burned almonds

At dawn, my pain rises with red cheeks and covers my body with a wild and opulent absence of flowers. Everything is lily, lilac, arias of freesias for me, inaudible hymn of iris and trumpet of amaryllis, I have everything I do not have, lack celebrates with me the inexpressible ecstasies of satisfaction, I have your invisible and heavy hands upon my breasts, I am an almond tree that burns without rest.
—  Hélène Cixous Manna: For the Mandelstams for the Mandelas
The Signs As Scents

Aries: Cinnamon, almonds, burning wood

Taurus: Baked cookies, chocolate, maple

Gemini: Strawberries, lemon, honeysuckle

Cancer: Roses, butterscotch, pecans

Leo: Citrus, sunscreen, movie theater popcorn

Virgo: Fresh laundry, lily, new car smell

Libra: Pumpkin, caramel, marshmallows

Scorpio: Lavender, cherries, jasmine

Sagittarius: Freshly mowed grass, pine, rain

Capricorn: New books, apples, Lush

Aquaruis: Oak, brewed coffee, banana bread

Pisces: Vanilla, ginger, the ocean breeze

Tip #30

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Sabbat Incenses & Herbs

This is a guide for preparing magical events in conjunction with the Sabbats. Although spell work is not normally conducted at this time, the home or surroundings may be aligned with the Sabbat energies with scented candles, incense, and decorations.

Yule: burn bay, bayberry, chamomile, frankincense, rosemary, sage; decorate with holly, juniper, mistletoe, oak, pine cones, cedar, evergreen, blessed thistle.

Imbolc: burn basil, bay, benzoin, celandine; decorate with angelica, myrrh, yellow, white, or light blue flowers.

Ostara: burn celandine, cinquefoil, fasime, rose, tansy, violets; decorate with acorn, corcus, daffodil, dogwood, honeysuckle, iris, lily, strawberry.

Beltane: burn almond, ash, cinquefoil, frankincense, marigold, meadowsweet, woodruff; decorate with angelica, bluebells, daisy, hawthorn, ivy, lilac, rose, primrose, wildflowers.

Litha: burn chamomile, cinquefoil, elder flower, fennel, lavender, mugwort, thyme, vervain; decorate with hemp, larkspur, pine, rose, St. Johnswort, wisteria.

Lughnassadh: burn cornstalks, heather, frankincense, wheat; decorate with acacia flowers, corn ears, hollyhock, myrtle, oak leaves, wheat.

Mabon: burn benzoin, marigold, myrrh, sage, thistles; decorate with acorns, asters, ferns, honeysuckle, milkweed, mums, oak leaves, pine, rose.

Samhain: burn heather, mullein, patchouli; decorate with acorns, apples, pumpkins, oak leaves, straw, broom, dittany, ferns, flax.

From Ann Moura’s “Grimoire for the Green Witch”

Find the book here.

Please research all herbs before use.

Pro tip:

Following essential oil-based skin care literally makes you glow.

Coconut oil: makeup removal, facial cleansing
Tea tree oil: blemish and acne control
Avocado oil: fine lines/wrinkles, sun burn, eczema, psoriasis
Sweet Almond oil: all over facial moisturizer
Rosemary essential oil: toner
Lemon essential oil: dark marks/discoloration

**If you have sensitive skin you may have to dilute some oils with a base/carrier oil or water.

Meeting The Dad || Calum Hood

i’d be pretty fucking nervous if i were cal still


“Calum, you’re clicking your teeth again,” you comment with a giggle. With one hand, you lift up his jaw to close his mouth and end the annoying noise. “Can you relax?”

“I don’t think Calum knows what that is right now,” Michael joked, having Ashton chuckle with him. 

“How can you tell me to relax, Y/N?” Calum exclaims, having his hand shake faster in your hand. “You’re Y/N Rose, the daughter of Axl fucking Rose; a music legend!” 

