burn them at the stakes

Honestly taylor swift is so pure and if y'all took the time to actually get to watch some interviews or listen to some of her songs and realize how talented she is musically instead of being basic and saying #snake or #slut you’d feel guilty about hating on her but no you’d rather be basic and annoying than actually try to get to know someone before burning them at the stake

You know one aspect of Tumblr I hate? No one is allowed to like villains anymore

Because if you like a character (a FICTIONAL character mind you) you automatically condone their actions.

Let’s say your favorite villain of all time is say… the Joker for instance. If you share this on Tumblr, the chances are someone is going to swoop down on you and ‘casually remind you’ that the Joker is a psychotic murderer and a manipulative abuser towards Harley Quinn and you should be ashamed if you like him.

You’re not allowed to enjoy a villain being a villain anymore… everything has to go back to politics and how if you like them, you support their actions. Steven Universe ESPECIALLY falls under this. NO ONE is allowed to like Jasper or even entertain the notion of her being redeemed without someone coming over to rain on your parade and drill it in that she’s ‘an abuser’ and ‘how dare you support literal trash, I can’t believe you’re in favor of her actions’

What blows my mind about this anti-villain mindset is that three years ago EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this site was bending over backwards and making incredible leaps and stretches to justify the actions of Loki and paint him as a misunderstood woobie. The wobbie who stole the throne twice, tried to kill his brother, invaded Earth and caused a lot of deaths, and so on

I don’t understand how he is different from any other villain (Actually I do, he’s played by Tom Hiddleston and for awhile everyone had a crush on him)

It’s not just Loki either, I also remember back in 2014 there was a WHOLE FANDOM dedicated to Randall from Monsters Inc. 

Randall, the kidnapper who tried to strap a child into a torture device to suck the scream out of her… EVERYONE was painting him as misunderstood and bullied because Monsters University was coming out. When the movie came out, we learn that he was ALWAYS sort of petty and his grudge against Sullivan started over a minor accident

Oh let’s not forget Pitch from Rise of the Guardians! Everyone was all over him too!

At some point after specifically 2014 we went from loving villains to HATING them. A good villain makes you hate them granted, I’ll give you that. But now we HATE the people who LIKE them!

We went from wanting to redeem every villain to immediately wanting to burn every single villain at the stake and anyone who likes them. What caused the change? What flipped? It’s a mystery that baffles me.. and it’s something I really hate

Why should we hate the people who like villains? It’s not fair at all. Let people like what they like, there are bigger problems in the world than someone liking someone or something you don’t like

The Price of War - Part 5

Peter Pettigrew knocks politely, as his mother taught him. He follows it with a rhythmic drum of the fingers, as James taught him.

The faded red door stands solidly, silent and angry-looking. He remembers last summer, how the red paint streaked their faces and stained their hands.

Deep within the house, laughter echoes and the sound rattles around in the small, empty space inside Peter’s chest.

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And in general, let’s kill the idea that being proud of something makes you arrogant or self-obsessed? 

Because that directly stifles creativity. If people think they have to have a negative opinion of their own creative output, then guess what folks! People will have a negative opinion of their own creative output. And stop being creative. Because they’ve been taught to believe that their own work sucks simply because it is their own work

It happens with everyone from pop stars to fanfic writers, they dare to express a positive opinion about something they’ve created and the torch wielding villagers arrive to burn them at the stake for having self-belief. 

Confidence =/= arrogance.   

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Claire slept with Frank not even a year after she left Jamie though

She was sure Jamie was dead. Sure. She wasn’t like Jamie, who still had hope to see her again until Ellen’s Tower, she knew she wasn’t going to see him again. Can you blame her for trying to move on? Because I can’t. Besides, only because she tried it doesn’t mean it worked as we all saw. She spent 20 years in love with a ghost, a love that made it impossible for her to try to fix her marriage even in the sexual way…. and that’s quite tragic, to me at least.

What if the mental state of a person undergoing the vampire transformation affects the newborns - and subsequently the vampire’s - personality for the rest of their eternity. 

Like, Edward was always a boy prone to melancholy and existential crisis and what have you. SO when he’s at death’s door and probably delusional with a fever, suddenly he’s undergoing three days of hellish pain and torment, I can’t believe he didn’t think at any point that he’d died and gone to hell. I don’t remember if he knew what was happening or what so just go with me here. Given these circumstances and the venoms propensity to making the vampires ‘unable to change’ it would make sense that his feeling of being damned never went away.

Now take Rosalie. A woman that was abused and brutalized by someone who was supposed to have loved her but instead left her for dead. I don’t remember any point of her admittedly annoyingly short backstory that said she was always irritated or angry, yet that’s her defining trait most people give her. however, given her state while being turned, it all makes sense.

Or even with Aro, who was turned because he was looking to find a way to become immortal. During his entire transformations I bet he was waiting with excited rapture about what was to come. Memorizing the sensations of the transformation despite the pain because he wants to know all he can about the process and immortality itself. That mindset carries over to his immortal life where he tries to learn as much as he can about everyone or everything; being intrigued by those who lend a new idea or power.

Of course this doesn’t explain everything or everyone, I just think it’s interesting to think about

you guys keep sending these gruesome asks (and i love it) about Dirt Children biology and it makes me think there’s got to be a whole bunch of lore and legends surrounding them. i’m sure more than a few humans tried to figure out How To Kill a Nation (besides mistaking them for various other supernatural creatures or the work of the Devil Himself, for all those nations with Abrahamic influence), either out of fear or because some enterprising conquerors thought the way they worked is like: Harm the Personification, and the Actual Nation will fall (I headcanon that it’s the other way around.)

