burn your wings

your prayer came to me on a clear night
newborn desperation on the tongue of a foolish human but
you were just one in seven and a half billion
alive at least
and angels are so busy fulfilling far more important miracles
than the one you prayed for
so I did not answer
I was a scornful angel though
perhaps why I fell
and what the others never told me was that when you fall
your wings burn on your back for days
long after you’ve hit the earth
you’re huddled in the dirt
praying for the end as they smoke with no mercy
until finally the sparks die off
and leave you panting for oxygen you have never needed before
my brothers and sisters were gone
cast me out to wallow at the feet of humans
minuscule of worth
and so not only did I breathe for the first time
but I cried as well
feeling the aching void where my wings once were
now I was
you saw me on the ground
caked in dirt and shame
and rushed over with quick feet
such a small being of a value I could not place
but I looked up at you nonetheless and said
your hands were warm as you helped me up
and suddenly that void on my back
whistled out of me with a breath
soft and easy
so I stopped looking for your value and instead
let a warmth envelop my being
like none an angel had ever gifted me
and next time I heard a desperate prayer
of an unimportant one
I held out my hand

Miriam K, fallen angel

@fallenpoets requested: “Hiya Dearie, I simply adore your poems ( and your aesthetic choices ^) and I’d love for you to write a poem for me. Preferably about a really sad Angel :(((( ~deAngelo”

Soulmate/Supernatural Sentence Prompts
  • "I've heard that you gain a pair of wings every time you meet your soulmate, but I've never seen someone gain three pairs at once before."
  • "I thought you couldn't speak English - oh, wait, doesn't that mean we're soulmates?"
  • "I'm not giving up my gills for a life on land; you have to give up your lungs if you want me."
  • "When I called the ocean my lover, I didn't expect to be seduced into a relationship by the ocean and the moon."
  • "I wished I could see colours without you."
  • "That song you played - how do you know it?"
  • "Who burned off your wings?"
  • "It's tiresome that you always shapeshift when flustered or sick; I have no use of a giraffe in the living room."
  • "Did you have horns yesterday?"
  • "You're made of fire; if you touch me, I'll evaporate."
  • "I've dreamt about you, and I bet you dreamt about me, but my dreams didn't say that you already have a soulmate."
  • "Excuse me, but your tail is in the way."
  • "I found your heart in the alley, and I think I will keep it."
  • "You're such a pretty doll... Let me give you life."
  • "I don't need your blood."
  • "The spell was supposed to show me my soulmate, not summon them."
  • "The devil asked for his violin back."
  • "You're precious, which is why you're mine."
  • "Fairydust can't help you."
  • "Your name is on my heart."
  • "Shed your skin and show your true self."
  • "Demons shouldn't be able to enter."
  • "My soul has been incomplete without you."
  • "I didn't pray to you for you to find me, I prayed because I thought you wouldn't listen."
  • "Your blood called out to me."
  • "You shouldn't be here - my soul is still mine for six more months."
  • "My soulmate compass is broken, so how did you find me?"
  • "Your thoughts are... I'd say disturbing, but it doesn't feel enough."
  • "You made me fall from Heaven, you have to take responsibility."
  • "I've seen you die for as long as I remember - you can't be in love with me, it would be too cruel."
  • "You still have one wish left for me to fulfill."
  • "Our soulmarks match, did you know that?"
  • "Angels and demons can't be soulmates, this must be wrong."
  • "Don't you want to return to the ocean?"
  • "Yours is the saddest siren song I've ever heard."
  • "Who made you like this?"
  • "Why would three fairytale beings be interested in me, a simple human?"
  • "I've seen you before, in the shadows."
  • "You- you're a ghost, aren't you?"
  • "If you haven't noticed, I'm already dead."
  • "Beings of water shouldn't mix with beings of air."
  • "Did you say that you're a cambion?"
  • "I've never met an incubus/a succubus before."
  • "Are you hiding goat-legs under that robe?"
  • "My senses are on fire when I'm with you."
Old Habits - Chapter 1

This is a long first chapter, but I needed to add in all the background info and whatnot. This is not the first fanfic I’ve written, but it is the first I’ve published so please be gentle with me :)


 You stood with the boys at the old farmhouse, dressed in a black business suit that accentuated your bust and thighs. You had told them that, “Angels don’t dress up!” but yet here you were. You fidgeted as they asked questions regarding the recent spate of animal attacks in the area and Dean shot you a look. You hadn’t even wanted to come on this stupid hunt, but they had made you. Cas was still recovering from being Lucifer’s vessel and Lucifer himself, once again in Nick’s body (newly fortified with an old spell from Rowena to be able to contain him), was residing in the bunker as well. Supposedly he was flipping over a new leaf or something, but you didn’t believe him. You didn’t believe a word out of his mouth. Not anymore.

                You and Lucifer had been best friends, and lovers, for billions of years before humans had been created. You had fought Amara side by side and back to back. You were the fifth archangel, the one not written about because of your gender (stupid men). You were Azrael and you had been among the first that Lucifer betrayed when he refused to bow. Still you tried to plead with Michael for forgiveness on Lucifer’s behalf, but he hadn’t listened. So you had to watch as Lucifer fell, his screams echoing through your head. You thought that would be the end of things and you had snuck out of Heaven to go visit him a few times. But he turned you away every time. Told you that he couldn’t stand the sight of your face. That he hated you. That you represented everything wrong with Heaven. That you were no better than the lowly mud monkeys. That if he ever saw you again, he would carve your grace into tiny pieces. So you stopped going to see him and that was when the real trouble started. Lucifer finally took a human and twisted her into something the humans would later call a demon. The sentence on Lucifer’s head was death, but once again you went to Michael and pleaded for him. And this time Michael listened. Instead of being killed, Lucifer was imprisoned. And the payment Michael demanded of you was your wings.

