burn your flag


Look everyone, a lovely alt-right asshole decided to come into my messages to bitch at me instead of responding in public to the post in question.

Below is screen readable text for those who can’t read the images.


Liberals are literally beating up Trump supporters in the streets and in schools, but we are the aggressors. Your rioting, your flipping cars, your burning flags, assaulting officers. I mean children are getting hurt in schools. One girl got viciously beat, another 11 year old boy put in crutches. Your ideology of calling us racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, bigoted, violent, nazi’s. You shut down our free speech, stuck your noses up on us, and then say we are the aggressors. Go fuck yourself and fuck your regressive movement. We want change for the better, and it’s not some scheme to make racism and bigotry okay. Get it through your skull that your group are the ones being violent, you are the bigots insult driven, you are the one’s that shut down any political discourse. Get it through your thick skull

I love how every time there’s a protest from a minority it’s a “riot” but middle class white dudes flipping cars and setting cities on fire after major sports wins are just “celebrations.” Fuck you.

I’d like sources that aren’t your alt-right trash that prove that kids are beating up kids for being Trump supporters. Because what I’m seeing is Trump supporters attacking people for their religions, spreading the same racist tripe we’ve had to listen to for over a year. A friend of a friend of mine had her car fucking graffitied and then set on fucking fire. Fuck you.

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean we have to listen or even let you continue. Your freedom of speech means the government can’t stop you can speaking. We are free to ignore you or shut you down as we see fit.

We’re tired of your lies.

We’re tired of your hate.

Your “change” is only “positive” change for middle and upper class white people who aren’t trans or a religious minority.

On top of that: We’ve tried compromising for literally decades. It’s the Republicans who have made it impossible. And they’ve slowly burned the country in the process. Voting for trump gives them more power to do the same.

Don’t tell me you want change when you just voted for the literal status quo with a leader without morals. Good job, shit face.

Burning the flag of your country is almost always seen as a rejection of your association with that country.

But when I see someone burning their flag, I don’t see rejection. A flag is nothing more than a representation of the people under it, and a burning flag is a representation of the suffering of those people. We let the flags burn as a mimicry of how our countries do nothing to stop our oppression. And slowly but surely, nothing is left of the flag, as nothing will be left of us.

Burning a flag is not simply a rejection of a country, it’s a revelation of what it’s doing to us.

Repeat After Me:

• The confederate flag does not signify southern pride
• The confederate flag signifies a nation that wanted to tear a country in two over owning people
• It is literally one of the most racist symbols in America
• Calling you problematic for having confederate paraphernalia is not mean/a violation of your rights/sensitive
• You’re gross
• Burn your flags and get away from me