The evil overlord has killed innocent people, burned cities, and actively suppresses all resistance in the world. On your quest to stop him, you have found out why, and it turns out he has a pretty damn good reason.

“Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away
Where innocence is burned in flames
A million miles from home, I’m walking ahead
I’m frozen to the bones, I am…

A soldier on my own, I don’t know the way
I’m riding up the heights of shame
I’m waiting for the call, the hand on the chest
I’m ready for the fight and fate

-” Iron" by Woodkid

Felt like drawing some dark stuff like the moment “the Champion” was born. I really believe that at some point this happened, as a defensive mechanism.
I hope they don’t do something equally bad to Shiro during the next season or so. He deserves to live and be happy :’(

Someone: *brings up the fact that in the show, Dany got her history wrong, burned a potentially innocent person alive in 5x05, can’t even look the person in the eye before she orders their execution in 5x02, lets her dragons loose without control, takes away Jon’s ship, holds Jon to a pledge a Stark ancestor made under the threat of death*

Someone: *brings up the fact that in the books, Dany tortured a child, is practically an imperalist, called Ned an usurper dog, dishes out ‘justice’ to the grand masters without trial, can’t control her dragons for shit, takes children as hostages, gives out threats*


I am so angry right now. Protesting against G20, okay, yeah, fine, go ahead. All those peaceful protests: Great, this is the right way. But what is happening in Hamburg is awful. What the fuck does vandalism, destroying local shops, attacking local flats and houses and FUCKING BURNING CARS of innocent people have to do with that?! Burning down the possesions of people who might even be prostesting right this second as well, or even if not, people who don’t have shit to do with it, is just plainly disgusting.

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i have no clue how you found it but yeah seems like

im still real tempted to do a thorough analysis on early-fma-Mustang and how hes presented so abiguously. 

ALSO FUN FACT, when Roy fights Lust in the manga? It was before the reveal that Maria Ross was alive. FMA:B swapped the order so that Ed finds Maria in episode 18 and everyone’s like “Oh damn that sneaky Mustang”, and then Mustang fights Lust in 19.

In the manga though, Havoc getting stabbed, Mustang getting left for dead, Riza crying for him, Mustang cauterizing his injuries and coming back at full rage to burn the life out of Lust? All that happens while (far as the reader knows) Mustang just burned an innocent woman to death for Hughes. 

Given how brutally he went after Maria for Hughes’s sake, and how brutally he went after Lust for Havoc and Hawkeye’s sake, in the manga Mustang probably just looks vengeance hungry. And frankly, its terrifying how quickly he’ll snap (ba-dum-pssh)

Mustang makes a lot of use out of putting on a facade and carrying out his real actions in secret. And its frankly fascinating how Arakawa lets us see his facades before we see his real intentions. 

Boy coulda been the villain

Trailing wishes

a/n: a short story I wrote for a writing club meeting.

There once was girl who was cursed by a mischievous jinn. Her parents stared on in horror as he laughed and said-

“No caveats. A wish free of strings.”

And then he disappeared.

But they had little to fear, because their daughter was also blessed with a bone deep wisdom. Her curiosity was crossed with brambles of temperance, a little bit of blooming pragmatism that prevented her from ever using the wish.

Her first test came when she was six.

She’d wanted a pony for so long…but there was no room in her bed and no room in her yard.

And while the wish battered at her pursed lips, she staunchly refused. The stars were glittering outside her window, beckoning her to make her wish. But she merely shook her head, and wrote down her desire in her yearly to Santa Claus.

She knew it wouldn’t give her what she wanted, but it was the best way to save herself the heartache of a wish.

Because there’s always a catch to the see sort of things.

She grows up with lessons of hard work. Her parents were immigrants. People who believed that the best of life could be reached through effort. So her blessed wish is tucked to the back of her memories.

She lives as she learns. Everything tastes so much sweeter with effort, and even when her hands are rough and she makes terrible mistakes, she simply laughs and files away that lesson for later.

She lives a good life into young adulthood.

And then it becomes one of bittersweetness.

Her mother is cursed with a failing body. The wish is close to breaking through. She’s close to her beside, and when she’s just about to say it, her mother’s eyes flare open and wildly look at her.