The fall to Earth had been hellish and the pain from your wings burning as you fell was horrific. But Lucifer was alive and you had hope that he could be redeemed. You went to visit him in the Cage, but he blamed you for his imprisonment. He would not speak to you when you saw him. At your last visit you explained why you would not be seeing him anymore. But you had also said that if he said just one word, you would stay. You would come back every day until he was free so he did not have to be alone. But he had remained silent.

And so you had not seen Lucifer in a couple billion years. You eventually regained your wings but stayed on Earth. And thus you knew when Amara had been released again. You followed the whisper of rumors until you found the Winchesters. And they led you straight back to Lucifer.

                It was a shock, running upon him like that. He had been the last thing you expected to find with the Winchesters and the fact that he was in Castiel’s body was even more shocking. After all, you had been intimate with Cas more than once in the recent past. Lucifer tried to talk to you a couple times, but the hurt and pain that you had buried millennia ago had come rising to the surface and you ignored him if only to keep from strangling him. He was persistent and seemed remorseful though and you slowly found yourself giving him longer and longer answers to his questions. Your tone was always biting though and you tossed insults at him like grenades. You were trying so hard to keep from getting close to him again, but you could feel your walls beginning to crumble. And you didn’t want that to happen. So after this job, you resolved to go out to a bar and get so flipping drunk that you couldn’t even remember the reason why you were drinking. And that meant a lot of booze.

                The job was over quickly and soon you were all back at the bunker. You decided to get a head start so you didn’t drink the bar out of booze. Because that wouldn’t be suspicious at all. You went to three different liquor stores and bought 20 bottles of rum, your favorite drink. Then you went back to the bunker, threw on some Florida Georgia Line and got to it. Cas found you in the kitchen as you were on your fourth bottle, singing along at the top of your lungs to “Cruise”. You grabbed his hand, dragged him into the room, and gave him a full bottle of rum. The Winchesters found the both of you dancing and singing to “This is How We Roll” on your sixteenth bottle, and Lucifer finally strolled in as the four of you polished off the twentieth bottle.

                Dean was absolutely drunk and when he got drunk he tended to be very touchy-feely with you, which you did not mind. He was one of the hottest humans you had ever seen. You didn’t discriminate between human and angel, and things with Dean would have progressed farther had you not been involved with Cas. True, you two weren’t together and you had slept with the angel over a hundred years ago, but a hundred years is like a day in angel time and you didn’t want to cause waves. But Dean didn’t know that you two had been together, so he was all over you when the drinks started flowing. Cas usually stayed away when this happened, but tonight he didn’t seem to care that Dean had his arm around you and his hand was inching slowly downwards. Apparently Lucifer did though. He grabbed Dean’s hand and flung the man’s arm off of you, all the while staring at him with his cool, blue eyes.

                “Don’t touch her like that.” He said in a low steady voice.

                Dean raised his hands in front of him. “Easy dude.”

                You rose from the table you had been seated at, quite unsteadily, and faced Lucifer full on. “I don’t need you to come to my rescue.”      His gaze shifted from Dean to you, but he stayed silent. “If I want Dean to touch me, he can touch me.” You took a step forward to get right into Lucifer’s face. “If I want anyone to touch, they can. I’m not with you. I’m not with anyone! Now,” You spun back to the boys and Cas, who were still seated, and threw your hands into the air and grinned. “Who wants to go to the bar?!?”

                Lucifer drove. He was the only one sober enough to. You sat in the front seat beside him as the three others crammed into the back seat. They had actually fought for the back seat, claiming that you knew Lucifer better and therefore you had to sit up there with him. You barely argued. As long as you got to the bar, you didn’t care. Lucifer had insisted on coming with you guys though you didn’t want him there at all. You figured you would just ignore him at the bar and have a good time.

                “Hey,” Dean slurred from the back seat. “How are we getting home?”

                “I will drive you.” Lucifer said.

                “Aren’t you gunna drink?”

                You snorted. “Lucifer doesn’t drink.”

                “What? Why not?” Dean demanded.

                You turned in your seat to face backwards, leaning back against the dashboard, and smirked at Dean. “Because it’s a dirty, disgusting human habit. Didn’t you know?” You looked at Lucifer. He was staring straight ahead at the road with his teeth clenched and his knuckles white on the steering wheel. “And Lucifer would die before doing anything even slightly human. He’s too good for that.” You took a huge swig from the rum bottle you had smuggled into the car. Lucifer didn’t respond, but his hands tightened on the wheel.

                He parked in front of the local town bar and you all got out. You leaned against the car and watched as Cas, Dean, and Sam made their way towards the bar. Sam and Cas had linked arms and were skipping while Dean trailed behind, roaring with laughter. You smiled at them. You really did like the Winchesters.

                “Please don’t do anything reckless tonight.” A low voice said from your side and you looked to see Lucifer standing there, looking at you.

                “Why should it matter to you?” You asked.

                “Because-” He struggled with something for a moment, then said, “Just don’t, alright?”