‘you got to burn them at the stake and scatter their ashes in four directions’ ‘no no no you must also have a priest perform a cleansing ceremony so they cannot reincarnate.’ ‘stake through the heart!’ ‘but i heard that’s not fatal for them at all’ ‘then what is their vulnerable point?’ ‘i heard they don’t have any because the Lord of the Underworld himself binds their soul to the living.’ ‘eternal life? he has made a deal with the Devil himself, clearly’

maybe these fuckers help to inspire a number of legends across cultures about Undead Beings. sometimes they’re seen as gods, or divine blessings—but other times, I think not so. 

Title: Grave Dancers

Words: 4K+

Rated: T

Characters/Ship: Nalu

For @tsukiko-mizukami. Happy Halloween! I’m not sure where this came from, buy enjoy!

{i don’t know what i’m supposed to do, haunted by the  g h o s t  of you.}

Natsu tosses the butt of his cigarette onto the ground, smothering it beneath his boot and blowing smoke from his nose slowly. The smoky haze and the fog of his breath swirl around him in little wisps, like ghosts dancing around him in circles. For a moment, the scent of roses tickles his senses, a fingertip trailing down his cheek, thumb catching on his lip before disappearing entirely. He pulls his coat tighter around himself, wetting his lips as his fingers find the worn edges of his scarf, the white fabric falling apart after so many years of use.

He shoves his hands deep into his pockets, fingers finding a cold band of silver tucked against his hip. The metal chills him through his shirt, skin tingling where the silver touches his hands, and his fingers tremble as he grasps at it desperately, the metal biting into his hand, smooth to the touch but so cold it burns.

People in masks pass him on the sidewalk, children in costumes talking animatedly, out long past when they should have been home. Weary adults eye him as they pass, gripping their children’s hands tighter, their bodies tense. Teens in costumes meant for adults slip by, giggling and staring, talking in hushed whispers as they glance his way, stumbling slightly, alcohol on their breaths. Natsu doesn’t wear a mask. Where he’s going he won’t need one.

Slowly, he pushes his free hand through his hair, pulling at the tangles, his brightly dyed hair in knots, mangled. His roots are long past beginning to show again, but he hasn’t had the energy to bleach them again, the dark strands over an inch long, the pink in his hair faded, almost hazy, muted. He looks like he belongs here, alone in the dark, the streets dark and the air damp, the smell of rotting pumpkins hanging in the air.

He takes a deep breath, eyes squeezing shut. He craves the cigarette he already put out, fingers itching to grab the pack shoved into his back pocket, but he holds back. There are only three left, three hours until midnight, the witching hour. Three hours until Mavis will see him. One cigarette per hour, that’s what he promised himself.

Lucy always hated it when he smoked, said one day his lungs were just going to give out on him. He would only laugh, tell her he wasn’t worried about his lungs, but it never stopped her from frowning at him, lips twisted in a way that made him sad to see, her eyes dark, no spark of life left to them, a hazy clouding her golden eyes.

Natsu would tell her a joke then, run his fingers along her rib cage until she cracked a smile and laughed and laughed until she cried. And he would kiss that smile, ash on his tongue, roses and smoke in the air, and she would call him an idiot and everything would be okay. They were okay. They were always okay.

He quit for a while, twice. The first was when they were younger, before he couldn’t go more than a few hours without feeling the smoke in his lungs, the burning in his chest and in his throat, before her father came back and his disappeared and everything went to shit. He couldn’t handle the stress and neither could she, but they always did have different vices. Natsu was slowly killing himself and Lucy bought novels she would never read, stacking bookshelves with paper and ink, money blown on fairy tales and paperbacks in languages they could never speak.

The second was after she was already long gone, December creeping along his skin like a disease, the bright leaves and spicy scent of autumn giving way to bitter winds and cold hearts.

She always joked that he was slowly killing himself, the cigarettes burning holes in his lungs, and he meant to quit after she—and he meant to, but at that point he figured he was already gone too.

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In This Moment: Ritual Track-By-Track Album Review [With Pictures]

“Shame says that because I am flawed, I am unacceptable. Grace says that though I am flawed, I am cherished.” - Abigail Williams: The Crucible, Arthur Miller


All begin to gather around a huge bonfire in the dead of night, decked out to the nines in appropriate attire for the onset of a demonic religious ceremony. Witch drums build to an overpowering bone-chilling crescendo as chants bellow in the background, and you know what is about to take place. Here we have an introductory track which is very stereotypically In This Moment. They firmly believe in taking people on a journey, and it is why they always go to great pains to create a story within the music with each album. This album is no exception as they once again begin the album with a track that crescendos and builds tension and generates excitement for what is to come. The ritual begins here.


The concept of good and evil is explored heavily on this album, and here is where that story begins. The crux of this song is someone exploring the depths of their own psyche, fighting an internal battle with their dark and light sides. And, in a way, this person feels ashamed of being flawed, feeling as if they must be purified in some way to rid themselves of this shame. It asks the all-brooding question, “Am I Lilith or am I Eve?” which, in my opinion, is the heart of the song and is the question that is explored throughout the entire track. Who am I really? Am I the good person that I know myself to be, or am I really as evil as others think I am?


It’s a nice night for a black wedding. A priest and a nun come together in the wee hours of the night to confess their sins to one another. There is indiscretion afoot on both sides of the booth. This song mirrors that of a Catholic confessional, given its back and forth style of vocalizing with the one and only Rob Halford of Judas Priest. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album, simply because of the imagery attached to it. From my perspective, it’s about the whole concept of star-crossed lovers; people who initially could have been good for each other, but ultimately were destined to be ripped apart. With its whimsical piano introduction and poppy chorus, it is destined to be single material at some point. The vocal interstitial at the end of the song of the recited bible verse really fits in well with the theme of the album and helps stitch together the theme with ease.