Her frail fingers wrap around her wrist and she says.

“Don’t. This is the way it should be.”

The girl merely weeps in agreement, and she learns to live with the lifelong resentment her father looks at her with after her mother passes.

So she lives and loves.

She meets a man. She loves him enough to tell him about her curse.

He calls it a blessing. That should have tipped her off to the worst part of him.

He’s loving. He’s cheerful. But she can’t really blame him for his greed. Ambition is a wonderfully potent thing, and when it clouds your sight, you’ll hurt to get what you want.

He hurts her. With words and with lovers.
He tells her, if you loved me, you would make that wish for me.

Still, her wisdom wins out over her aching, shattered love. She gathers the remnants of what she once felt for him, and hurls them into the depths of her soul.

There’s no need for a clean goodbye.

When he wakes to an empty bed and half the closet free, he regrets.

But she’s long since flown away, her wish trailing despondently behind her.

She travels instead.

She lets the love of humanity fill her to the brim, lets her smile unfurl for those she meets in a strange new land. She helps where she can and learns what she wants.

It’s an existence that comes not without a bit of effort, because in a distant land, she finds a jinn.

It’s a starry night. Her campfire is starkly bright orange against the dark rolling hills of the desert. The bedouins she travels with tell her stories, and when they head off to sleep, one by one, she stays awake. Listening to the crackling of the fire.

It seems to speak, and she swears she can hear it say-

“Why do you not make a wish?”

She answers with a smile of her own, slightly apprehensive that she speaks to a fire.

“Because I want to make my own path.”

The fire remains silent, innocently burning.

“Your own path?” The response comes from a delicately featured man who sits beside her.

He’s dressed in the robes of her travel companions. White and flowing, but his smile is curious and his eyes are golden as the embers that burn close to her toes.

She doesn’t know him.

But there’s something that unfolds at the back of her mind. An answer that tumbles like starlight to the tip of her tongue as she clamps down on her will.

He’s dangerously beckoning. Dangerously uncorking her curiosity.

But she stands firm in her humanity.

“I have no need for wishes, jinn.” She mutters stubbornly, picking at the folds of her blanket. She pointedly meets his gaze, determination etched into her expression. “As a matter of fact, if it’s in your ability, would you please take away the one you gave me.”

He laughs. It’s round, pretty type of laugh that sends shivers down her spine.

And then he shakes his head.

“I wasn’t the jinn that gave you that wish. But it calls me. It trails off of you like a comets’ tail. Are you sure you don’t want it granted?”

She shakes her head firmly, and she merely looks up at the star strewn sky.

“No thank you. I’m content.”

“Content. Not happy?”

“Happy too. And sad. And angry…and everything that I want to feel.”She simply shrugs.

“Curious…very curious. And would you rather spend the rest of your days wondering what would have happened if..”

“If what?” She asks dully, and then sighs. “If I’d wished for my mother to live? If I’d wished to be accepted into that graduate program? If I’d wished for my ex to be successful?”

“If you’d wished for a small horse.” He adds in blithely. And then he gives that same infuriating lovely laugh.

“Sure. If I’d wished for a pony, I’d be more than content…at that moment…when I was eight. If I’d wished she had lived, I would have lost her eventually and she would have hated me for taking away her choice. If I’d wished him success, would he have still loved me?”

She unravels for a bit as she says all of this, and he sees beyond the frustration and the hurt. She’s genuinely living. Hurting and laughing and understanding.

“And you’re correct. Who’s to say that the road not taken would have been a better life?”

“I can’t say. But life’s too short to regret.” She smiles at him. “But I’m going to keep going forward, even if all I am in the end is a shooting star that can’t last.”

“Fair choice.” He agrees and with a musing look. “I could learn much from you.”

She laughs.

“You could learn much from yourself, jinn.”

He makes his own wish. That he may stay to learn a bit more of how to live a life not plagued by certainty.

“May I stay with you until I learn?” He asks quietly, and while he may have an inkling of the future, his path is uncertain for once.

The girl simply shrugs her shoulders underneath her blanket.