                “You don’t get to make demands, Luce. No one forced you to come. The sole purpose of tonight for me to get good and drunk. If you don’t like it, go home.”

                “I can’t just leave. I’m driving everyone home.”

                “Well, if I have my way, I won’t be coming home until tomorrow morning anyway.” You winked at Lucifer, who narrowed his eyes.

                “Don’t joke like that Y/N.”

                “I’m not joking.” You said as you walked away from him towards the bar.

                The little place was crowded as you and Lucifer entered and you dimly remembered that it was Friday night. People were out relaxing from the long work week. Perfect. Cas and the brothers were already squeezed into a small booth in the back and you made your way through the crowd. It was easy to get through (you didn’t realize that people were parting for Lucifer, who was glowering at everyone, especially the men) and you pushed in next to Cas in the booth. Lucifer grabbed a chair and put it at the end of the table before sitting in it. You had to admit, his vessel was attractive. Blond hair, blue eyes, muscular arms, broad chest, and slightly soft in the middle. It didn’t help that big white fluffy wings sprouted from his back, though he kept those tucked close to his body. You knew the humans couldn’t see them but they were lovely. And you remembered how it felt to be touched by them. You shook your head. You weren’t here for that. You were here to drink enough alcohol to have the hangover of a lifetime and have a random, meaningless hook up.

                You took everyone’s drink order and hightailed it to the bar. You were determined to keep this buzz going no matter what. The bartender was an attractive man, with dark black hair and bright blue eyes. Light scruff covered his face and his teeth were bright white. He was tall and broad and deliciously muscled. Instantly you decided this was the one you were going home with that night. You loved a challenge and bartenders always got hit on, so they were almost always immune. You were sure he was no different. He looked up as you approached, flashing you the pearly whites.

                “What can I get ya?”

                “Two beers, an apple martini, and a rum and coke. Heavy on the rum please.” You dazzled him with a smile of your own.

                His eyes widened and he grinned wider. “You got it, babe.”

                He went to work behind the bar and you sat back, smug. This was going to be easy. He placed the drinks in front of you and asked if you wanted to start a tab. You slid him a card.

                “Y/F/N Y/L/N, huh?” He said, his blue eyes flashing. “Interesting name.”

                You had already picked up the drinks and were turning away. You looked back at him and winked. “I’m an interesting girl.” You sauntered away and could feel his eyes on you the whole way back to the table.

                “Damn woman.” Dean said as he grabbed his beer.  “You practically left that guy’s jaw on the floor.”

                “That’s the plan, Dean-o.” You said as you sat next to Cas. “That is the plan.”

                “Or you could just spend the night with me.” He said, grinning as he took a sip. His eyes never left yours and you knew the offer was genuine. You saw Lucifer slowly tense up out of the corner of your eye as you appeared to mull it over and you relished his turmoil. Clearly the thought of you being with a human was making him squirm. It was Cas who jumped in though.

                “You think you are so smooth, Dean Winchester.” He downed his apple martini in one gulp. “But you’re too late on this one. I got there a hundred years before you were even born.”

                Dean’s mouth dropped open.

                “Excuse me?” Lucifer said, his voice clipped.

                “Way to go Cas!” Sam cheered.

                “Now, now Cas,” You grinned, taking a huge sip of your rum and coke. “It’s not polite to kiss and tell.”

                “Is that a human ideology?” The angel had a glazed look to him.

                “Yeah, Cas. It is.” You chuckled.

                Then you noticed Lucifer sitting very still with his fists clenched. He was looking hard at the table and you felt a pang of guilt. But you shook it off quickly. You weren’t going to rein yourself in simply because he was present and you hadn’t done anything wrong with Cas. Plus it wasn’t like Cas was the first, or even the thousandth that you’d been with. A few billion years is a long time. You obviously would have been faithful to Lucifer if you had been together. But the fact of the matter was that you were free to do as you pleased the instant he fell from Heaven and started treating you like dirt.

                “Looks like you need a refill,” You said, noticing Cas’s empty glass. You started to slid out from the booth, but Lucifer jumped up from his chair.

                “I’ll get it,” He said gruffly as he pushed past you. You didn’t even have time to respond before he was lost in the crowd.

                “So what’s the deal with you and him anyways?” Dean asked, nodding after Lucifer. “Obviously you two have some history.”

                “They have the most history in the history of the world.” Cas hiccupped. “And even before that.”

                “What?” Sam asked. “What are you talking about?”

                “Lucifer and I used to be together.” You said testily. You didn’t really want to talk about this.

                “What happened?”

                “He became a gigantic douchebag when he fell.”

                “How long were you together before?” Sam asked.

                “Longer than the Earth has been alive.” You said. “Much longer.”

                Dean whistled. “No wonder he practically ripped my arm off back at the bunker.”

                Cas gulped. “I didn’t know that part.”

                “Relax Cas, he’s not going to hurt you.” You grinned. “Don’t worry about it.” The poor angel didn’t look reassured, but you knew Lucifer would never do anything to him.

                “So are you and Cas together then? I mean, how do angel relationships work?” Dean asked.

                “Just like human ones.” You said. “Duh.”

                Two bottles of rum clanked down on the table in front of you and you looked up to see the archangel standing over you.

                “Figured you would be out by the time I got back.” He said casually.

                You glared at him as he took his seat. You knew what he was up to. “What about everyone else?” You asked. “I’ll still have to get them refills.”