I can feel it coming in the air tonight. The light voices on the wind signal what is about to happen. Here we have a very haunting and melancholic rendition of Phil Collin’s classic song, “In The Air Tonight”, which was inspired by his own wife’s infidelity and discussed events which ultimately lead to their divorce. Their rendition gives it a much more witchy vibe, foreshadowing things which have yet to take place. It injects you with this uneasy feeling that something could happen at any moment, but at the same time knowing that it was meant to happen all along. How do you take a song that’s already perfect and make it even more so? You can’t. You just have to use it to tell your own story, and I truly believe that is what they’ve done with their version.


The exploration of good vs evil is put center stage in this track from the get-go, with the first line being a line sampled from the 1999 film, The Messenger: The Story Of Joan of Arc. It asks the question, “Who are you to even think you can know the difference between good and evil?” Maria set out to use Joan of Arc as a metaphor for her own crucible, in which she suffers at the hands of the masses for not living up to their expectations. But she has come to terms with who she is and does not find fault in others, instead allowing them to burn her at the stake for their crimes, thus making herself a martyr for her own cause. She’s saying, go ahead and set me on fire if it makes you feel better, but it changes nothing. This one is another one of my favorites.


I wanna feel you strike me down with lightning. Here we continue on with the theme explored in Joan of Arc of allowing yourself to be crucified, only here it is done in a way which is much more direct. There is a ritualistic back beat that pounds throughout the entire track, giving you the feeling that you are now in the midst of the ritual you came to experience. This song says, I want you to give me everything you got, all of your hate; pour it down on me like rain from the sky because I want to feel all of it. Let it rain, bring on a hurricane and baptize me in a river of fire because I want to drown in your wrath and fury.


This is the witching hour. Three witches gather around a bubbling cauldron in the middle of a dark wood. This song’s origin no doubt resides in Maria’s trip to Salem, the site of the Salem Witch Trials. It puts this story on display right from the beginning, sampling a sound byte which speaks on that very thing: “Superstition and fear drove them all to accuse their friends and family of consorting with the devil.” This song also explores her own real-life crucible of persecution even further, with her no doubt feeling vilified by those around her for the things she thinks and believes and the way she expresses herself. Even given its dark nature, this is easily one of the poppiest songs on the album in regards to production value. It utilizes a mesmerizing trap beat that casts its own spell on you throughout the entire track. This song is voodoo in the purest sense of the word and is my favorite song on the album.


Crawl into these flames with me. This is one of the most insanely beautiful songs on the entire album and it is one of my top favorites. This song steps away from the good and evil exploration for a quiet moment with your soulmate within the flames of the bonfire. The idea of twin flames is a very esoteric concept. The idea is that people share one-half of each other’s souls. They are pieces of one soul split into two, thus the appropriate lyric, “One flame bursting into two”, which more or less signifies the separation of these two soul halves and these people going their separate ways. The idea is explored in much of the star-crossed fashion of Black Wedding. It has this harpsichord chord progression that pulls you inside the fire’s incandescent glow.


Without the darkness, there’d be no light in me. This song represents the full integration of dark and light. Maria has come to terms with everything that has happened to her, both the good and the bad and embracing all of it. It’s this knowledge of self and experience that frees her from the negative perceptions of those outside her. It also answers the question posed in Oh Lord. Am I good or am I bad? It’s both. And you cannot hope to achieve full enlightenment until you learn to bring both sides together. This is another one of my favorites because this is the moment where I can feel that she is finally comfortable in her own skin and is letting the world know that you cannot have the good without the bad.


The simple truth is that I just don’t give a fuck; I don’t care. This is the continuation of that strong self-knowledge. In a way, it feels as though it’s about people who criticize her from the comfort of their keyboards, analyzing her every thought, word and move in an effort to try to “fix” her. It’s about knowing that you’re messed up, about knowing that these flaws are simply just part of who you are and there is no problem at all. There’s an undeniably catchy chord progression in this song that will leave you hooked. There are lots of starts and stops and words that just kind of run into one another. I have to admit I didn’t know what to think of this song at first because I didn’t really understand what was going on lyrically, but now that I know and get what it’s about, I’m happy to say it’s another one of my favorites.


There’s this sick part of me thankful for the hate. This song is the apex of the album’s theme. Part of it is learning how to transmute hatred. When you know who you are and you are grounded in your own self-belief, the words of others begin to lose effect. Where do your roots start and where do your roots end? How well do you know yourself? Do you let the perceptions of others get to you or do you use them to your own benefit? In a way, it represents our connection to ourselves and to source. It says thank you for all of the hate because it has only made me stronger. It shows that without the bad, I would not be who I am today. Because she really does need it to help strengthen her own personal resolve and evolve as a human being.


Won’t you lay your gun down? This song explores the album’s underlying theme one final time, in an attempt to lay her own gun down. In an intimately flawed final moment, Maria acknowledges her own flaws and lays them bare for the world to see. All these twisted little parts of her are what make her who she is. And in coming to terms with this, she reaches her own level of self-actualization. Pull the trigger and fire away because she’s made of scar tissue. Everything that has happened to her has made her indestructible. In This Moment are known for their low-key endings, and this song mirrors that of songs like Out Of Hell from Black Widow and 11:11 from Blood. You can really feel the emotion in the last few seconds of the album and feeling a sense of gratitude for what you have just experienced. The ritual has now come to an end.


Summary: Credence decides to show the reader his appreciation for her kindness towards him, although it doesn’t go as he originally planned.

