burned brightly

i romanticized us so much
that even when you made me cry
i thought of my tears as stars spilling from the sky
coming together to create constellations
of two lovers dancing through space together.
—  but we were a supernova at best; together, we burned so brightly that the universe couldn’t handle us
(cc, 2017)

anonymous asked:

sometimes credence has these wild bursts of obscurus energy, flinging magic left right & centre, burning SO brightly until he becomes the absolute definition of "burnt out" when his body can't take it anymore & he collapses in a heap & is left practically catatonic for days while graves has to care for him & cast healing spells over him & spoon feed him little bites & hold his chin up to help him drink... ;-;

ahhhh maybe they’re spurred by being in danger? Or if newt/graves or even tina or queenie are threatened?

Aries Venus: Her attraction is fiery, she is not your normal gentle Venus, she goes after what she wants. She is impulsive in love.

Taurus Venus: Earthy with the smell of patchouli, she embodies Venus sensuality and comforts, she is slow-moving but welcoming.

Gemini Venus: You can’t ignore her youthfulness in love, she entices you in a whimsical way, she stimulates you, go and chase her.

Cancer Venus: Here the magical and mysterious Moon entices you, she calls to you like a siren but is protective and private. Nurturing in love.

Leo Venus: Venus energies turn vibrant and bold, she is drama and romance, she is generosity and passion, she burns brightly for you.

Virgo Venus: Practical at heart but if you pay attention you can see her yearning, little devil in disguise, she will take care of you.

Libra Venus: Light, airy, charming, she is Miss Venus/Aphrodite, she can be gentle and dreamy, she leads you in with a beautiful light.

Scorpio Venus: A very intense Venus, replace pinks with reds and blacks, can’t escape her gaze, intimacy and love go hand in hand. Feel her sting.

Sagittarius Venus: Her energy is wild, can you keep up? Here Venus has joy and luck, she shoots her love arrow with great aim.

Capricorn Venus: Cold energy replaces Venus usual warmth but they attract with wit, confidence, a stable aura. Is highly committed. She entices you with her unapproachable vibe, you can sense her hidden passion and desires.

Aquarius Venus: She is odd, electric, her love can be a positive light, connects with your mind, her energy unpredictable, she accepts you.

Pisces Venus: Waters flow with imagination and romance. She brings you into a misty dream. She heals, gives, takes, she engulfs.

What the signs crave

Aries: Captivation. Someone who not only captures but holds their flickering flames of interest, someone they can’t look away from if they tried, who melts their hearts with slow burning lava.
Taurus: Fluidity. In the midst of their sturdy calm, someone who will surprise them and move them, who pushes them to their limits, who is exasperating and irresistible.
Gemini: Adoration. Someone who loves the quickness of their minds, who thinks they are the world’s most beautiful puzzle, who touches them like they are a map they will never quite completely understand.
Cancer: Security. In the depth and curves of Cancer’s love, they crave someone who is unwavering, who will forever hold their hand.
Leo: Passion. Someone whose heart burns as brightly as theirs does, someone whose fierce spirit matches their own, whose kisses are intertwining flames.
Virgo: Understanding. Someone who studies them carefully, who knows that they try their hardest, who loves their quirks and reads their bodies, who makes them feel like their every movement is a blessing.
Libra: Determination. Fearful Libras with fleeting hearts crave someone who will go to the ends of the Earth for them, someone who proves with every smile that they hold unconditional love.
Scorpio: Acceptance. Someone who knows their darkest shadows and brightest lights and loves it all, who never lets them forget that love.
Sagittarius: Freedom. The spirit of Sagittarius is untamed, and never will be; they crave someone who will travel the world with them, who looks at them like they are the universe but will always set them free.
Capricorn: Romance. The misunderstood, intricate heart of Capricorn craves boldness and sweetness, romance and adoration that overwhelms them, makes them feel like they have the world in their hands.
Aquarius: Excitement. Someone who startles them, who takes their hand and leads them to new worlds, who makes them laugh harder than they ever have, whose mind is filled with things they never knew existed.
Pisces: Fascination. Someone who delves into their worlds, who explores them and listens to their soft spoken stories at 3 AM, who theorizes and hypothesizes with them, who never tires of hearing them speak.

Spectacular collision of stars will create new star in night sky in 2022

1800 years ago two stars were coming together in a huge cataclysmic explosion. The light from that collision will finally arrive on Earth creating a new star in the night sky - dubbed the ‘Boom Star’ - in an incredibly rare event which is usually only spotted through telescopes.

Before their meeting the two stars were too dim to be seen by the naked eye, but in 2022, the newly formed Red Nova will burn so brightly in the constellation Cygnus that everyone will be able to to see it.

For around six months the Boom Star will be one of the brightest in the sky before gradually dimming, returning to its normal brightness after around two to three years. 