                “Taken care of.” He said, leaning back in his seat and giving you a smug look. At that exact moment, three waitresses came over carrying two trays of beer and a tray full of apple martinis. They set the trays down on the table and walked away. You looked back to Lucifer and saw that he was smiling at you, still smug.

Without breaking eye contact, you slowly lifted one handle of rum to your mouth and chugged every last drop without taking a breath. You put it down, inhaled, and then chugged the second one. In the minute it had taken you to accomplish this, the smile had slowly dropped off Lucifer’s face. You leaned forward towards him.

                “Oh would you look at that? I’m out again.” And with that you stood, wobbled slightly, then turned and made your way to the bar.

                “Did you SEE that?” You heard Dean hiss to his brother behind you.

                You leaned on the bar and waited for the dark haired bartender to notice you. He looked a bit confused.

                “Hey, your friend just bought you some rum. It should be at your table.”

                “I know he did, but then it wouldn’t have been fair.”

                He looked confused. “What do you mean?”

                “Well, you see, you know my name, but I don’t know yours. That’s not very fair.”

                “No, I guess not,” He chuckled, his blue eyes winking. “Kit. My name’s Kit.”

                “Well Kit, glad to meet ya.” He set a rum and coke down on the counter and you scooped it up, running your finger along his hand before he had a chance to remove it. “Real glad.”

                “Yeah, me too.” He said in a husky voice, looking at you in wonder. You grinned and made your way back to the table. You knew Kit was watching the entire way.

                You slid back in next to Cas, who already had half the martinis gone. Dean leaned forward eagerly. “So tell me, do you two really not have any sort of romantic attachment now?” He pointed to you and Cas, seemingly having forgotten about Lucifer sitting right there.

                Cas apparently had too. He looked at you and said, “I have zero feelings of romantic attachment to you at all. However I would not say no if you propositioned me again.”

                “Wow Cas,” You said, rolling your eyes.

                “Whoa whoa, wait!” Sam said, grinning. “Y/N, you came on to Cas?”

                “Well he’s a little naive sometimes.”

                “So what was it, like a one night stand situation?”

                “Not really,” You replied. “For angels, it’s not usually just one night, because we live so long. So it was more of a, what’s the term? Oh yeah. Booty call. More of a booty call situation.”

                “So how long did it last?”

                “The last time was about ten years ago.”

                Lucifer slammed a fist on the table suddenly, which made the brothers jump, and turned towards you. “Can I talk to you?” He growled through clenched teeth.

                You were not intimidated. “No.”


                “No.” You cut him off. “No, you don’t just get to speak to me now. You lost that right eons ago.”

                He stood and the next thing you knew, you were standing outside the bar in the parking lot next to the car.

                “Is that what this is about, hm?” He asked, crossing his arms. “Because I didn’t speak to you when I first was thrown in the Cage?”

                You copied him, crossing your arms. “What do you think?”

                “Seriously? I think you’ve held a grudge against me for ages over nothing, and are now acting out because of it.”

                “I’m not a fledgling, Luce; I don’t ‘act out’. And it wasn’t nothing. I put everything on the line for you and you spat in my face.”

                “Why? Because I didn’t feel like talking to you right then and there? Spare me.”

                “No,” Your arms dropped to your sides again and your voice got deadly quiet. “Not just because of that. That was just the last straw.”

                He shook his head. “I can’t believe you’re still this mad.”

                “I can’t believe you’re still not over me.” You retorted.

                “I didn’t know that we were over!” He exploded. “And here I found out that you’ve been sleeping with everyone you came in contact with for the past billion years!”

                “Really?” You asked sarcastically. “So me not visiting for that length of time didn’t clue you in?”

                “No. Because I never gave up on you.”

                The struck a chord, but you pushed that aside. “You gave up on me the second you fell from grace.”

                “No I didn’t,” He responded sharply. “I never, not for one second, gave up on you. I always had hope that you would be coming back. You on the other hand, seem to have given up on me a long time ago.”

                “One can only be pushed so far.” You said icily.

                He gave a short mirthless laugh. “I had just been cast from Heaven, the first one ever, by my beloved older brother, whom I revered, and then locked in a cage like an animal. Sorry I wasn’t feeling chatty at the exact moment you wanted me to be.”

                “So selfish.” You said. “Do you even realize what I gave up for you?”

                “So you left Heaven, big deal. You got to go back whenever you wanted.”

                “Oh really? With what wings?”

                Confusion flashed across his face. Your wings were obviously very present at the moment. “What are you talking about?”

                You smirked. “Yeah, never knew that, did you? So wrapped up in yourself. You may have been the first to fall, Luce, but I was the second. And it was for you.”

                He put his hands on his hips and shook his head. “I don’t understand.”

                And suddenly, you were just so…tired. “It doesn’t matter. This all happened so long ago. I have my wings back. You’ve been released. It’s fine now.” You said.

                “That’s what you think? That because I’m free, I’m fine now?”

                “Are you not?”

                He looked away from you. “Unbelievable.”

                “What?” You said, exasperated. “What is so bad about finally being out of the Cage? I thought you would be happy.”

                “So did I.” He locked eyes with you and you instantly knew what he meant.

                All the anger you held towards him was gone in an instant and you wanted to reach for him, but you instead you crossed your arms again. “Look, I’m sorry how things turned out Luce. It’s regrettable. And I’ll always be there if you need me, but I don’t know if things can ever be the same between us. You’ve hurt me in ways I can’t even explain and though the wounds are old now, they run deep. And being near you again just opens them back up.”