Word Count: 2,533

Warning: Possible spoilers, mentions of blood

Y/N had let out a sigh of disappointment when she reached the corner of 42nd street only to find it empty. Well, empty to her standard considering that she had expected a large mass of people to be gathered on the street corner.

She had been looking forward to catching Credence after the New Salem Philanthropic Society rally that had been scheduled to be held there, but it seemed that she had been too late due to her grocery shopping taking a lot longer than she had originally anticipated. Sure, she knew that the people who would have had the misfortune to walk past Mary Lou Barebone’s incessant rambling would be rather relieved to know that it had concluded. Y/N was too, in a way, but she had been hoping to get the chance to talk to the woman’s eldest son since she hadn’t seen him in a few weeks, even if that meant that Y/N would have no choice but to listen to Mrs. Barebone distastefully drone on about her own kind just to see him.

It would have seemed as if the rally had never taken place to begin with, the exception being a few disposed flyers floating around on the pavement that were being picked up by the wind. Y/N adjusted her grocery bags onto her right arm before bending down to pick up one of the pieces of parchment with her left hand, curious to what Mary Lou had her adoptive children write on them this time.


Y/N couldn’t help but to roll her eyes in exasperation at the slogan. She would always take a flyer from Credence when he was tasked with handing them out to passers-by, mostly as a ploy to talk to him so as not to raise his mother’s suspicion, but also to make fun of every new slogan that Mrs. Barebone had slapped on there. It was a ritual they shared, Credence never dared to say anything against them while out on the street but Y/N almost always managed to pull a small smile from him at her antics.

She flipped the piece of paper over to the back, wondering if there would be anything else on the other side only to find it blank save for the Barebone’s residential address, which had always been a constant. Curious to what the time was, Y/N pulled out her watch from her coat pocket and furrowed her brows. It was past noon. She let out a disappointed sigh; it didn’t seem that she would be seeing Credence today.

Deciding that it was best that she had better get going, Y/N set off in the direction of her home and tossed the flyer into the first bin that she had spotted along the way. For a while now, Y/N had been worried because of Credence’s sudden disappearance and no matter how much she tried to reason with herself by recalling the one time she didn’t see him for over a month, in which he had been fine, she still could not shake the feeling of anxiousness.

What paranoid her the most was that the last time she seen him had been when he showed up on her doorstep in the middle of the night due to a horrible beating that had been delivered by Mary Lou’s hand. What if he had been punished because he had snuck out that night? Did his mother notice that his wounds had been completely healed and swore that witchcraft was the perpetrator?

Y/N shook her head at how she kept escalating a situation that she knew nothing about, if Mrs. Barebone had sworn that it was witchcraft then word would have definitely travelled by now. She was most likely just worried because she had grown quite accustomed to seeing the timid young man a lot more often than she usually did as he had been making his visits quite frequent before they had ceased all together. Maybe he was just busy scouting for new locations for the rallies, she tried in vain. There had been more of a turnout with each one due to the suspicious activity in New York recently, maybe he was just preoccupied, she hoped.

After 20 or so minutes of lamenting Credence’s wellbeing, along with what she was going to cook for dinner that night, Y/N arrived home. However, she instantly perked up at the sight of Credence standing at her door. Speak of the devil, she mused.

“Credence, what are you doing here?” Y/N asked cheerily as she approached the bottom of the stairs that lead to her front porch, all traces of her previously melancholy state having dissipated at the sight of the man.

The sudden greeting had caused Credence to jump in surprise before he turned around to look down at her from the top of the stairs, “Sorry! I should have given you a little warning beforehand.” She apologised, laughing a little and craning her head back to look up at him from her position.

“It’s fine.” He replied with a small shake of his head. He kept his right arm behind his back, as if hiding something. Credence hadn’t expected Y/N to be home so soon, he knew that today was the day that she did her grocery shopping and from first-hand experience he knew that she liked to take her time, her excuse being that she didn’t want to forget anything and have to make a second trip later on in the week.

He shifted nervously, his right hand holding the bouquet of roses flush against his back in order to shield them from her sight. He originally planned to leave the flowers on her doorstep and walk away without leaving a note as he wasn’t ready to make such a bold move. He was happy to see her but it was just his luck that she finished her shopping early on today of all days.

“Well, this is a surprise. I wasn’t expecting to see you today after I missed the rally,” She began with a smile being none the wiser to Credence’s internal dilemma, but her expression soon turned into one of confusion, “How did you sneak away from your mother?” She questioned, genuinely interested. His mother kept a tight leash on her children, as always, but she was particularly insufferable on the days of her rallies.

Credence had almost let out a sigh of relief at the question as he thought Y/N had caught him out, although it didn’t completely quell his anxiety, “Ma got caught up with Mr. and Mrs. Evergreen, their son works for the local newspaper. She took them back home in hopes that she’ll have an article written about the Society.” He answered softly, his gaze eventually lowering until he was staring at the ground, “She didn’t want me around, only my sisters.”

“It’s a blessing in disguise, really.” Y/N offered cheekily, hoping to lift Credence’s spirits a little, and made her way up the stairs, “I haven’t seen you in so long, I was getting worried that…”

Her sentence trailed off and she felt panic begin to settle in when her eyes had caught sight of Credence’s left palm that was held idly at his side, it looked scratched and in some places the skin appeared to be broken and slightly bloody. Had his mother beaten him again? She thought, feeling her heart sink at the possibility.

“Credence…” She began softly, in an attempt to conceal her worry and approach the subject lightly so as not to make him uncomfortable. “Did something happen earlier today?”

Credence caught her gaze and quickly retracted his hand, although the action had disturbed the skin and caused him to hiss at the sharp pain. “N-No, nothing happened. Not like that.” He recovered meekly, a slight wince noticeable on his features. “I…” He trailed off and began retreating into himself, his nerves beginning to get the better of him.