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Highly sensitive (introverted) people process their environments - both physical and emotional - unusually deeply. They tend to notice subtleties that others miss - another person’s shift in mood, or a lightbulb burning a touch too brightly.
—  Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
The highly sensitive [introverted] tend to be philosophical or spiritual in their orientation, rather than materialistic or hedonistic. They dislike small talk. They often describe themselves as creative or intuitive. They dream vividly, and can often recall their dreams the next day. They love music, nature, art, physical beauty. They feel exceptionally strong emotions–sometimes acute bouts of joy, but also sorrow, melancholy, and fear. Highly sensitive people also process information about their environments–both physical and emotional–unusually deeply. They tend to notice subtleties that others miss–another person’s shift in mood, say, or a lightbulb burning a touch too brightly.
—  Susan Cain, from ‘The Power of Introverts’

River Phoenix | my Favorite Photos

“Some are bound to die young, By dying young a person stays young in people’s memory. If he burns brightly before he dies, his brightness shines for all time”Unknown

The highly sensitive [introverted] tend to be philosophical or spiritual in their orientation, rather than materialistic or hedonistic. They dislike small talk. They often describe themselves as creative or intuitive. They dream vividly, and can often recall their dreams the next day. They love music, nature, art, physical beauty. They feel exceptionally strong emotions–sometimes acute bouts of joy, but also sorrow, melancholy, and fear. Highly sensitive people also process information about their environments–both physical and emotional–unusually deeply. They tend to notice subtleties that others miss–another person’s shift in mood, say, or a lightbulb burning a touch too brightly.
—  Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
A Brush With Death - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Prompt: Yayy! Can you do an imagine where the batfamily (and batmom) are going to this charity event the boys & bruce patrol bc of a looming threat? And then when they leave batmom gets shot near her heart & almost dies and they seek revenge (requested by @imagination-factory)

“Shit.” You swore under your breath as you danced with your husband. Over his shoulder you spied the bat symbol burning brightly in the overcast night sky.  

“It just turned on didn’t it?” Bruce asked so that only you could hear, not bothering to look over his shoulder at what he already knew was there.

“You betcha.” You said.  Bruce dropped his head and let out a quiet sigh into your hair.

“I have to go.” He said, full of regret.

“Go. I’ll handle your speech.” You reassured. “Go save the world.” You encouraged shooing him away from the dancefloor. He smiled gratefully towards you and pulled his phone out of his pocket to take a ‘phone call’ as he hurried out of the party.

You made your way over to the MC to let him know the change to the program and that your husband had to leave early for a ‘business emergency’. He looked a little annoyed by the sudden change but out of respect for the amount of money the Waynes donate to this program he made the wise decision not to complain to your face.

One by one you watched as each of your boys slipped out of the party and snuck off to help their father fight god knows what. You were flying solo tonight.

“…  Ladies and gentlemen it is my highest honor to welcome Mrs. [Y/N] Wayne to the stage.” The announcer said, giving your cue to ascend to the podium. As you smiled a bright friendly smile to the cameras and guests you couldn’t help but to think thank god for teleprompters. You greeted the microphone with a lighthearted joke about your workaholic husband and how he regrets that he had to bow out early.

“As you all are well aware, tonight is a very important night for this foundation. Not only because of the generosity of the donors tonight but also because by the end of tonight each and every one of you will be able to say you made a difference … In Gotham nonetheless!” You said cheerfully the crowd laughed politely at the speechwriter’s attempt at a joke. “Now it is my utmost honor to announce that the proceeds tonight will go directly to building an orphanage for Gotham’s most disenfranchised children. Every child needs a place to call home and with your generous donations we here at the Wayne foundation seek to make that ideal a reality. Thank you.” You said before handing the mic back over to the host of the evening.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the ever so enchanting Mrs. Wayne.” He praised as you stepped off the stage. A round of applause erupted and you gave a small gracious bow to the audience.

‘Shit. I should be a politician with the amount of ass kissing I’m giving and receiving tonight.’ You thought to yourself behind your charming smile.

The celebratory atmosphere was quickly sliced through when the sound of gunshots rang out through the crowd. Just as quick as you heard the shots, a stab of pain ripped through your chest. It’s funny you’d think that your life would have flashed before your eyes or you would have thought about the people you love but all you could focus on was the sound of your heart pounding in your ears. Each heartbeat growing weaker than the last.

/N] … Mrs. Wayne! Focus on the sound of my voice. Help’s coming alright? Just listen to me ok? God damn it!  Aren’t any of you overstuffed peacocks a doctor?” A murky voice called out to you. Spots danced across your eyes and your vision blurred obscuring the crowd of doctors and paramedics surrounding you.  

Your vision went completely black and you were certain that you were never going to wake up again but the next thing you knew you were slowly coming to in a bright sterile hospital room. The obnoxious beeping pierced through your head like ice picks being shoved into an angry hornet’s nest.

“Fuck me.” You croaked, squinting at the harsh lighting.  Every part of your body hurt. Either someone needed to pump you with more drugs or put a bullet in your brain to finish the job.

“Hey.” Bruce whispered gently sitting up from chair he had been sitting in to stand by your side. He gently brushed your hair away from your face.

“What the hell happened, Bruce?” You asked.