                “Do you want me to go?” He asked quietly, not meeting your eyes, and you knew he wasn’t talking about leaving the bar.

                “No,” You said immediately, surprising yourself.

He looked up at you in shock. Relief flooded his features and he looked cautiously hopeful. “So what then?”

“I don’t know.” You sighed. “All this alcohol is making my brain fuzzy.”

He grinned at you. “Well you did just chug two handles of rum.”

You chuckled. “Yeah I did. You bought them for me though, so really, it’s your fault.”

His eyes widened and he looked guilty. “Yeah, about that. I kinda just put them on your tab.”

You stared at him for a moment and then burst out laughing. It was just such a typical Lucifer move and it was hysterical. You were laughing so hard, you had to bend over double to keep from falling. When the gales had finally subsided, you straightened to find him leaning against the car, grinning wildly.

“Wooo, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.” You said, wiping the tears from your eyes.

“Well, to be honest, that was not the reaction I was expecting from you when you found out.” He said. “I expected a lot of screaming and maybe something thrown at my head.”

You appeared to think it over. “Still might happen.”

He gave you a cocky, lop sided grin. “Doubt it.”

You gave him a small smile, then sighed. “What are we going to do, Luce?”

He got serious. “Whatever you want to do, Az. I’m leaving it up to you. If you want me to go, I will.”

“I don’t want that,” You said again. “I really don’t. I thought I did, but no.” You stopped and thought a moment. “Let’s just be friends for now. We can figure things out later, like if we do want to go our separate ways or whatever.”

“Okay. Friends.” He hesitated. “Look, to be honest, I’m not sure if I can just be friends with you. I definitely can’t go back in there, not with what’s been happening.”

“Okay than.” You said. “Let’s put some conditions on this friendship thing. No hooking up with anyone.”

He nodded eagerly. “Done.”

“Complete honesty. You have to tell me if something I’m doing is making you angry, you can’t just try to keep me from doing it. And vice versa.”

“Alright, what’s next?”

You thought for a moment. “Either one of us can add a condition at any time, regardless of what it is. And the condition can only be removed by the same person.”

“Great. Any others?”

“Either one of us can back out of the friendship at any time for any reason.”

He looked sick at the thought, but nodded quickly. “Deal.”

“I think that’s it. For now.”

“Well, if you ever want to add anything, I’m all ears, beautiful.” He smiled winningly.

You scowled. “Condition added: no flirting with me.”

That sentence only made his smile widen, but he nodded in acknowledgement. An instant later, you were both back inside the restaurant. The Winchesters were both so drunk at this point that they didn’t even jump.

“All better?” Dean slurred.

“Yeah,” You answered, reaching for your drink. “I think we worked a few things out.”

“We did,” Lucifer said. He looked at you as you raised your glass to your lips, and smirked. “Condition added: no more alcohol.”

You stopped, glared at him, and put your drink back on the table without taking a sip.

Imagine being Lucifer's daughter and he burns your wings when you're under some dark spell and nearly kill a whole town but then regrets it and tries a way to fix it.

All he could do was stand there and watch with threatening-to-spill tears. He the devil for the first time in his existence felt sadness, felt sorry and regret. He wished he could go back in time and undo everything and probably he could if it was any other situation but in this case no, he couldn’t.

His heart - or techincally his vessel’s heart - clenched inside his chest as he watched you cry, both in emotional and physical pain.

“H-how could you do this? How?” your voice broke as you looked up at him with red eyes.

“I had no choice” he tried to keep his voice from wavering.

“We always have a choice!” you screamed, maybe as an outlet for the immense pain. Sobs started to shake your entire body as you hugged yourself, no wings there anymore to do that.

“(Y/n) I couldn’t do anything else to stop you”

“And you had to go fucking burn my wings? My wings?! You knew how much they meant to me! What kind of father are you!?” your screams and cries hurt him far worse than anything else.

“You were going to kill an entire town”

You scoffed, although for a second it seemed like you chocked on a sob “And the devil would suddenly care huh?”

The bitterness in yoru voice felt like a stab on his chest “It was the only way to-”

“I swear if you fucking say one more time that it was the only way to break the spell I wil-” you didn’t get to finish your sentence as sobs broke through your lips and more tears rolled down your cheeks.

“How could you do this to me dad?” your voice was so small, fragile that it broke him ten times worse.

“I-” Lucifer was literally speechless. Be it any other situation this wouldn’t be his reaction but you were his daughter, probably the only thing he cared more about in this world.

“I will find a way to fix this” he whispered, bending down and hesitantly wrapped his arms around you. Much to his surprise instead of pushing him away you moved closer to him, crying in his arms.

“I will fix this (Y/n). Even if I have to kill the entire heaven to get your wings back I will. I’m not gonna let any of them use you as a target again. Never again”

“D-dad” your voice trembled.

“No, no need to say it” he cut you off, letting a small sigh and kissing your forehead “I promise to you. I will fix this.”

Dean X Reader: With Castiel

Request: HAPPY MONDAY! May I request one where the angel!reader hurts her wings and Castiel comes and helps her? Nothing romantic, kinda like a brother/sister thing! Thanks!

