atelier951 asked:

Hi! I recently found your blog and was really impressed with your work, especially the anatomy. I've tried drawing before and that's always my weakest area, so I was wondering if you had any tips/guides for better anatomy drawing. Thanks!

The most useful resources for me have been Classic Human Anatomy by Valerie L. Winslow, Drawing the Head and Figure by Jack Hamm, and a course I took under Rey Bustos - a student of Burne Hogarth who eventually took over for him. I had to do a lot of sculpting to learn anatomy under him. Turned out Valerie was a classmate of his, as they both have a similar teaching style as Burne Hogarth. 

And of course, study a lot from life drawing courses and photos as well as other art. I would also recommend Michael Hampton’s work. 

Anatomy is a system and once you learn the parts you build a language and a new method of control over the figure.

There will be a while where your work stiffens up and may even end up looking worse for a time because you’re absorbing a ton of new information, and applying the correct anatomy while trying to keep the gesture and energy will be the hardest challenge - because you’re aware of a ton of new things that the figure needs. You just have to push through that, break it down into geometrical forms and don’t get too caught up in the fine details. 

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