burn the lies

casual reminder that hans never hugs

hans doesn’t like when ppl put their hands on his shoulder

hans feels disturbed and probs stay v/ still if u come super close because he would always expect ppl to strike him

hans probs treat his injuries all on his own because other ppl’s hands on his body feels weird af

hans will literally cry if somebody tried tickling him because the sensation is weird and tickling would feel like he’s constantly on the verge of waiting for the hands to bruise him and it’ll fuck him up

hans doesn’t like being touched

so if he lets you touch him, it’s probably like. big.

Zevran: …Besides, if you ever grow tired of my colorful stories feel free to use kisses as a method to shut me up anytime!

Reine: I’ll… keep that in mind.

Zevran: Oh? Is that a promise? Because now the anticipation is going to kill me, thank you very much for that!



Donald Trump doubles down on election fraud lies in furious Twitter tirade

  • Election fraud is very rare, let alone fraud on the scale of millions of votes
  • Trump continued to make such claims on Monday night, despite massive criticism from election officials and the media.
  • In a series of tweets, Trump singled out CNN’s senior Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny for criticism from his millions of followers for questioning the accusations of fraud.

In other Trump news, he suggested jail time and loss of citizenship for burning an American flag:

And picked Obamacare opponent Tom Price to run US health care. Price has been one of the harshest critics of the ACA and suggests replacing it with de facto tax cuts and a return to the market. Read more

Your smile was fake and every word was a lie,
I’ll see you to Hell, where I’ll officially say my goodbye.
—  E.G. // “Maybe then you will realize how close you were to Heaven and lost it.”

rlly cool trivia: did u guys know in the book hans is such an introvert and a melancholy anxious asshole that before he speaks w/ his dad , he literally writes down everything he wants to say. and he practises saying them. again and again and again. and then when he sees his dad he just. ends up handing that list of things he wants to say to the dude. thats it he ends up never saying anything

yeah, and here u guys thought hans is some suave character

I was going to fucking drop Yuri on Ice if turned out to be just some more queerbaiting nonsense, I swear to god. Y’all have no idea how much us gay people get burned by being lied to and led on again and again by the media. I was explaining this to my friend when the show first came out too; that if it ended up being just a tease, then I would kick it to the curb and spend the rest of eternity trying to forget it. 

But it didn’t queerbait. It didn’t just led us on. Yuri on Ice fucking delivered us some genuine canon gay characters, and gave them a healthy and happy relationship. It went above and beyond my expectations. Could the show stand for a bit of improvement in certain areas? You bet your ass it could. But that’s not a bad thing; flawed doesn’t equal being terrible. In fact, this is one of the best sports animes I’ve seen ever; plot-wise and representation wise.

So, thank you, Yuri on Ice, for not being a queerbait. For not being a tease. For not making me drop this fucking show and having me angrily delete every post I made about it on my blog at 2 AM while tears stream down my face. Thank you, Yuri on Ice, for putting people like me in the media and portraying us positively. 

Yuri on Ice, thank you. You were really born to make history.