Request: Request where the reader is Castiel’s little sister so she’s also an angel and she hurts a wing and Castiel forces her to sit down and let him heal her and maybe incorporate the Winchesters somehow and just yeah hehe ily k

Request: Heyy love, I was wondering. Could you do one were the reader is castiel’s little sister, and Sam and cas run out on a food run and dean is bored so he calls her to come hang out till they got back and he asks her about her wings? Very fluffy! Thank you love xx

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Mending (Part 2) (Lucifer Morningstar)

Character: Lucifer Morningstar
Words: 935
Warnings: Blood, fire, wing-cutting-off?
A/N:  Yes I know angels don’t feel pain or bleed in this universe, but I’d imagine if they lost their wings in the manner the reader does in this one, it would be very painful. I also incorperated some supernatural angel shtuff into this, you will see. So enjoy :)
Request:  Wow I love all your Lucifer (the fox tv show) writings! As well as the Harry Potter ones (especially young Sirius Black). May I please request a Lucifer X Reader where y/n is an angel (Amenadeil’s friend or something) and despite that she and lucifer end up falling in love? Maybe she gets kicked out of heaven because of that?
Part 1:

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Author: zepppie

Word Count: 1073

Pairing: Castiel x Angel!Reader

Warnings: angst

A/N: Title (and fic) partially inspired by I See Fire by Ed Sheeran. I think it would be a good accompaniment to the story. This is my submission to @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s SPN Movie Night Challenge. My movie is Pompeii, and I chose to rewrite the ending scene to the events of the Season 8 finale. 

Originally posted by cierrasuee

Castiel can feel the panic rising like bile at the back of his throat. He grabs a passing angel, who is ignorantly calm, the complete opposite of his picture of fear and guilt knowing he is responsible for this. He set the wheels in motion.

“Where is she?” he demands of his sister, gripping her arms.

The angel knows about whom Castiel is talking. All of Heaven knows about your rebellion, about how you fought both Metatron and Naomi. It had put a rift between you and Castiel, but with everything that Metatron is doing now, it felt pointless to fight.

“She is imprisoned,” she answers. “Metatron was in Naomi’s office, and she stormed in and tried to kill him.”

“She was right to do so. We are all in danger. Naomi is dead, killed by Metatron’s hand. He is going to force us all out of Heaven. You need to find him and stop him. But if you can’t, then tell everyone to leave now. Better to go willingly than get kicked out.”

He waits for her to confirm that she understood before he hurries towards the cells. Minutes later, he hears her voice echoing, warning the rest of the angels of what’s to come. No doubt Metatron heard that too and would rush to finish the spell.

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my dear boy,
was it a tragedy?
when your wings burn to ashes
and your waxen skin melts like butter
because you got too close.

was it really a tragedy?
when honey melts in your eyes
and you are dazzled
because everything was too brilliant up there.
the smoke curls around your neck like a collar, choking you alive,
your feathers turn black from the soot, embers floating like snowflakes,
and the heat sears into your skin like hundreds of stabbing knives
but God,
the one thing that has all of Earth revolves around it
is within your grasp.

they called you a tragedy, a lesson,
the boy who defy gods,
the boy who flew too close to the sun.
but the real tragedy is they who don’t know the face of the sun

but you did,

you did.

—  in which icarus is not a tragedy (a.f)

Flickering Lightbulb A Hannigram Fanmix

i.Bad Blood / Bastille (as the friendship goes resentment grows // we will walk our different ways)

ii.Counting Stars / One Republic (everything that kills me makes me feel alive)

iii.Amsterdam / Coldplay (and i know i’m dead on the surface // but i am screaming underneath)

iv.No Regrets / Robbie Williams (i didn’t lose my mind it was // mine to give away)

v.Landfill / Daughter (i want you so much // but i hate your guts)

vi.Walk With Me / The Classic Crime (i am the fire that burns your wings // and sends you falling through the air)

vii.Red Hands / R.E.V.O. (that gun is loaded but it’s not in my hand)

viii.Slow Dancing In A Burning Room / John Mayer (we’re going down and you can see it too)

ix.Volcano / Phillip Phillips (what i am to you is not real // what i am to you you do not need)

x.Mad World / Gary Jules (the dreams in which i’m dying are the best i’ve ever had)

xi.Losing My Religion / REM (i’m choosing my confessions // trying to keep an eye on you)

xii.Bleeding Out / Imagine Dragons (innocence is gone // what was right is wrong)

xiii.We Must Be Killers / Mikky Ekko (i woke up i was stuck in a dream // you were there you were tearing up everything)

xiv.Gravity / John Mayer (gravity is working against me // and gravity wants to bring me down)

xv.Pompeii / Bastille (oh where do we begin // the rubble or our sins)

xvi.Cough Syrup / Young the Giant (i’m losing my mind losing my mind losing control)

{Listen Here}

Tattoo AU: Chapter 6

Word Count: 1,916

Warnings: Gratuitous smut

Summary: You, the reader, live in a world where everyone has a soul-mate. However, you have two. Your best friend Sam leaves so you and your soul-mates can “figure everything out”.

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5   Chapter 7

Originally posted by relationshipsgoal

Soft nuzzling pulls you out of your dreams. You hum in *satisfaction, and turn to see Castiel beaming at you. He wraps his arms around you and draws you in close, kissing your forehead sweetly. His fingers lazily trace around your tattoo, and a thought pops into your head. “Hey, Cas?” He “hmmm”s his response. “Can I see your wings?”