“You were shot [Y/N]. It was supposed to be me up there but you were put in their line of fire instead. I’m so sorry. I swear I’m going to make whoever’s responsible pay.” Bruce promised, his tone darkening with his promise.

“Where are the boys?”

“Hunting.” He said simply. “We’re all angry about what happened, [Y/N].”

“Any chance you can rein in the cavalry? All I want right now is all of my boys to be here. Almost dying puts shit into perspective, you know?” You said weakly. Bruce’s hand moved to firmly grasp yours.

“I’ll make the call, Darling. But you know they’re all going to be restless until someone is thrown into Blackgate with broken bones and a life sentence.” Bruce replied gently.

“I know.” You smiled weakly. “I just really want to see my boys right now, Bruce.” You said, your voice quivering slightly with the tears that were threatening to overtake you.

“I know, love, I know. They’ll be on their way soon.” Bruce hushed, pressing a tender kiss to your forehead. Your family would be with you soon enough and all would be right in the world. Coming so close to death, you had half a mind never to let them go again.

The tears welled in Michonne’s eyes when she saw his glaze over; Rick was really heeding her words, despite how adamant he had been not to engage in a battle with the Saviors. She felt her heart rate quicken as he said, “Yeah, I know that now.”

Low. Husky. Honest.

He stepped closer to and repeated his admission, “I know that now.”

His strong hand came to cup her face before he leaned in and captured her plump lips in a kiss that grew heated immediately. The longing and craving evident in the way his mouth devoured hers; his tongue finding hers as eager as his own.

Michonne broke the kiss to catch her breath and to gaze into his eyes as her fingers threaded through his curls; she saw desire burning brightly as Rick’s lips met hers and he pressed his body closer. The heat radiating from both of them and the smell of sweat mingled with their desire was intoxicating.

He walked her backwards to the wall as his hand found her backside. Rick gave it a squeeze before shifting his mouth to her neck where he sucked vigorously, knowing that was exactly what she liked.  

Michonne let out a heavy whimper that set Rick’s cock hard. He ground his hardness against her out of habit and kissed her mouth again. Rick began to undo his belt buckle and zipper while Michonne pulled her top over her head and unclasped her bra; the garments fell away and Rick admired her form for a brief moment. He then cupped one of her pert breasts and ran a finger over the nipple before lapping his tongue over the other. Michonne moaned once more and ran her fingers through his hair again. She felt a familiar pooling at the delta of her thighs, accompanied by a delicious but soft quivering.

Achingly, Rick freed himself from his jeans and Michonne reached between their bodies until her hand found his dick. She loved how hard he was and gave him a few fervent strokes. Rick let out a low growl as his eyes rolled shut. He had missed the feeling of her skillful touch. She ran her thumb over his tip as precum drizzled from it; she rubbed him harder and caused his breath to hitch.

Rick was by no means an impatient lover, but he so desired to be inside of Michonne in that moment that he had to stop her ministrations for fear he would come undone in her hands. He focused on releasing her belt and zipper. He slipped his hand into the front of her panties and massaged her swollen lips; he dipped a finger between her slick folds and was pleased to find her wet for him. He thumbed her clit a few times before pulling her jeans and panties from off of her hips.

Kneeling down, Rick parted her thighs and then used his tongue to lick her slit slowly, teasingly; he wanted to taste her so badly. She bent her knees and held his head in place as he worked his mouth over her pussy. He took his time while he licked and sucked, despite his own desire pulsating. They both lost track of time as they were drunk with want and need. Not too soon thereafter, her grip tightened on his curls as she found her release. She felt lightheaded as her body shook slightly from Rick’s attentions.

After catching her breath, Michonne kicked off her boots and stepped out of her jeans as Rick lowered his and took up a seat on the cold, cement floor. The throbbing in his cock was brash though it quieted the feeling of the coolness against his bare buttocks. He disregarded the cold floor completely as Michonne straddled him and slid his dripping, veiny length inside of her warm center. She rolled her hips slowly at first before sliding up and down his shaft; she rubbed her crux against Rick and her body was again ignited. His hand gripped her hips as his eyes tried to focus on her naked form in the darkness.

After several moments, they clasped their hands together as Michonne set a steady rhythm atop her lover. His low moans and deep gasps matched her own as their bodies writhed in pleasure. He bit into her shoulder when she clenched her walls tightly around his length; his breath hot on her skin. She called out his name softly as the beginnings of her climax rippled sparingly through her core.

In the light of the new dawn, they would deal with their choice to fight, but at that moment, as they sated one another in the dark, they reaffirmed their bond in every way that they could; through spoken words and carnal promises.

To become more aware is to sleep more soundly, to cease twitching and tossing. It is only when we get beyond phantasy, beyond wishing and dreaming, that the real conversion takes place and we awake re-born, the dream re-becomes reality. For reality is the goal, deny it how we will. And we can approach it only be an ever-expanding consciousness, by burning more and more brightly, until even memory itself vanishes.
—  Henry Miller, The Wisdom of The Heart