He hums in gratitude, and they watch the stars wheel across the sky into a watery dawn. The wish trailing from her like a shooting star, and his own wish crackling like a patient fire.

His presence is explained in vague terms to her travel companions and is accepted with little suspicion.

And they live a life of learning and regrets. But still she makes no wish, and still, he stays by her side.

She grows old. He’s a being of magic and mayhem, and he does not.

As she’s dying, he holds her withered hand in between his. He is tearful, and for once, her curiosity is free from its bounds and it sparks in her eyes.

“Your wish…you’re falling, my dearest friend.”He tells her, his tears falling hot and heavy against her wrinkled smile.

And she whispers her last words-

“I wish I had lived a life where I made a wish.”

He doesn’t have anything to say to that, because she slumps back onto her pillow.

She made her wish while she still lived. There’s nothing left for him to grant.

He understands then what she had known all along. The value of accepting your choices is a precious thing.

People actually defending Daenerys by going down the 'It's not like she burned down cities or castles... they were only soldiers' route is the saddest thing coming from their corner yet

Is it so hard to admit that what she did there was wrong? Does she HAVE to be perfect? What is it, your golden girl must do for you to accept she is in fact NOT a glorious heroine savior princess without flaws?
When will you stop defending her? Never? She’s burning innocents, she’s burning food that was supposed to be for innocents, she’s enjoying burning people. It was not okay. No matter what you say, it w a s n o t o k a y

And yes, this honestly makes me angry, because it happens in the real world. I know it’s only a show, but war is real, war crimes are real, and they’re inexcusable, what Dany did there is inexcusable, others doing it too doesn’t make it right. It was not right.
Dany did some things wrong


“I will answer injustice with justice” is one of the most famous Dany-quotes out there, but I hate to break it to you: She answered injustice with injustice. 

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Tony’s Innocence

There was an innocence, to Tony Stark. It was part of him, as essential as his heart and guilt.

Not of death, he knew death as well as anyone living could. He had raged against it. He had had someone die for him, then take his hand and order him to live well. He had watched them breath their last, then set out to avenge them. Tony knew death like he knew coding, their immutable rules and constant presence.

Or of the flesh. Anyone who called Tony an innocent in that respect did not know enough about him to form an informed opinion. A night in his bed was a modern legend, for men and women alike.

Or the heart, for that matter. Betrayal, rejection, hate- they had shaped much of who he was and how he presented himself. He opened his heart with caution over time, for it was fragile now.

People, too, he had no innocence of. He knew the dark and filthy sides of people. Knew them in himself as well as others. He had never believed that all people were inherently good.

But the innocence he had was terrible and awesome, in the old senses: it did, or should, inspire terror and awe. It was an innocence that burned, consumed, shredded anything and everything in it’s path in order to remain alive.

It was inevitable that someday, Tony too would fall to it.

His innocence was that of hopeless hope. The certainty that he can fix things. The false knowledge that he could always repair, always improve, as long as he set his mind and heart to it.

Some things were unfixable. Tony would have to learn that. Or someday… he would find something unfixable. He would try and try, until his hands were bloody, his mouth parched, his mind in agony. Someday he would die of hope.

But… everyone dies sometime. Death was the price of life.

And who would Tony Stark be, without his hopeless hope?

Kay but, what’s with the ‘Jack has Lucifer in him, has hell in him, may follow him’?

Listen.  If Jack goes bad it will likely be because of an event/series of events.

Lucifer WAS  a good angel.  The brightest and best star.  He went insane because of the MOC (like Dean but ya know…for a lot, lot longer). 

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

It’s pure nature versus nuture thing.  Jack doesn’t have a MOC to make him a Captain Dickwad and his nature presumably is good or grey from both sides.

You would need to pre-establish Lucifer as originally bad before the MOC to make the nature argument.  Which considering Chuck’s comments is unlikely.

Originally posted by orpheaus

Samandriel would be burning innocents with a magnifying glass after wearing the MOC for a year. 

So yeah.  I return to ‘Jack is a blank slate’.  He’s not tainted by anything except his own power (only from the perspective of how power can corrupt) and the shadow of his father.