Castiel stops his nuzzling and his hand freezes on your back. You backtrack quickly, “If that’s an issue its fine, I just…” you babble before he silences you with a chaste kiss. “Yes, of course, Y/N. It has just been a very long time since anyone has seen my wings,” he said simply, sitting up. He pulled you up with him and brought you into a searing kiss. You leaned into his touch and felt something incredibly soft caress your arms and back. With a gasp, you pulled back and finally saw Castiel in all of his glory.

Jet black wings *sprouted from in-between his shoulder blades and wrapped around the both of you. They craned gracefully above and around you, giving you a sense of safety you have never felt before. You sighed and reached out to stroke one of his feathers, revealing in their softness. You watched how the light played within the iridescence of them before hearing Cas’ breathing quicken. You snapped your eyes to his and saw his blue eyes nearly black with lust burning into yours. His wings and arms tightened around you and pulled you into a passionate kiss.

Eventually, you both emerged from your room, clean and without a trace of sex. Cas left you to go to the library, kissing you on the head as he went. You waltzed into the kitchen and ran into something solid. Looking up, you see that solid thing is Dean. You blush furiously, and go to move around him, nervous. He grips your arm and pulls you back into him. Your hands land on his chest, and his arms wrap around your waist, giving you a gentle squeeze. Surprised, you look up with an eyebrow raised. Dean chuckles at your response, and brings his hand up to stroke your hair.

“Y/N, I know this is strange for you. Hell, it is for me!” You giggle and he squeezes you tighter, resting his head on top of yours. “I know how I feel with you, right now, is how I want to feel for the rest of my life. That includes how I feel with you AND Cas. I love you, and I want to make this as simple as possible. So, I’m just doing what comes naturally to me…” He lifts your chin to meet his gaze, “Why don’t you do what comes naturally to you?”

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An Idiot in Love (2.0)

This is a complete rewrite of An Idiot in Love ending. Personally I hated what I wrote, still posted it, and been regretting it for far too long. So, now that I’ve put off writing it better, I’m going to give it a better ending. Seriously, what the fuck was I thinking with that ending.

So, I’m just going to revise from the beginning, but it all together with a new ending and allow you to read it start to finish without having to find the next chapter or find the beginning to help refresh yourself.

Description: Love gods were never a favorite of Bill’s. Their powers were strong enough to affect even demons. He wanted nothing more than to make sure that any nearby love gods would be unable to touch him now that he’s a resident of Gravity Falls.

Or when Bill is sprayed by one of the Love God’s potions, he is forced to realize his feelings for Dipper.

But if you want to read the original, you may start here: Part One. Or find me on AO3 or Fanfiction.

Here’s the new and improved…

An Idiot in Love (2.0)

           He planned to attack the cherub when he was alone. Simple enough, do able even in his weakened form that he took on just to be in this reality. Getting the cursed bottle was a whole other annoyance entirely.

           “Just give me the damn bottle!” Bill yelled desperately, jumping at the Love God as he tried to forcefully remove the spray bottle for the man’s grasp. Unfortunately, the fat guy was quick and pretty strong for his size. Bill’s human form wasn’t nearly apt for a situation like this, that was the price to pay to have a physical form in this realm. He was stronger than humans, but far weaker than he was before. But he can drink soda, so a win-win.

A foot caught Bill dead center of his chest and he was launched backwards into one of the food stands that had popped up soon after the cherub came to town. The stand folded in on itself under Bill’s weight, sending the food and Bill onto the ground. Fried sweets covered the demon’s clothes, staining the yellow fabric an ugly brown and just making everything uncomfortable in general.

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Burnt Hope

Originally posted by superwhollock

Pairing: Castiel x Reader (Platonic)

Request: Can you write an one shot where the reader is a preteen angel (13) and when the Angels fell, so did she and she is now in the bunker with the boys and cas and she is learning about humans and they find her on the verge of tears later on that night and it’s because of her wings that were destroyed during the fall. She used to have beautiful White wings and now they are black with feathers starting to fall off. And she just runs into castiel’s arms,hugging him and mumbles “I wanna go home.” Thanks (By Anon)

Words: 1149

Warning(s): I honestly don’t think there is any… not even swearing

A/N: This didn’t take that long to write, so I’m sorry if it seems rushed! I tried to do my best with it. I did really enjoy this creative prompt!

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Urban Legend

Words: 815
Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Request: Could you please do a Gabriel x Reader where she can see his wings and Gabe sees how badass she is? Thank you~!
Note: I hope you like it!

“What do you mean you can see my wings, Y/N?” Gabriel cocked an eyebrow and looked at you. You could feel your cheeks burning. Gabriel’s wings rose up behind him, taking your breath away. They were darker than black, and looked like a liquid matter floating around. “They’re beautiful” You said with wide eyes. Gabriel took a step closer and looked like a question mark.
Gabriel had always seen the badass side of you, when you were hunting or drinking at the bar. You didn’t want him to see your “weak” side. You cleared your throat. “I mean… They…Uhm… I haven’t seen anything like it before.” You turned around and picked up the book you’d dropped when he zapped himself to you. “Humans like you shouldn’t be able to see them, Y/N.” His voice was tense and you had to agree that is was strange. “Did you perform a ritual or cast a spell that made you able to see them?” You could clearly hear that he was frustrated. “What? Are you scared or embarrassed that I can see them?” You asked with a sharp voice. “Do you like them?” He almost yelled. You placed the book in the bookshelf and faced him again. “As a matter of fact I do.” Gabriel got a soft expression on his face before he cocked an eyebrow again. He smirked. “Wow, you can show feelings.” He got so close to you that you could feel his breath on your face. “Give me a break, Gabriel. You only freak out because I can see what no one else can see. That makes you vulnerable. That means…” You poked his nose carefully while you looked him in his eyes. “I’ve got something to use against you too.” He smiled a wry smile, only Gabriel could smile. “You… are a woman with bone in her nose Y/N.” He whispered in your ear. You got goose bumps all over your body. You liked Gabriel, but you still didn’t want him to know. “You bet.” You said, and looked him in his eyes. “I know you like me Y/N.” You stepped back, and turned around. “I got to go, Gabe. As you remember you zapped yourself here when I was on the phone with Sam. See you later!” You walked fast towards the front door. “I know you will come back to me, Y/N.” You couldn’t help but smile.

