you've       got       blood       all       over

                                                        ash       all       over

                                                spit       it       out       son

                                                                   ɢ ᴀ ᴍ ᴇ s       ᴏ v ᴇ ʀ


The true Final Battle of Persona 3. Do not watch unless you’ve beaten it!

This game gives me the tinglies. Hard.

senkanmutsu asked:

If energy boost music is what you want, may I recommend any Persona boss (or even normal battle) theme. Mass Destruction, Master of Shadow, The Battle for Everyone's Souls, Burn My Dread (Last Battle), Reach out to the Truth, I'll Face Myself (Battle), Fog, The Almighty, and The Genesis. There are some in there with and without lyrics, all depends on what you want.

Oh trust me I adore Persona music, thank you!