“So what? He’s still just my dad,” you say nonchalantly, causing the rest of the boys to laugh at Calums pale face. Today, you were finally going to introduce Calum to your father, Axl Rose, and the rest of Guns N’ Roses. Calum was extremely nervous when you told him a little beforehand. He and the boys looked up to Guns N’ Roses, hence why you decided to bring them along as well. They also wanted to be moral support for Calum, who is having a breakdown inside. 

“It’s one thing to be afraid to meet the dad,” Calum chokes out. “It’s another to meet the dad who is the lead fucking singer of Guns N’ Roses!

“Oh hush, he’s gonna love you!” You say with a soft smile as you guys walk to a stadium in Chicago. Your father was performing there and this was one of the tour dates for the boys. So it was the perfect day to introduce your boyfriend to your father and get them acquainted. “Awh, I’ve missed him! It’s been so long since I’ve hugged that big guy.” 

“B-big?” Calum stutters nervously. 

“He’s a bit round on the belly,” you muse as you see your fathers body guards outside the back door. “Hey ladies, guess who’s back and ready to rock?”

“Y/N!” They both say with lit up faces. You were familiar with the entire crew as you grew up with them for quite some time. They loved you for being you and not a snobbish brat due to some of the fame you have from your father. And they were basically your family when you were growing up. 

“We’re off to meet dad and the rest, d’you mind?” You say with a smile. They open the door, smiling at you brightly. “He’s gonna meet the bf, ya know?” Both guards look at Calum, giving him pats on the back with sympathetic smiles. 

“Good luck,” one of them says, having Calum practically shit his pants as you all walk inside. One of the guards escort you to the main stage, having you guys go from a dark space into the brightness of the outside. You smile widely as you see your father on the stage from afar. With his usual bandanna-contained hair and black shades. 

“Dad!” You cheered loudly, seeing as Axl turns around to give you a big smile. “Hey!” You begin to wave as you dashed over to the field to get on the stage. The boys follow your lead, having Calum run with uncertainty and nerves. 

“Baby girl!” You father yelled happily as you jumped into his arms. He held you tightly in his embrace and spun you around in the air. You giggled ecstatically before he put you down and held your shoulders. Looking down, his eyes sparkle at you as he hasn’t seen you in quite some time. “God, you’ve grown way too face, darlin’.” 

“And you’ve lost a bit of weight,” you chime as you poke his chest. You dad gives a hardy laugh as he grabs you in another tight embrace. He lightly messes with you hair as you laugh. 

“You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’, little lady,” Axl muses before he turns his attention to the boys. You look to the rest of Axls band, smiling when you see Slash and Duff. They were pretty much your uncles growing up. 

“Uncle Saul, Uncle Duffy!” You say enthusiastically, having your father turn to see you run into their arms. You smile up Slash, who looks down at you with his sunglasses and top hat. You then look at Duff, who tickles our face with his long, blonde hair. 

“You’re so lucky only you can call me Saul,” Slash jokes as he pokes your nose. No matter how old you got, they still treated you like the little girl they first met who hid behind her dad. 

“What brings you here, Y/N?” Duff asks politely. 

“Well, I knew we were gonna be in town during one of your tour places since we’re having a concert as well,” you start. “So I figured that it’d be the right time for my boyfriend to meet my father.” You walk over to your father and stand beside him with Slash and Duff standing at his other side. 

“It’s nice to meet you boys!” Axl begins, giving them a smile. “I’m Axl Rose!”

“Trust me, we know who you are,” Ashton says with much content. Michael and Luke were in shock to be in his presence, with Calum practically sweating bricks. 

“Which one is your fellow, baby?” Axl asks you, having his face turn happy to serious within seconds. 

“Well, you should know their names first, papa,” you say with a quiet giggle. “That one who just spoke is Ashton. He’s the drummer. Luke, the blonde, and Michael, the green-haired one, are the guitarists. And Calum over here is the bassist. They all do vocals as well, but Luke is the lead singer.” 