“I… uh, wanted to–“ He began but faltered, a barely noticeable tinge of red beginning to colour the pale skin of his face. Looking for a distraction, Credence glanced down at his hand to survey the damage; while in his haste of picking the flowers, he had managed to snag himself a few times on the thorns of the stems. He seemed to have forgotten the state that his hand was in, his mind being focused solely on Y/N and not ruining the gift he had for her. His hand hurt but the feeling was nothing in comparison to the pain he was usually accustomed to in his hands.

Y/N watched Credence closely, her eyebrows drawn together in concern. She now noticed his other hand that was held behind his back, was he hiding something from her? Was that hand in worse condition?

“It’s okay, Credence. Tell me what you were going to say.” Y/N coerced in a soft tone, “It’s alright; you have nothing to worry about. You’re safe with me.”

Credence nodded to her words but still found himself unable to speak, and in his moment of panic he pulled his right hand out from behind his back and held out a bunch of a dozen red roses. He looked down at his shoes, finding himself unable to make eye contact with her in fear of what her reaction might be.

Y/N stood in shock at the sight in front of her, staring at the flowers in his outstretched hand, this situation being the furthest thing from what she had been expecting. Y/N felt her heart flutter at the gesture; he must have remembered their conversation about flowers that they had months back and how she mentioned that she liked roses, no matter how cliché they may be. Don’t get her wrong, she was still worried about the condition of his hand, but she couldn’t help the large grin that made its way onto her face. Now she was the one who was at a loss for words.

“I just wanted to thank you for being so nice to me,” Credence mumbled quietly, sounding dejected and obviously taking her silence the wrong way. He brought his arm in to hold the flowers against his chest and moved to walk past her, but she quickly stopped him by reaching out and grabbing hold of his arm.

“Credence, wait.” Y/N piped up and dropped her bags onto the ground, internally cursing herself for being so ignorant and not accepting them from him sooner. She ducked her head in a playful attempt to catch his attention in hopes that he’d make eye contact with her. Although, when that didn’t work she then slowly brought her hand up to trace up his jawline before fully cupping the side of his face in her hand, the action had caused him to flinch slightly but he eventually allowed himself to close his eyes and relax into her gentle touch.

“Credence, I’m sorry for not accepting the roses sooner. They’re beautiful; you just surprised me, is all.” She murmured and brought her other hand up to caress the opposite side of his face, which he eagerly leaned into, before moving in and placing a soft kiss on his cheek in order to show her gratitude.

His brown eyes snapped open at the new contact to look at her in shock at what she had just done. The affectionate gesture was completely foreign to him and he felt his face grow warm in embarrassment. “No one has ever given me flowers before. Thank you, Credence, I love them.”

Credence found himself only capable of nodding at Y/N’s kind words which made her smile up at him, and it only grew wider when she noticed the blush on his cheeks. She then moved one of her hands from his face to tentatively grasp his injured hand and raise it up so she could better survey the damage. Credence looked down and watched her as she examined his wounded hand with watchful eyes, thoroughly enjoying the attention she was giving him as she fussed over his hand.

“How did you manage this?” Y/N questioned as she caressed his knuckles tenderly, already having a good idea once she inspected his hand.

“I… I was worried that I’d get caught picking the flowers, so I rushed an-and pricked myself on the thorns.” He mumbled feeling a little embarrassed at his confession.

“Well, we can’t leave it in a state like this. I’ll have to fix you up.” Y/N announced while supressing a smile, finding Credence’s embarrassment endearing. “So, with or without magic?” She asked playfully despite knowing full well what his answer would be.

“With.” Credence answered immediately, eyes snapping to make contact with her own. Y/N hadn’t expected him to answer her so quickly or as loudly as he did, for that matter, which caused her to flinch back in surprise.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so rude.” Credence apologised, instantly regretting being so abrupt with her, but he was left completely baffled when a wide grin broke out on her face and then even more so at her laughter that followed.

“No Credence, it’s absolutely fine! You weren’t rude at all. You just… surprised me, is all.” She giggled and brought a hand up to cover her mouth, happy at his little ‘outburst’ and taking it as a positive sign that he was beginning to feel more comfortable with her.

“Now come on. Let’s get inside.” Y/N announced as she took the roses from him and walked over to the door, taking out her key and unlocking it before turning around to face at him. “Have you had lunch yet?”

Credence shook his head, which didn’t come as a surprise; it was no secret that his mother didn’t feed him properly. Y/N, on the other hand, loved cooking for Credence and would do so every day if she could. “Well, I’ll fix you up something once we get your hand back to normal.”

Y/N opened the door and motioned for Credence to go inside while she moved to pick up her bags that she had previously dropped onto the porch, but before she was able to Credence had intercepted her and was already holding them in his uninjured hand.

“Credence!” Y/N admonished jokingly with a huff, making it very obvious so as not to confuse him, “I’m supposed to be taking care of you, not getting you to carry my bags.”

“It’s the least I can do.” Credence replied earnestly and lowered his head out of bashfulness.

“Fine, I’ll let you this once. Now come on, get inside and make yourself comfortable while I put these in a vase and get my wand.” Y/N smiled, shaking her head in wonder at him before turning and walking inside.

Credence watched Y/N’s retreating figure from the doorway, the beginnings of a smile making its way onto his face. Today had gone a lot better than expected.

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Oikawa putting a remote controlled vibrator in his s/o for the entire practice as punishment for not letting him hear her moans last night?

I actually liked writing this one! Lol! I feel like after this it was be a constant battle between the two of them!

