laying his fists rhythmically into the bag, and the quiet thumping was sort of strangely soothing. Between the running and the thumping, Tony slipped into a near-trancelike state.

 And then Barnes let out an ungodly howl, drew back his left fist, and slammed it straight through the heavy bag with a roar of, “DIE A THOUSAND BURNING DEATHS!”

Tony fell off the treadmill, scrambled to his feet, and booked it to the elevator.

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holy shit you guys there was a spider on my punching bag !!! thanks to my many years of combat experience & martial arts training things are okay now

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Y’all cis ppl aren’t allowed to write trans characters until you learn there’s absolutely no circumstance under which it’s okay to deadname your character.

Full stop. Y’all aren’t allowed to write trans!Steve, because if I have to read one more “Stephanie” ever again I will burn my blog and take the Tumblr servers down with me.

“Anarchy can’t work”, the 15 year old conservative with an anime icon replied, smugly.  “Sure it can.” I reply, firm in my convictions.  “No, it ignores human nature!” the teen replies, clearly the first person to say this to me. 

 I am defeated.  I sulk back to my room and burn my anarchist stuff.  I deactivate my tumblr blog.  I pick up the black combat boot I’ve kept just in case of this precise occasion.  I lick it. 

One last thing

Just to clear things up: I only ship sheith because I personally see all the Paladins bar Pidge as over 18. This is my interpretation of the show and although someone who headcanons them as below 18 is just as valid, them calling me out for their own views of the show make no sense.

I am not a pedophile apologist, I think they deserve to burn in hell. That’s all I have to say.

I couldn’t get this out of my head so I’ll go ahead and write it down, here have some established!Pynch fluff:

  • Ronan and Adam sharing the small space of Adam’s mattress, their heads on the same pillow, breaths warm and mingling
  • Ronan moving his head to Adam’s shoulder so there’s more space for Adam on the pillow, and the latter smiling and pressing his lips to Ronan’s forehead
  • Adam hiding his face in Ronan’s neck, because they’ve moved throughout the night, and now he’s sprawled over Ronan; who is warm and solid and who somehow still smells great, despite the early morning hour
  • Adam nosing at Ronan’s stubble after they wake up and biting down a grin when Ronan’s face suddenly feels hot against his
  • Adam feeling heat flooding his own face when Ronan kisses his eyelids and runs gentle fingers down his cheek and across his lips
  • Ronan’s heartbeat picking up when Adam casually grabs his hand at Monmouth, laces their fingers together, and carries on talking to the others casually (as if the entire world didn’t just pinpoint itself to his thumb rubbing circles into Ronan’s skin)
  • Adam’s smiles coming easier around Ronan and gradually becoming softer, until he’s thinking holy shit and I adore him and I think I’m in love
  • Adam working an extra shift just so he can scrape enough money to go buy another nicer new pillow to add to his shitty mattress. And when Ronan sees it he knows right away that this is why Adam had extra hours the past two days and he knows what this means and that it’s for him, and he doesn’t know what to say about it, 
  • he’s standing there in the middle of Adam’s apartment, staring at the mattress like an idiot, heart beating fast, and Adam is resolutely not looking at him and trying not to stammer out an explanation that Ronan doesn’t need, and suddenly Ronan is there kissing him and it’s soft and sweet and it probably says as much as the stupid pillow does
  • Afterwards, Ronan murmurs “You’re such a loser, Parrish” and Adam smiles and kisses him again, achingly sweet, and that’s all they say about it
  • Adam still ends up with his head tucked against Ronan’s neck that night, both pillows gladly forgotten

Last Saturday, I talked Dragon age with a friend of mine. After speaking about Solas a whole lot, she told me I should check out @corseque tumblr since she often posted really neat character stuff about dragon age, she also liked Solas AND she really liked beauty and the beast (which was like my favorite fairy tale growing up). I’m glad I did. ( thank you miss Corseque UuU)

When I was on there, I found this new manga I had never heard of and looked super intriguing.
“Mahou tsukai no yome” OR in english “The ancient Magus Bride”
 So I checked it out and it’s like… the best. Look at those sweetie pies! They are so cute!!