What a goof. You thought to yourself as you opened the car door. It took you 10 minutes to drive to the motel Dean and Sam were staying at. You knocked once at the door, and Sam opened it. “Hey, good to see you Y/N! Come in!” He stepped aside so you could go inside. “Thanks. Actually I’m looking for Castiel, is he here?” You asked. “What do you need, Y/N?” Castiel suddenly stood in front of you. You raised your eyebrows in surprise. “What the…?” Castiel looked at you. “What is it Y/N.” You got a little frustrated when you didn’t see Castiel’s wings. “I can’t see your wings…” Your voice couldn’t hide that you were disappointed, but the fact that you couldn’t see them made the whole situation stranger. “Of course not, Y/N. Humans cannot see the wings of an angel.” You shook your head. “Then why can she see mine?” Gabriel said, and took a step closer to Castiel. “Gabriel?” Sam looked like a question mark. “Y/N can see your wings?” Castiel asked and raised an eyebrow. Gabriel nodded and sat down at a chair. “How is that even possible?” Sam asked. Castiel sat down in the couch, and looked down at the floor. “There is an urban legend saying that if a human and an angel fall inlove, the human may be able to see his or hers wings. The wings are the one thing an angel has private. So to speak.” Gabriel looked at his nails and snorted. Sam looked at you with a smile on his face. “Y/N… Do you like Gabriel?” You blushed and looked away. “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard.” Castiel stood up. “Gabriel, if you answer the question, we can all get an explanation.” Gabriel scratched his head and mumbled. “What?” Sam asked and held his hand behind his ear to hear better. “Fine! Yes! I do like her! Or no, you know what? I love her! There, are you happy?” He said loud and held his arms up. You turned around. “You do?” You asked. He nodded and made a face at Sam, who were giggling. Castiel looked at you. You looked down at the floor. “Ok. Maybe I like him a little bit.” Gabriel looked at you and pretended to be offended. “A little bit?” He asked. “Ok, I love you too!” You said and gave Castiel an angry look. “I guess the legend is true, then.” Sam said and giggled again.  

The French Sequel (SamxReader)

Prompt: Another French Mistake

(to celebrate the Birthday of Jared Padaloshki / Moose :D

Name: The French Sequel

Author: Micia

Fandom: Supernatural ~

Character: Sam x Reader

Word Count:  1.287

Warnings: swearing, a little bit fluff

(Y/N) ..First Name  //   (N/N) ..Nickname

More One-Shots: (x)


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An Idiot in Love

Description: Love gods were never a favorite of Bill’s. Their powers were strong enough to affect even demons and he wanted nothing more than to make sure that any nearby love gods would be unable to touch Bill now that he’s more of a resident of Gravity Falls. Or when Bill is sprayed by one of the Love God’s potions, he is forced to realize his feelings for Dipper.

Ten years from the end of the series, Dipper and Mabel are twenty-two and have settled into their lives in Gravity Falls with a certain demon that hasn’t left them alone since they’ve met. Prompt thingy by Hazenheim that needed to be done. Enjoy. Also, picture Bill saying Love God like Timmy’s dad says Dinkelberg.

It’s been a while since I’ve written, so I hope this is good. Feedback welcome and all that fancy stuff. 

An Idiot in Love

Part One

           “Just give me the damn bottle!” Bill yelled, jumping at the Love God as he tried to forcefully remove the spray bottle for the man’s grasp. Unfortunately, the fat guy was quick and pretty strong for his size and Bill’s human form wasn’t nearly apt for a situation like this. A foot caught Bill dead center of his chest and he was launched backwards into one of the food stands that had popped up soon after the cherub came to town. The stand folded in on itself under Bill’s weight, sending the food and Bill onto the ground. Fried sweets covered the demon’s jacket, staining the yellow fabric.

           “Not gonna to happen, dude.” The damn bastard looked down at Bill smugly. He wiggled the love potion tauntingly on the end of a finger before he latched it back on his belt. “Give it up, Cipher. I’m not letting anyone in this town get a hold of these again,” he said, gesturing to the several different colored bottles.

           “Give me the bottle, cherub, and I won’t burn your wings off,” Bill hissed. He had no time to deal with this. There was no way he would allow a love god to be roaming around so close to him with powers like that. It was too dangerous.

           The god hummed him thought, tapping his chin. “Yeah, no.”

           He tried to keep his cool, breathing in as Shooting Star taught him, but fire blazed from Bill’s hands and travels up his arms. The blue flames burned away any trace of food and scorched the stand’s broken parts. “Give. Me. The. Bottle,” he growled. His body flickered between forms as he glared at the Love God. “Now.” His teeth creek as he gnashed them together.

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