He could be called spiteful, sure, he would accept the quality. And some may call what he decided to do as unwarranted, but he would argue otherwise, the always had a reason behind each and every action. Especially when Oikawa didn’t get what he wanted. Because nothing kept him from what he wanted.

Not even her. Despite the fact that she essentially owned everything about him and that he would do anything for her, he still wasn’t about to be denied his desires so easily. Which is how they ended up in the position they were now, with a small report shoved into his pocket and her fidgeting on the sidelines of the court with a small vibrator hidden away inside her. The rules were simple: don’t make a sound. The only catch: every fifteen minutes, the level would rise.

Perhaps it was a petty punishment. But if she insisted on refusing her voice while they were in private then she better be insistent on keeping the whole team from hearing them. His chocolate eyes slid over to her where she shifted again, her hands gripping tightly together as red spread over her cheeks. He saw the way her jaw was clenched, her eyes focused hard on the floor of the gym and began to feel concerned that maybe he had taken it too far this time. But then her orbs were meeting his, a determination to spite him right back burning within them and he smiled, hand reaching into his pocket to raise the stakes just one more notch.

Taking a moment to appreciate the way her body tensed at the sudden intensity, imagining her squirming the way she was beneath his own. He pictures those fisted hands gripping and clawing at his bare back as he pressed hard against her. He could almost feel those trembling legs thrown up over his shoulders, smooth against his skin as he groaned from–

“Fuck, Shittykawa, wait until you’re home!” Iwaizumi’s bellowing voice pulled him out of his thoughts and turning to his best friend who had almost as red of a face as hers, “just because your girlfriend is here doesn’t mean you get just–” his voice cut off, embarrassed in trying to explain, deciding to desperately try and gesture without being too obscene. Seeing Oikawa’s confusion, he groaned, “Don’t moan on the court!”

He stared for a moment, trying to fully comprehend what he was told as Iwaizumi stomped away muttering something about serving the ball. Turning, he witnessed the smug smile spread across her face, which was slightly distorted due to her heavy breathing, and that was all he needed to put the pieces together. Grinning in return, he turned back to his practice, casually turning the device up a couple more notches. She might have won this round, but he’d make up for it later.

Rumors - Part 7


It was morning when Rebekah came home, Klaus and I were waiting for her, when she came Klaus stood in front of her and asked; Where were you the whole night?

    - You don’t need to know; “She said”.

    - Yes I do, have you been with Damon? “He asked her”.

    - What? How did you? Then she looked at me and said; Oh why did you told him?

    - I’m sorry but I needed to tell him, who knows what can happen; “I said”.

    - You are so reckless Rebekah, they could discover what were you two looking for, did you think about that? “Klaus said”.

    - They can’t discover, I would never tell Damon, no matter how drunk I’m; “She answered”.

Rebekah got upstairs to her room, couple of minutes after I came after her but she was in the bathroom taking a bath.

    - Bekah, are you there? “I asked standing in front of the bathroom doors”.

    - Yes I’m; “She answered quickly”.

    - Sorry for telling Klaus where you went; “I said”.

Then she walked out of the bathroom to dress up.

    - I’m not angry at you, how did you know I was there? “She asked me”.

    - Well I know you talked with Damon, so my guesses were right; “I said”.

    - Your guesses are always right; “She said smiling”.

    - Hahah not always. Is he that good so you can’t resist him? “I asked smiling at her”.

    - Well if you want to find out, just call him; “She said”.

    - Haha are you crazy? I’m not interested in him; “I said rolling my eyes”.

Rebekah was laying on bed and took the book so she can read. She asked me something but I didn’t hear her I was lost in thoughts.

    - Hey, I’m talking to you; “She said looking at me”.

    - Um, what? “I said and came back to reality”.

    - I asked you who is the lucky guy you’re interested in; She said smiling and I didn’t answered so she said; Spit it out.

    - You brother, like you don’t know; “I said quickly”.

    - I have three brother, you need to be more specific; “She said like she don’t know who he is”.

    - Oh Bekah you know who he is; “I said”.

    - But I want you to tell me; “She said”.

    - And I want you to tell me; “I said”.

    - You’re so complicated, let’s tell in the same time? “She asked me”.

    - Okay; “I said”.

    - Kol; “We said in the same time and I felt my cheeks were blushing”.

    - See I told you you know; “I said sitting next to her”.

    - Do you want me to tell him? “She asked smiling”.

    - No, no don’t tell him anything, maybe he doesn’t feel the same way; “I told her”.

    - I’m sure he does. I know my brother, he never looked at the girl like he looks at you; “She said looking at me and smiling”.

    - But still don’t tell him, I’m gonna let things go the way it’s supposed to be; “I said”.

    - Well if you change your mind, I’m here to tell him; “She said smiling”.

After a while someone was knocking at our door and I opened them:

    - Sage, is it? Finn is not here; “I told to her and wanted to close the door”.

    - I’m not here for Finn, I know where white oak tree is; “She told me before I closed the door”.

    - How did you know that’s what we’re looking for? “Rebekah asked her behind me”.

    - I got into your mind, while you were sleeping, sorry; “Sage told her”.

    -This is a disaster I told you Rebekah they will find out; “Klaus said coming from the living room”.

    - Why would you help us? “Rebekah asked Sage”.

    - As much as I hate you and Klaus, I love Finn and I don’t want him get killed; She said and added; So if you want to find the tree before Damon those better come with me.

Rebekah and I followed Sage to her car and came to the Wickery bridge.

    - So this is it; “I said looking at the wood”.

    - Yes, we need to get rid of it; “Sage told me”.

    - Let’s burn it for the second time; “Rebekah said and lit a match”.

