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This is a gentle reminder that no matter what you are going through, all of your efforts count.
Regardless of whether or not it feels like people notice, your hard work will all pay off, even if it just seems like you’re simply doing your best to survive.
Just in case no one has told you, thank you for refusing to stop shining in a world that grows darker by the day.
You matter, you always have, and that will never change.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (238/366)

it’s been a year since i met you.
a whole year.

there are about a million things i thought i would feel today remembering that,
but i didn’t anticipate the heavy ache
that shows no sign of subsiding soon.

i still want to believe you’ll turn around
to me with your eyes gleaming like the heavens
and that smirk that probably set hell ablaze.
you’ll speak my name again.

i tell everyone ridiculous things like,
‘i just feel like there’ll be more to our story,’
even though i know it’s irrational to believe.

i do believe myself when i say that, though.
i’ve never thought soulmates were real,
but if they are,
you’re mine,
and i hope i’m yours.

my love for you is infinite.

—  to infinity & beyond // by april