burn book

So, as well as never getting to see Wolfgang get rescued and eventually loved-up with Kala in Paris, Nomi and Amanita get married, Sun clear her name with the help (and adoration) of Detective Mun, Capheus make positive change in his city and beyond, Lito’s career soar in Hollywood with Hernando and Dani at his side, Riley and Will possibly have children, the whole cluster finally bring down Whispers and BPO for good with the help of many other Sensates, and all of the other amazing things future seasons (or even just a third and final season) of Sense8 would’ve brought, WE’LL NEVER GET TO SEE KALA “BRING IT, BITCH” DANDEKAR PUT THIS NASTY SKANK BITCH LILA FACCHINI IN THE GROUND. I AM RAGING. I AM DEVASTATED. CHOKE, NETFLIX.

Mean Girls Burn Book South Park style only its more secrets than burns.

- Butters cusses in his sleep
- Kyle likes to document good comebacks to say to Cartman if he’s being an asshole. (Which is all the time)
- Kenny once cosplayed as an Eskimo & built and igloo claiming he was one before Eskimo kissing Kyle.
- Cartman watches weight watchers because he low key likes to work out sometimes
- Pete (Goth kid) likes to dance alone in his room sometimes
- Michael was once caught wearing conformist clothing.
- Henrietta (goth) likes to listen to one direction. Its her guilty pleasure & she cried when Zayne left.
- Firkle (goth) experimented his first kiss with a boy
- Damien likes flowers because of the way they smell.

- Tweek highkey hates coffee and just drinks tea all the time which is more caffeinated than coffee. Hence why he twitches all the time.

Kids in need of secrets:

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