Obs&bh update

Current word count for chapter 3 - 18,648
Predicted word count for the completed chapter - just under 25k

I’ve still got a bit more of the chapter to write and then all the editing to do which will take a while and then it will be ready to be posted. I can’t give an exact day yet but when I know, I will.

I seriously miss my beautiful crispy boy so much! I honestly don’t know what I was expecting from Honest Hearts when I first played it, but it is still definitely one of my most favorite game DLC’s of all time!

I don’t even know how many years it’s been, but I’m still recovering from it not being canon to take him with me as a permanent companion. Graham, how could you hurt me?? D: 

(Had to reupload. Something went wrong last time.)

evan: oh my god what’s burning in here!?

jared, leaning against a wall: only my desire for u

evan: this room is literally on fire! ! ! ! 


“nah man, I WINGED it!”

this might be the last one for a while you guys hahahah my hand is hurting from drawing all the cherubs 

those that attempt to contact the things that they’ve
are called necromancers.
I get that,
we all want to romance the past every once in a while.
but what do you call it when,
in gusts of nostalgia,
you LOVE what’s not there?
when you skip the niceties and head straight for that uncommunicable feeling of need like a dreamer to a mirage,
when it’s been six weeks and you’re still kissing the right side of the bed before you roll out of it
still crying in the soft drink aisle at the grocery store
still committing to memory the shape that their spine took as they
walked away from you:
a question mark without an answer
without a question
without a reason.

I guess this is my way of saying that I need a name
for what I’m doing.
the quiet just isn’t enough,

anonymous asked:

I just read again (again and again) a scene and I understood that Viktor broke his leg because he got distracted when he saw Yuuri at his competition ????? (omg he already gets it sooooo bad. I love your work so much) !!!

Viktor hurt his leg because he was distracted by Yuuri and Yuuri crashed because he was distracted by Viktor. They’re both idiots

I cannot say enough about this artist. She was a pleasure to work with. She responded so wonderfully to ideas and suggestions and everything came out so incredibly. Honestly, this exceeded my expectations in every way. You should all go commission @orsane right now! Do it! Throw your wallets at her, she’s more than worth it!

I am so in love with Isala and Cullen in this I can’t even put it into coherent sentences. Eeeeee! The lighting, the textures, the expressions….SWOON!

Kara: So last night was…

Lena: Interesting.

Kara: Interesting, yes.

Lena: … It still kind of smells like burnt popcorn in here.

Kara: Yeah… it could also be the cake I just over cooked but you know… they say it’s good to experiment!

Lena: A bit like we did last night?

Kara: Exactly! Yes. So, uh, you mean the kissing, right? Because that was… an experiment. Or maybe more of an experience?

Lena: Yeah, of course. Would you say a good experience?

Kara: So good. Uh huh. Really, really great. Nice. Perfect. All the… positive adjectives.

Lena: Okay, that’s a relief, Kara, because things went a tad awol and that’s totally fine, but it’s good to know that you’re feeling okay about it.

Kara: Of course. I’m super okay about it.

Lena: 😄

Kara: 😄



Kara: … I’m sorry about the whole almost setting the kitchen on fire thing.

Lena: I was partly to blame. We were distracted. I was very distracted.

Kara: Yeah. Me too. And that popcorn just went crazy, right? Just like woah… ahh! Popping everywhere!


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