hahahaha nhaingen, speak french to me now.

skrtomg : Actually, I don’t mind not speaking French in a fandom (well, I do think people are really missing out on my french south park puns) but I’m used to share my enthusiasm for something with everyone I know, and since I can’t do that with SP it feels weird. I miss dumb stuffs like sending texts to friends where I rant about some characters, going to cons to meet people and see some cosplays, blah blah blah. I’ll survive, it’s just fandom, but it makes me feel a bit pathetic sometimes. Like when I see something SP-related in the streets/news/whatever and I’m like “wow I must send this to someone” and then I remember there’s no “someone” so I’m just sharing my enthusiasm with myself. Frustrating.

burnawayy : thank youu ;_; ! I’ll take this opportunity to say I do not agree with the idea of Stan having a beard, your bf is definitely wrong, I’m on your side.

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Don’t feel like a douchebag, youre a very cool person and I m sure you’ll be able to live off of your art because you have talent! (lol I’m really bad at supporting people sorry…..)

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Keep posting and keep talking with as many people as you can! My bf got his job as a bg designer because of a friend/connection he made online that loved his art! You never know what might happen!! You are amazing! Keep doing what you’re doing!

thanks guys  U mU

its just always a struggle between mindsets for me. SIGH

but thank you

(fuck it, I’m posting it here)

Because you guys are all amazing. Every person in this fandom has always been so unbelievably kind. I first joined the South Park fandom in 2008 (holy fuck) and although I took a long hiatus from it, I eventually found my way back. You all mean so much to me, new and old friends alike. Thank you all for always being so lovely. I attribute a lot of my early improvement as an artist to this fandom, simply because of the hours upon hours spent drawing gay Stan/Kyle art in my room. I just…gah, I’m sorry.

I just wanted to let everyone know that you’re all fuckin’ awesome and I love this fandom so god damn much.