Before Damon came there wood was already burning. He got out of the car pissed.

    - Your grand plans always seems to get ruined, don’t they? Sorry to disappoint you, again; “Rebekah told him and we walked away”.

NEXT DAY: While Klaus and Rebekah were looking for Finn to bring him home as they promised Sage. I was at home with her and Bonnie who should do the spell to unlink them. Sage and I were making sure she practice the spell and didn’t send a message to her friends for help.

    - Will you stop that, please; “I said to Sage while she was walked around the room”.

    - When are they gonna come? “She asked me”.

    - I don’t know, soon; “I told her”.

After 1 hour Klaus and Rebekah were back with Finn. Klaus throw Finn into the foyer and I told Sage; They’re here. Sage was out of my sight the second I said that.

    - Gather up your witch. Let’s get his blood and get on with it; “I heard Rebekah saying”.

    - You can’t force me to do that; “Finn said”.

    - Oh, I most likely could, but why force when I can persuade? “Klaus said and points his hand towards the stairs”.

Sage walks down the stairs and Finn looks at her. Then Finn gets up and rushes over to her so he can hug her.

    - What do you know, true love prevails; “Rebekah said”.

    - It does occasionally have its uses. Better than torturing him; “Klaus said and walked upstairs to room where Bonnie and I were”.

    - Tick, tock. I should hear chanting by now; “I heard Klaus saying while entering the room”.

    - I’m still studying the unlinking spell. It’s not that easy especially under duress; “Bonnie said and looked at me”.

    - Then Klaus looked at me smiling and I said; I was just making sure that she doesn’t send text to her friends.

    - This is the spell I just don’t know if I’m strong enough; “Bonnie said”.

    - Honestly, I think someone isn’t trying very hard. Very well; “Klaus said and pulled his phone and calls Kol”.

    - Kol, how’s the weather up there in Mile high city? And how’s our friend? May I see him; “Klaus walks over to Bonnie to show her Jeremy playing with his dog”.

    - So Bonnie how about that spell? “Klaus said to her, while giving me his phone so I can talk with Kol”.

I get outside the room to talk with him, through video chat.

    - Well now when I look at you I know it was a mistake I leave; “He said smiling”.

    - Haha, you can always come back; “I said to him with a smile”.

    - But I can’t now darling, I have some business to do here for Klaus as you heard; “He said to me”.

    - I hope it will be over soon; “I said to him”.

I was speaking with a Kol for like 15 minutes.

After I stopped talking with Kol I heard that Bonnie started doing spell. Finally; I thought. Couple a minutes later the spell was complete.

Little did we know that Matt, Stefan and Elena succeeded in killing one of the originals Finn. Sage called us and told us that Finn is dead, we could not believe it, how is that possible when we burned all white oak tree, but we were wrong.

Couple a hours later it was night already and we make a plan how to find white oak stakes.

    - Rebekah and I will be distraction and you’ll sneak into the Salvatore’s house to find stakes, I’m sure they keep it there; “Klaus said”.

Plan was working nice, I found 3 stakes and burn them, but Damon caught me while I was looking for other ones.

    - What do we have here? “He said standing behind me”.

I turn around and try to escape but he grabbed me for my neck and push me into the wall.

    - No, no, no you’re not going anywhere until you tell me what are you looking here; “He said to me, pretending that he doesn’t know why am I here”.

    - Like you don’t know, I already burned three stakes; “I said to him smiling”.

    - You are crazy for trying to help Mikaelson family, you will just end up dead like Finn; “He said to me squeezing my neck more”.

Before I could do something he broke my neck. I wake up somewhere and I have my hands tied up with vervain, it was burning me like crazy. I called for a help or to see if someone is there but no one showed up.


I’ll post part 8 maybe tomorrow, but I would like to know if you guys like this part and tell me if you want the next part, I would really appreciate that. :) <3

How Can I Put This?

Warnings: negative body image of the reader, Sammy being Cute as all hell, semi-fluffy, almost smut (Coming in Part 2)

Pairing: SamxReader

A/N: This post is so big it needs two!

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“How is the research going Sammy?” said Dean as he came out of his room in grease stained clothing, a clear sign that he’s going to give Baby a full overhaul.

“It’d be going better if you’d help me” said Sam, clearly annoyed at the fact that they are researching a new case and once again, Dean is disappearing to the garage.

“Well you could ask Y/N/N for some help, she’s not bad at research” said Dean as he walked to the fridge and grabbed a few beers. 

He knew very well that you were a sore subject for Sam. To Dean you are a very good friend and a hell of a hunter. To Sam though, Sam couldn’t focus around you, you were and still are too beautiful for him to focus around. Add onto that your brains, personality, and your talent for taking Dean down a few pegs, and you are the perfect woman. The perfect woman that he can never have.

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Hey! Do you habe tips on coping with weight gain when in eating disorder recovery? I'm now just starting recovering and I'm panicking the hell out for the weight gaining and I don't know how to deal with it. I'm scared that once I'll see how much I gained, I will right away fall straight back down. So do you have tips for coping with weight gain? Or your eating disorder recovery experience from the very beginning? Thank you! Love you!❤❤❤

It makes me super happy to hear you’re recovering!!!