“So you must be the boy who stole my Princess’ heart,” Axl begins as he looks down at Luke happily. “I always figured she had a thing for the lead singer since I’m her dad and all–”

“Dad, Luke isn’t my boyfriend,” you giggled as Luke went completely pale. “Calum over there is my boyfriend. He’s the lead songwriter.” Axl walks over to Calum, hovering above him as Calum was practically breathless. 

“It’s s-so nice to meet you, sir!” Calum blurts out as he offers his hand out to your father. Axl studies Calum, making Calum more nervous than ever. You saw him pretty much dying from your fathers existence right in front of him. 

“So you’re the one who has my daughters heart…” Axl drifts off, giving Calum a very serious gaze. He was practically burning into Calums almond eyes. “Calum is it?”

“Yes, sir,” Calum says firmly, but nervously. 

“I must say, I didn’t think she’d be into the bassist,” Axl ponders out loud as he holds his chin in thought. 

“Hey, we bassists tend to be quite the charmers,” Duff intrudes, making you roll your eyes in amusement. Luke and Michael were still frozen from just being there. Ashton, with much balls, went over to meet the rest of Guns N’ Roses. He was always an open guy. 

“Have you been treating my daughter well?” Axl begins his fatherly duties, making you shake your head. 

“If he wasn’t, I wouldn’t be with him,” you answer the obvious question. 

“I asked him, Y/N!” You father said strictly, making you mute yourself as you listened. “Well? Are you?”

“I like to think so, Mr. Rose,” Calum says quietly. 

“Do you make her smile and laugh daily as much as you can?” Axl asks. 

“I’ve even dumped oatmeal on my head for her entertainment,” Calum says with a smirk, causing you to giggle from recalling that memory. Axl pays attention to your reaction and keeps it in mind. 

“No other girl around there?” Axl begins, giving Calum a glare. “You’re famous and all and you aren’t a bad looking lad, so girls are practically throwing themselves on you, no? You better not be having a thing with any of them while you’re with my life, pride, and joy.”

“There would be no other girl that could really shine brighter than Y/N,” Calum says, smiling fondly at you. “Getting to know her and spend time with her has been one of the best adventures I’ve been on. She’s something more than people just pin her as. She’s everything that I could really ask for with small flaws that add to her perfection. She’s patient, humble, supportive– there isn’t another girl for me. And if she left, I can honestly say that I would be beyond repair and girls would have to overdo themselves to be as spontaneous as your daughter is. She is beyond than being just ‘Axl Rose’s Daughter.’” You blush madly, feeling your heart explode from Calums words. 

“Hm?” You father responds. 

“–N-not that that isn’t impressive or anything!” Calum rambles. “You’re amazing and it’s a true honor to be dating your offspring–” Suddenly, you watch as your father grabs Calum into a warm embrace. “S-sir?”

“I’m glad my daughter found herself a good guy like yourself, Calum,” Axl says. Letting Calum out of his hug, he gives him a harsh pat on his back and laughs. “You’re a huge sap, but you’re actually pretty cool.”

“Axl Rose thinks I’m cool?” Calum breathes. “How am I even alive right now?” 

“By breathing,” you snort as you walk over to the two men. “So is he cool, dad?”

“Very,” Axl said with a nod of approval. “I trust him with you, he doesn’t seem like a heart breaker. But if he is, don’t think Guns N’ Roses is gonna let that slide.” You father warns, making Calum go pale again as you laughed. 

“Please stop scaring him, dad,” you say, shaking your head as you grab Calums hand. You give it a reassuring squeeze, having him squeeze back before he grabs you into a sudden embrace. 

“Ungh, I love you so much, Y/N!” Calum exclaims, having you feel warm in his embrace. 

“I love you, too, babe,” you say with a smile. 

“Now that we got that out of the way,” Axl begins, flashing his trademark smile once more. “How would you guitarists like some tips from good ‘ole Slash over here?” 

