hahahaha nhaingen, speak french to me now.

skrtomg : Actually, I don’t mind not speaking French in a fandom (well, I do think people are really missing out on my french south park puns) but I’m used to share my enthusiasm for something with everyone I know, and since I can’t do that with SP it feels weird. I miss dumb stuffs like sending texts to friends where I rant about some characters, going to cons to meet people and see some cosplays, blah blah blah. I’ll survive, it’s just fandom, but it makes me feel a bit pathetic sometimes. Like when I see something SP-related in the streets/news/whatever and I’m like “wow I must send this to someone” and then I remember there’s no “someone” so I’m just sharing my enthusiasm with myself. Frustrating.

burnawayy : thank youu ;_; ! I’ll take this opportunity to say I do not agree with the idea of Stan having a beard, your bf is definitely wrong, I’m on your side.

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Don’t feel like a douchebag, youre a very cool person and I m sure you’ll be able to live off of your art because you have talent! (lol I’m really bad at supporting people sorry…..)

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Keep posting and keep talking with as many people as you can! My bf got his job as a bg designer because of a friend/connection he made online that loved his art! You never know what might happen!! You are amazing! Keep doing what you’re doing!

thanks guys  U mU

its just always a struggle between mindsets for me. SIGH

but thank you

I’m not sure why I made this because I feel like my headcanons for Stan are very like, boring, I’m not really imagining anything much different from what most other people are, but I thought I’d draw one up anyway! I wanna do one for every character at some point!

So yeah, he’s just a normal looking kid, I guess. I’m not much into Stan growing up to become goth or anything. I can see him playing sports in high school but slowly losing interest in his twenties, and being kind of conventionally attractive but not intimating or anything.