  • baggy clothes are e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g
  • leggins or elastic pants are gifts from heaven. use them well, harry
  • if you can, take your sick clothes and donate them, rip them apart, burn them in the stake. whatever you need to do to get them out of your life for good. for me its a pair of jeans but basically, if its tight or if you used them much in your worse moments, kiss them goodbye, they’ll only trigger you in the future. you can either buy cheap clothes, or ask clothes borrowed from your mom, sisters, brothers, even friends. 
  • gather all your strenght and delete body checks, unfollow/block triggering accounts, unfriend toxic people
  • make your selfies not body-focused. you wont mean it that way but subconsciously, you may tend to do body checks out of pics that otherwise would just capture happy moments!
  • take a lot of pics about your life!! capture the simple things
  • which leads to this piece of advice: try to pay attention to whats going on around you! when you’re recovering, sometimes you tend to pay way too much attention to your inner world: aka, thoughts. “but I am getting fat!” “no I cant do this, I want this to stop” “its too much food” “omg I feel so gross, I want to die”. Okay. but what’s going on around you whilst you’re either panicking or riding the guilt trip? does that food look good? how does it smell? who made it? how does it taste? what are other people doing? how’s the weather? how does the sun feel on your skin? what thas the air feel like? is it warm? chilly? are there any kittens or puppies close enough for you to pet? are there flowers to watch? look at the colors, the textures. feel things
  • I cant stress this enought but stay away of scales.
  • and mirrors.  specially if you get easily triggered, avoid anything that would end in some sort of body check.
  • which brings me to a weird tip: shower at night with the lights off. I know it may not be ideal, but when the sun is set, you turn the bathroom’s lights off and light like a candle or something and you shower in the dark. for me, seeing my body was unbearable so it helped me to enjoy the shower without picking at myself for getting bigger. you can also put music and sing along.
  • watch a lot of tv shows. read a lot of books. find a fandom that will suck you in and help you not overthink things. for me it was harry potter. I spent all summer eating and gaining and I swallowed fanfiction as much as I swallowed food and let me tell you, it helped a lot.
  • ART THERAPY!!! which in my world means you grab a crappy notebook or set of papers, scisors, glue, colors, watercolors (anything that moves your boat, really) and try and do something creative. If you are not super creative (like me), start by copying drawings from tumblr, insta, pinterest or just google. then gradually move on from that to your own creations (I guess I am stuck at stage one hahaha damn)
  • JOURNALING!! which also means grabbin a crappy notebook!! and a pencil!! and writing about your day, your fears, your concerns, your feelings, your recovery wins, your highs, your lows, your dreams, your poetry, your thoughts, your short term bucket list (there’s no hurry. set goals you can achieve within a year. keep yourself moving, doing). its super important to include the good stuff as much as the bad stuff. dont use your journal just to vent, use it to write down positive stuff too, so on the bad days you can go back to those entries and remind yourself that ‘this too shall pass’ and that you wont be hurting forever. and learn from the ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ entries. 
  • you can mix your artsy stuff with your journaling stuff (I do and it makes everything look and sound 100% better)
  • comfy shoes 
  • sleep as much as you need. seriously. when I first started that part of my recovery, I used to sleep until 6pm almost everyday. 14hs per day, give or take. I NEEDED THAT. 
  • if you need to stay up late and be by yourslef, quietly sitting at your computer or watching movies or reading or whatever, do it. there were times I stood up late enough to see the sunrise, which I had never done, but there’s so much beauty and piece that early in the morning.
  • challenge yourslef everyday. at least a little bit. and notice I am not talking strictly about food. for me it were things like “make your bed” or “brush your hair” or “get out of the house for at least 10 minutes”. somedays you wont be able to do it and that’s gonna be okay
  • keep yourself busy. remember that gain weight is not the end of the world, but feeding your ED is gonna be the end of your world. and remember that saying yes to dessert doesnt make you weak or less than a person and it doesnt mean you’re instantly cured or that you were never sick in the first place. which brings me to this: RECOVER AT YOUR OWN RATE. whether it takes you years or just months, it will not invalidate your suffering. you cant recover ‘too fast’ and even if you feel like you do, that does not mean you werent that sick. it just means you were lucky enough. it means you pushed hard enough and that you were brave enough and strong enough to quickly accept the changes that come along with recovery. 

Hope this helped a little!! I am rooting for you♥

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Witchtrials!au where Tobirama is the witch and Madara is the priest who's been sent to figure out who the witch is and burn them at the stake and he's figured it out but Tobirama is Hot and Smooth and also Kind and good with kids?? Witches aren't supposed to be any of these things (especially the last two) Madara ends up putting off telling the mayor (or king or whatever) who the witch is because he has a Crush (and also this is a UNIQUE CASE sir this witch is ADEPT at disguising themselves)


Oh Madara. Your life is So Hard. 

Fun | A Blaise/Luna Drabble for @ff-sunset-oasis

Blaise finishing combing out his daughter’s hair, neatly parted it down the middle, and began the daily task of tying it back into neat braids.  His wife didn’t always notice things like messy hair, or whether the girl had shoes on, or whether she’d wandered off with a theoretically deadly snake wrapped around her little wrist.  Luna, Merlin love her, preferred to err on the side of letting the child develop her own path, which would have been fine if that path didn’t seem to always involve bare feet, serpents, and messy hair.

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life pro-tip: please don’t idolize people. don’t put them on a pedestal and pretend that they can do no wrong. people make mistakes, and if you don’t view everyone around you as flawed humans who are growing and learning from their mistakes as you are, you’re going to end up in a lot of hurt and frustration.

if you love a media, call out the problems with it. shit like family guy shouldn’t exist with flagrant racism/misogyny/transphobia- unless the writers decided to frame such opinions as negative ones that needs to be changed or learned from. make your opinion known that the media/person in question problematic- but don’t burn people at the stake, don’t doxx them, and don’t assault them because they did you wrong.

they need to learn and become better people so we can eventually HAVE the flawless faves, but like. if you go too far with your punishments, you’re putting fear into the hearts of anyone else who would potentially be a better candidate.

no one wants to take the job of the person every predecessor lost their livelihood from.