“T-tips from the S-Slash himself?” Luke stuttered in shock as Michael stares at Slash. He smiles before tipping his top hat a bit. “Please, tell us everything you can tell us!” Luke and Michael rush over to Slash, having him smirk at the boys before leading them to the guitars set up on stage. 

“Duff, mind giving my boyfriend a small little bass session?” You say, smirking at Calum, who was practically going insane. 

“Y-you don’t mind?” Calum asked, being as humble as ever. 

“Not at all!” Duff says as he holds two bass guitars. “The coolest girl I know is dating you and my best friend approves of you, so you’re rad with all of us. Right, Slash?” 

“Yeah!” Slash calls out from across the stage, having you laugh as your father chuckles. 

“Oh god, this is going to be amazing!” Calum squeals as Duff walks over to his amplifiers to teach Calum. But before he goes, Calum rushes over to you and grabs your waist. “I love you so much, Y/N. I don’t think I’ll ever want another girl that isn’t you.”

“I sure hope so,” you giggled, “but I love you, too, ya dork.” Exchanging a loving kiss, Calum flees to Duff to learn from a very talented bass player. Axl hugs you from the side as he plants a kiss on your head. 

“Gross, don’t ever kiss your boyfriend in front of me again,” you father shudders, sounding like a brat. You giggled as you fondly watch the boys gain tips from the very people who taught you what rock and roll is. 

Self care tips

•exfoliate your skin makes your skin healthy fresh and soft (get a dry brush or exfoliating gloves)
• use coconut oil good for hair,skin & nails even good for taking off ur makeup good for razor burns too
• almond oil is good for taking off ur makeup also
• drink a lot of water
•eat your vegetables and fruit they make you glow af
• at least exercise once a week it’s good physically and mentally
• use lush mascara its natural,cruelty free and vegan makes your eyelashes get longer and healthier

Magickal Uses for Almond

Planetary Association: Mercury
Gender: Masculine
Elemental Association: Air
Deities: Attis, Mercury, Thoth, Hermes

Magickal Uses: Wisdom, money, fruitfulness, and prosperity. Invokes the healing energy of the deities. Provides magickal help for overcoming dependencies & addiction. Associated with Candlemas and Beltane. Carry, wear, or use as incense to attract abundance.

Also Called: Greek Nuts, Shakad. Almonds break Fevers, increase Wisdom, and keep a Person from becoming Intoxicated when drinking Alcohol. If you climb to the Top of an Almond Tree, you can be sure of Success in all of your Business Dealings. If you carry Almonds in your Pockets, you will find buried Treasure. Almonds that are carried when the Moon is waxing will make Money increase. (Wood) Burn for money, riches and wisdom.

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Almond Drizzled Finnish Log Cookies

These buttery cookies are traditional snacks in Finland and are made with a variety of different nuts and toppings. Almonds are the most traditional. My log cookies are a bit small (perhaps really made them too skinny), but they tend to be cookies that are quite thick. Finnish Logs are quite an alternative to simple butter cookies. (Thank you to my boyfriend for taking this cute photo for me!)


  • 1 ½ cup flour
  • ½ cup butter
  • 1 egg yolk
  • ¼ cup sugar (adjust the amount to your preference)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1 egg white, lightly beaten
  • crushed or chopped almonds


1. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, butter, sugar and egg yolk. Mix thoroughly, then add in salt and vanilla extract. Continue to knead or mix the dough till it’s well mixed. If it’s too sticky, add in a small amount of flour.

2. Divide the dough into smaller portions. Then on a floured surface, roll out the dough into long ropes.

3. Next, using a brush, brush the lightly beatened egg white to the ropes, then sprinkle on the chopped almonds.

4. Cut into about 2 inch sections, and bake in the oven for about 10 minutes or so at 300′F. Try not to place the cookies at the top shelf, because the almonds might burn if it’s too close and too hot to the heating units.